Flashback - The Ritual of Zara'nalith

Flashback - The Ritual of Zara'nalith


A romantic ritual between Elenya and Arivael.

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Begin: 7/10/57

The Ritual of Zara'nalith

In the secluded grove, under the shimmering light of the moon and stars, the sacred ritual of Zara'nalith was about to commence. The grove was a place of serenity, with soft, glowing crystals adorning the surroundings and aromatic herbs perfuming the air. The woven tapestry depicting lunar cycles and celestial patterns lay spread out on the ground, marking the sacred space where the ritual would take place.

Elenya, with her fiery red hair cascading down her shoulders and her lightly tanned skin glowing in the moonlight, looked at Arivael with a mixture of curiosity and anticipation. Her freckles seemed to catch the light, adding to her already bright and vibrant presence. Arivael, with his ebony black skin subtly glowing, his silver hair framing his sharp features, and his piercing golden eyes, appeared both serene and resolute.

They began the ritual with a cleansing bath, infused with sacred oils and herbs. The water felt cool against their skin, washing away the day’s worries and preparing them for the deep connection they were about to forge. After drying off, they donned simple, flowing robes and sat facing each other on the tapestry.

A small, glowing crystal was placed between them, its light pulsing gently. They held hands and closed their eyes, their breathing synchronizing as they entered a meditative state. Soft, melodic chants in the ancient Drow language filled the air, invoking the blessing of Eilistraee, the goddess of song, beauty, and moonlight.

"Elenya," Arivael whispered, his voice steady and filled with emotion. "Are you ready to begin?"

Elenya nodded, her eyes sparkling with excitement and a hint of nervousness. "Yes, Arivael. I'm ready."

They pressed their foreheads together, and the crystal's glow enveloped them in a gentle light. As they maintained this physical connection, Elenya felt a warmth spreading through her, a sensation of opening her heart and mind. The crystal acted as a conduit, allowing them to feel each other's base emotions without the barriers of everyday interactions.

Elenya could sense Arivael’s lingering pain and grief from his past, but also his deep affection and trust. In turn, she let him feel her own chaotic yet sincere emotions, her excitement tempered by genuine care. The connection was profound, a merging of souls that transcended words.

Arivael began to share his most personal memory. "When I was a boy," he said softly, "my mother taught me this ritual. She explained every detail, showing me the gestures, the words, and the meaning behind each step. It was more than just a ritual—it was a part of our heritage, a legacy she entrusted to me."

Elenya listened intently, feeling the weight of his words and the depth of his sorrow. "She made me promise to share it with someone special, someone I could trust completely. She wanted to ensure that the ritual would survive, no matter the cost."

Arivael’s voice wavered slightly as he continued. "A few weeks after she taught me, superstitious villagers accused her of being evil simply because she was Drow. They burned her at the stake. I was there, helpless, forced to watch as they took her from me."

Elenya’s heart ached for him, her empathy deepening their connection. She could feel his pain and the strength it took for him to survive and keep his promise. 

When it was her turn, Elenya shared her own fears and dreams. "I've always felt like a bundle of chaos," she admitted, her voice tinged with vulnerability. "People often misunderstand me, but with you, I feel seen and grounded."

As she spoke, the crystal's glow intensified, symbolizing the strengthening of their bond. They continued to share their deepest emotions and memories, each revelation bringing them closer.

The ritual concluded with them reciting a vow of trust and respect in the ancient Drow language. The words felt powerful and binding, a promise that acknowledged the sacred nature of their connection. They exchanged small tokens, symbols of their bond that would serve as physical reminders of this night.

Sitting in silence, absorbing the significance of the ritual, Elenya squeezed Arivael’s hand, her eyes meeting his with a newfound intensity. "Thank you, Arivael," she whispered, her voice filled with sincerity. "For sharing this with me. For trusting me."

Arivael’s eyes softened, and he nodded. "Thank you, Elenya. For being willing to share this bond. For understanding."

In that moment, surrounded by the sacred grove and the echoes of the ancient chant, Elenya and Arivael forged an unbreakable bond, their hearts whispering secrets only they could hear.


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