Session 6


Salsbury Dawn → Guardianscroft → Thunderboar → Maple Mill Attack → They Took Your Dad

Score 307

Begin: 24/17/247 08:00

Captain Pengo call ends up being a speakerphone call (cut that off in the future). Martok spilled the beans without actually lying. Told where to find the body, etc.… Ruins, door hidden in the back of ruins.

Captain Pengo congratulates them on a job well done. Gives them an assignment to go to Guardianscroft to accompany, councilwoman Tip Goodbarrow from there to Muffindale due to increased band activity between. Gets cut off by a very close lightning strike to Captain Pengo. Soon after Gerta knocks on the door to get them going, most are decent, but Fjorkin is hanging dong while she’s talking to them, she seems unimpressed.

Party gets ready and comes down to greet the hell bread run they think them profusely blessings in the name of Hel/Huel. up to seven days of rations. Jorgen inquired about purchasing oil and sawdust for inevitable bridge finding – purchases from Elder Meyer before heading on

Crossroads/fork to Guardianscroft and Coalwater – Fjorkin makes a weird big deal about his sister‘s fiancé living there his name is Lorgen Graybeard… Climb the road to the left toward guardians climbed the roadway heavy pine smell with evenly spaced stone dark wood poles… At the top of ruined building. Can see down the ridge to guardians craft. Grom sees the smoke coming from Maple Mill – really wants to go there now – there is a game path that would work as a shortcut. Party decides to go to guardians craft first– Grom agrees, but doesn’t like it.

Guardians craft the party split – Grom and Martok head to the guard tower, Dambor and Fjorkin and go to the Grange, Corvoril to find horses, Jorgen to the market.

Dambor and Fjorkin encounter Faelor in the town hall. Grange – Faelor knows who Dambor is, confirms that Tip is probably a half hour away, they should meet her at the guard tower since the others are headed there.

Both Corvoril and Jorgen are unsuccessful in finding their quarry. Grom and Martok pass a large building with lots of kids around playing, a largest cemetery, house with many elderly or rocking chairs on the porch… Get to the gate/tower where a half elf youngish guard greets them from the top. She comes down, lets them in… Adnama ask where the rest are… Relates that Faelor knows about the smoke, told Captain Pengo this morning via Stone. No horses in town per se.

Rest of the party arrives over the next few minutes.

Failure reacts strongly to Martok and Corvoril’s presence/name. Jurgen asks about equipment some players exchange equipment.

Faelor apologizes for his reaction to them, says he knows their fathers, but it’s been a long time and there’s a lot of history. 

Soon, Tip shows up and she’s “energetic” and rearing to go. Knows Grom, knows who Dambor is by his parents. She’s rearing to go – she greets Faelor and Adnama fondly. Gives Faelor two bottles of something. Says that she and Adnama need to catch up about her “boy situation” - hence that Corvoril seems cute.

She climbs into a small cart pulled by horses. They get going fast. Just passed the south gate. The storm is right upon them. Huge walls of clouds with twisting serpents of lightning streak up and down. Lightning starts striking all around them, trees are exploding, burning – then the hairs on their neck start standing on end – Tip throws herself to the ground and lightning strikes in the midst of the party, most take it very hard – the horses are fried, and Grom takes it straight to the chest, burning a scar of Manitokwa, the Thunder Boar into his chest.

In a “vision” he fights Manitokwa individually – and almost wins – but Grom is trampled “killed” by repeated lightning strikes– he comes to on the ground chest burning.

The rain drops like a dumped bucket, Tip first aids, but Grom is FINE. 

Grom grabs up the cart, Tip jumps in, so does Corvoril and Grom starts off at a run, easily pulling it with them on top. Fjorkin tries to jump in and eat mud.

They go for a long while, and get about 100 feet from Maple Mill when they see a crowd of skeletal fleshy humanoids attacking the town. Jorgen fires at them and they begin to attack with a whole group seeking to escape north.

As the party fights them, they experience powered ice, spouse, but struggle to handle the 20 or so creatures they are fighting. In the end, they take all of them down sparing the heat of battle cools off, Grom realizes his house is right there, and he hears his mother’s voice moaning from within.

When they enter the house, they find his mother Grenda lying on the ground and as she comes to, she says “they took him. They took your father Grom.”


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