The Order of the Sovereign Shields.

The Order of the Sovereign Shields.


Global network of Guardsmen.

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The Order of the Sovereign Shields


The Order of the Sovereign Shields stands as a testament to stability and justice in a world still healing from the scars of The Great War. This worldwide guardsman organization operates as a neutral force, a bulwark against chaos and disorder. Members of the Order follow local laws and customs with respect and diligence, yet their loyalty lies not with the rulers of the lands they patrol but with the chain of command within the Guild itself. This structure ensures that their allegiance is to the principles of peace and order above all else.

Stated Goal:

In the aftermath of The Great War, the Order of the Sovereign Shields was founded with a noble purpose: to uphold the laws of the land and foster universal peace. Their presence is a reminder of the fragile peace that now binds the world, a peace they are sworn to protect.

True Goal:

Beneath the surface of their stated mission lies the true heart of the Order's purpose: to uphold the Laws of the Guild, as set forth by the Hierarchy. These laws, enshrined in the annals of the Order, guide their actions and decisions, ensuring that the Guild's interests and the principles of order it upholds are maintained across all territories.


The Guild itself operates under a banner of Lawful Neutral, a testament to its dedication to order, discipline, and the law above personal moral judgments. However, within its ranks, individuals of any alignment can be found, so long as they adhere to the Tenets of the Order and place the mission above their personal convictions.


At its core, the Order espouses a philosophy of protection and defence. Guardsmen of the Order are not mere soldiers; they are guardians who would lay down their lives to protect the innocent. Sworn to defend the lands they call home, they stand vigilant, as indispensable as adventurers in safeguarding the realm from threats both external and internal.


The Order of the Sovereign Shields was founded by Sir Alden Fairblade, a hero of The Great War, whose vision of a unified force for good led to the establishment of the Guild. His legacy lives on in the work of the Order, a constant force for stability in a world that has known too much chaos.


The leadership of the Order is a venerable council of Paladins and Priests, known as the Hierarchy. Though diverse in personal belief and practice, each member is united in their commitment to the cause. This council ensures that the Order operates as a cohesive unit, making decisions that reflect the collective will and guiding the organization towards its noble goals.

Through its steadfast dedication to order and peace, the Order of the Sovereign Shields remains a beacon of hope in a world still finding its way after the devastation of war.



Respect for Local Traditions:

- Honor the sovereignty of each township, allowing them to manage their own affairs while upholding the universal principles of justice and peace that bind us together.

Standardized Training and Valor:

- Implement uniform training regimens across the realm to ensure all members of the Order wield their skills with equal prowess, fostering unity and trust in our capabilities.

Cultural Harmony:

- Acknowledge and celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures within each community we serve, using this understanding to forge stronger bonds and facilitate respectful interaction.

Arcane and Mundane Missives:

- Utilize both arcane methods and traditional couriers to maintain a robust network of communication, ensuring swift and secure exchanges of information across vast distances.

Medieval Mastery:

- Harness the innovations of the age, from alchemical signals to enchanted watchtowers, enhancing our vigilance and readiness to defend the land.

Alliance with the People:

- Cultivate deep alliances with the folk of every hamlet and holdfast, engaging in community activities and reinforcing the communal duty to safeguard our shared home.

Shared Strength:

- Pool resources, wisdom, and martial aid amongst the Order, guaranteeing that even the most remote or modest settlements have access to our collective might.

Vigilant Response:

- Establish a fleet-footed and immediate reaction force to confront threats of a grand scale, uniting the strength of nearby allies to quell dangers and preserve the peace.

Code of Chivalry and Conduct:

- Adhere to a sacred code of chivalry that champions fairness, justice, and the protection of all under our watch, ensuring actions taken are with honour and purpose.

Flexibility in Feudal Times:

- Remain agile and resourceful, adapting strategies to meet the challenges of our world, from navigating the wilds with guile to employing siegecraft and strategy in defense of the realm.

These tenets guide the Order of the Sovereign Shields, a beacon of hope and stability in a world brimming with uncertainty, standing as vigilant protectors of the peace and keepers of the ancient ways.


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