Session 4: Locating the Water Gem

Session 4: Locating the Water Gem


Battled bull-headed mechanicals, located the water gem.

Score 545

Begin: 24/16/247 13:00

We continued our quest in the cave with Fjorkin entering a forgetting flashback just after head butting not-Corvoril into the well. We turned our attention to the three door along the North wall. Corvoril is visibly shaken from having seeing half the face blown off of his own likeness, so he rushes through the middle door.  Martok follows into a small 15x15 room with another door, persuades Corvoril to calm down and opens the door.

A dark passageway lies ahead. Corvoril casts dancing lights and the party sees a number of vicious looking rats down at the end of the hall. Martok distracts the rats by tossing some wolf meat their way, allowing the party to investigate the room, only to discover water seeping from the end of the hallway. We also notice five gnome corpses, identical in appearance except for one clad in green and missing a significant portion its arm. The other four were clad in red cloaks, identical to the cloak we found earlier in the cave.

After some investigation we didn’t discover anything else, so we returned to the well room and continued to the leftmost door, which Dambor opened with Thaumaturgy revealing another 15x15 room with yet another door. We pass through that door only to discover more rats, which we again distracted with meat. This hallway was a dead end so the party entered the third door off the well room, which also seemed to yield no results.

We returned to the center hallway for further investigation, which led to the discovery of several gnome hammers. One in particular possessed magical qualities. Grom attempted to smash through the wall near where the water was emanating leading to a large magical explosion causing damage to Grom and Martok. At this point the rats began to turn their attention from the wolf meat to the party and became increasingly aggressive. We retreated and chose to return to an unexplored “T” in the hallway. 

We encountered a room with even more flowing water as well as several broken brooms. Moving forward we reached a long room with six door along the west wall. One of the door revealed a chest containing a small fold out chair on wheels that seemed like it could be powered by a small creature. Another door reveals just a wall, while the following door pours out dozens of bull skulls, and yet another leads to a small passageway that turns to the left.  Grom and Corvoril begin to walk down the passageway while Jorgen opens the fifth door. Animated brooms begin to spring out a la Fantasia style. A battle ensues during which Corvoril’s firebolt cantrip proves particularly effective at reducing our opponents to ash and splinters.

After the battle Jurgen opens the sixth door on the western wall to reveal another chest where he discovers a leather theft-deterrent pouch. At that point we turn our attention to a door on the northern wall of the room. It has red markings on the posts and lintel and after some investigation we discover that there’s some sort of a magic trap guarding the door. Grom puts on the red cloak he has been carrying and attempts to open the door. He feels a quick zap and takes some light damage, but the door opens.

The party then enters a room that feels very different from the previous halls and passageways. The stone and smoothly hewn and there and aura of mystery. As we proceed we see a bloody body near the center of the room lying near a glowing geometric sigil on the floor. Water seems to be pouring from a jewel sitting next to the body. Four purple embroidered tapestries are on the walls of the hall. We also see two massive dogs, though they seems to pose no immediate threat. There’s a large cage in the southern end of the room, presumably a doggo kennel.

Beyond the pulsing sigil there’s a staircase flanked by statues of two bull headed men (like bovine, not stubborn). The staircase leads up to a golden door. 

Corvoril is the first to act, using mage hand to attempt to recover the magic jewel. As the hand gets to the edge of the sigil we hear an alarm-y sounding bull call. A compartment under each of the two statues opens and small mechanical bull headed men emerges from the statues.

As we begin to engage in battle, Corvoril’s mage hand reaches the gemstone and retrieves it. The mechanical bull-men turn out to be fairly easy to defeat, although at first it seems that for every one we defeated another would appear. Martok shoots a crossbow bolt at a mech in an odd foreshadowing of what was to come. He then chooses to dash to the center of the glowing sigil at which point four crossbow bolts, one from each tapestry, shoot out and hit for some devastating damage.

We continue to battle the mech bulls, all the while hear the periodic teeth-rattling bull roar sound. Eventually a massive mechanical bull enters the room from the golden door. It’s close to 20 feet tall and is quite imposing, though it’s clearly very old and rusty at this point. As we begin to land blows on the big boy bull it’s clear that it’s seen better days. Corvoril hits with a magic missile and the bull very briefly freezes. 

After dealing good bit of damage to the large mech bull we hear another loud bull roar and then what seems to be a fan system spinning up within the bull. Fire begins spewing from the bull, damaging almost the entire party. This final attack turned out to be too much for big boy and he blows himself up in the attempt.

As the chaos of the battle begins to abate, we begin to hear voices. Two small creatures burst through the door. They’re gnome-ish, but are pitch black. Corvoril immediately reacts strongly to their presence and runs screaming from the room, presumably to hide.

The gnome-ish creatures seem to recognize that the party is from the surface and mysteriously express apologies.


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