Recruiting Qar


June 12th of Year 57

Score 739

Begin: 8/12/57

Qar landed on the docks of Port Haven in his ship called the Mary Sue taking his extended shore leave as he found a Kobold that he knew owed him 40 gold and kicked the door in, avoiding the traps that were set making the Kobold surrender after the kobold tried to swindle him to pay half the debt which Qar took no swindling. 

From there Qar went to the Sing Siren Tavern for some drinks and delicious food that is full seafaring but also still pub-level food 

It was at this time that Elenya had been trying to seek the Tortle out as Mortimer set her on the task. though, in typical Elenya fashion she wouldn't do it in the morning she did it in the afternoon wholly taking her time on purpose. the ship had left the dock as it was noon. Qar and a goblin had a nice conversation at the tavern while the Goblin wouldn't let the Lock Box he had to go ever. 

Elenya goes to the Tavern for a drink and sees the Tortle in question from the description she had been given. she then also gets the lock box that she was taking her time to unlock while talking to Qar telling him who she was and trying to get her to join "her team"  giving him the sales pitch and ensuring that he could also get a boat for punching people. as she pops the box she sees that there is a green gem worth 50 GP which is likely an emerald though she isn't 100% positive. 

on the way to meet Mortimer, she looked for pockets to pick but was unsuccessful and when they entered she was heard saying "yo, old man we're back" meaning they were both there. the play shows to be that of a nobleman's money with rich accents and finery around. once meeting with Mortimer he offered Qar fine rum and tea to Elenya who cut him off with a simple "no" that was rather hard-toned. the Rum had Sea Kelp, wood, spices and many more items but it was on the Top tier shelf easily a 4/5 

Mortimer then explained in detail who the Butler Guild is and why they are around.  once he got his introduction Elenya took Qar out in the city to the thieves' guild to get jobs. they managed to get 2 beat-down jobs, 1 item retrieval from a ship that let anything happen, 3 minor collection jobs, and a second flood job. they went to see Tonka the orc which was one of the beat-down jobs and also a collection job that they did. he is 

known for being a good healer of the area, especially to the children despite being an orc. Qar grabbed Tonka's table, flipping it and putting the herbs everywhere around the area and causing a scene, while the rogue in the background just sort of watched under the stealth she had trying to find the set of herbs they were afterThe orcOrc hit a small rage and punched elenya when she appeared trying to talk sense into the orc. after the person calmed down, Elenya gave the orc 5 gold to get him back on his feet and help the kids so he could get replacement herbs. she was ngoingong to leave someone like that high and dry. 

next, they went to the ship seeing a Sea Elf ship that was clearlygoodp and Qar provided the rogue with a great distraction while she went to go and grab the items that they needeSheshe was in and out in no time, her quick feet and light hands made the mission fairly easy. searchin the room Elenya had to go to the bookshelf to find what she wanted to do. 

Meanwhile, Qar sends guards and sailors off the ship like he had done this before. the Pciture in the captain's quarters had a 300-400 year old child and a wife in the photo (separate people), as they raid it she leaves her family crest behind, as is her calling card and dingling'ed her earring as shegetst over to Qar telling him it was time to go. the two dove into the water and fucked off. 

the loot Qar and she found was the Rose Pendant, and a Wax seal item, and Elenya had to use her 1 luck point to get what she needed. in the safe waswax-sealedled, finaly carved wood scroll case that had signs of joy and happiness. this is tcaptain'sins marriage vo Sheshe also notes that he is a minor noble given the finery in the area. 

going to find Danry they look through the house and Qar finds an adamantine dagger in thehalfling'ss house whiiswas very pretty. 

Qar took it for Elenya and Elenya found a scent of Death when opening the room it was to make the house full of the smell, she quickly lit the room and cleaned the smell and soil up with her magic only to find a very dead and dismembered half of a halfling in his house. she looked the house with the jewelry and found the statuette on the ledge near the roof just out of her reach as she sighed. she has heard sayign she liked Qar after the dagger. 

before that, they had someone of the gambling den owners and a goblin Qar played bodyguard and Elenya played high roller the small table in the distance is playing a separate game instead of gambling Elenya talks to the goblin, pays him 5 silver and gets the note they would get a bonus for bringing him in tonight. too bad.  there were also turtle shells ethnically sourced. 

they did see a magical crystal that they pulled out the crystal finding BR12 who is an etheral Warforged and asked questions to him. finding out he was from the time of the war, they need to take that to Mortimer still. 

Qar, on the way back, is drawn to an interesting smell that turns out to be tortle food from an elder Tortle and managed to vanish from Elenya's view which confused the rogue heavily as she looked around before seeing him down the block and joining him after being confused for a hot minute. Qar finds out that there is a clan meeting a couple of months away which he plans to go to. 

Elenya knows that one of the rogues is looking for a Tigers Eye Ring  then she heads to the art gallery with Qar as she looks around before quickly realizing that this is the art show for none other than her mother. (name goes here, rosie didnt write it down) she noticed her sister Arwyn was giving speeches on the art pieces and Qar found th food table as he just nodded and agreed. he was clearly out of his element in the scene that he was part of here 

after a long talk about the fact that she is missed and getting a running hug from her sister she realized the painting ws an olive branch to communicate with home and to visit by the end of the year. elenya told her mom that she has some lofty goals while Qar watched it and noticed that when elenya mentioned her brother the mood seemed to drop in her facial feature. going to Elenya asking if he did something wrong, getting told that he wasnt really plesant and never really present. 

her mother then mentioned that there "is a lot more going on than you realize" before she left. Elenya found out from her sister that her brother had been missing for 3 months and that they hadnt heard from him. this greatly upset elenya though she didnt let it show. housing the painting at the Thieves' Guild so that it was safe for the moment the two then went to handle the next mission of the 2 story. Elenya needed to get a book from the place where she walked in carefully, it seemed far too too easy where there was no traps, lights were on and the book was slightly difficult to find but looking on the desk she found the book.

she also saw a crystal ink veil that looked overly beautiful and distracted her with the shiny shiny that it was. once she found the book and looked to see if it was trapped she grabbed it and left. no guards, no alarms, and nothing stopping her. War joined her as they went to the guild and delivered the items as they were paid for the item in question once they alerted the guild it seemed far far too easy. 

the payment was 2 Thieves kits that has a 4 use smoke bomb which spread out 10 feet in space, 2 pieces of last ditch effort lock melting acid, 1 healing salve that would help with healing better after a long rest (or trance) for status effects and a healing potion that would have 3 uses to it.

at this point the 4 thigns that elenya needs to talk to Mortimer about is the house, the halfling, the brother and BR12 the Warforged they had found.


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