The Barony of Roesone


The Barony of Roesone, current ruler the Baroness Marlae Roesone.

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The Barony of Roesone:

Barony Holder: Baroness Marlae Roesone. (Great-granddaughter of the Black Baron, Daen Roesone. 

Lieutenants: None, currently

ReligionMost temples inside of Roesone will be those belonging to the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn

   The Kingdom has a Baroness, Marlae Roesone, The great-granddaughter of the Black Baron grew up hearing about how her grandfather, Morghan, may have slain Daen Roesone, his father for the rule of the Domain. She shares a few of her violent grandfather's traits, tempered by a touch of mercy and compassion. However, she understands certain political necessities and she'll go to any lengths to defend her kingdom. 

   Though a stern ruler, the Baroness knows what her people need. Her fair and unyielding justice applies to the roughest of the peasants and the most polished of the Nobles alike. Her people feel no great love for her, but neither do they find her taxes and laws too oppressive. 

   At the moment, the Baroness does not have a Lieutenant, considering herself capable of managing her kingdom on her own.  However, this feeling may change soon. With Diemed constantly scheming and Ghoere on the Barony's northern border, it is only a matter of time before she starts looking for skilled lieutenants to lend her able aid. 

Description of the Barony:

Grasslands and farms cover the Barony's landscape, and occasional bogs and hills dot its surface. Few of the towns scattered throughout the Barony's realm rise above 500 in population. Southern Roesone holds a bit of the Erebannien, the loveliest wood in Anuire. Though plenty of the trading guilds would love to log this land, none dare defy the Baroness (officially, at least) or the rulers of the other realms covered by the Erebannien. 

   Most people of Roesone possess a frontier mentality. The lands here, sparsely settled when Daen Roesone brought them under his banner, have attracted new settlers to rediscover its beauty. They come from all over Anuire, uprooted by wars and troubles, and have come to Roesone to build new lives. Therefore, they tend to stick together and not stand bullying from newcomers; one family's problems often end, thanks to the efforts of friends. The folks of the Barony share an interest in exploration - many famous adventurers once called this land home. 

   Abandoned castles crumble into ruin all over the land, remnants of a time before the Empire fell and a neighbour turned on a neighbour for a chance at the Iron Throne. Much of the still-wild Roesone lacks the trappings of civilization, but as the land becomes more and more settled, the ruins are rebuilt and the country grows to resemble the lands around it. In a few years, it seems likely that there will be no more lost fortresses to find in the hills. 

Capital: The capital of Roesone is in the province of Caercas, which borders Ilien and Medoere. This city, Proudglaivetakes its name from the armies that fought and died in the wars that brought about the birthing of the Barony. Its population of about 10,000 comprises humans, elves, dwarves and halflings. The people seem friendly, but guarded and quick to judge those who would deal with them. 

Trade Goods: The farms of Roesone produce grains - barley, wheat, and corn are staples of the realm. One can also find many herds of cattle and fields of cotton. Textiles become more common in the southern provinces, while the northern ones tend towards agriculture. Trade routes lie between Proudglaive and Ilien and run from Bellam to Shieldhaven in Mhoried. 

Customs and Courtesy: Visitors to Roesone should be warned that duelling is legal in the Barony. To prevent escalation into full-blown feuds, relatives or friends of the person killed in a duel cannot challenge the killer unless an impartial observer rules that the killer won through the use of foul play. Thus, Raeric the Fishmonger can't expect to meet the local count on the field of honour - the count can have one of his legbreakers teach Raeric a lesson in respect with no loss of face. 

Money: The Royal Mint in Proudglaive coins all of the Barony's money. The currency is based on the old Imperial standard; copper farthings, silver pennies, and gold crowns. Platinum and electrum pieces are not in use in Roesone; instead, a small gold coin called a half-crown replaces the electrum piece, and an oversized gold eagle replaces a platinum piece. 

The Law of the Land: Most misdemeanours and some of the lesser felonies fall under the purview of the local justice. Some examples of this include vagrancy, curfew violations, petty theft, brawling and indebtedness, along with other such acts. These crimes are investigated and tried by the local authorities. Sentences may range from warnings and fines to a year or more of hard labour. The defendant can appeal to a local Magistrate. 

   More serious crimes, such as grand theft, manslaughter, poaching or arson must be tried by a royal magistrate. Sentences of life in prison, exile, or 20 years of hard labour can be handed out by a magistrate. The defendant can appeal to the Magistrate of the Court. 

   The most serious crimes -- murder, treason or rebellion -- are heard by a Magistrate of the Court, the highest-ranking law officer of the Land. The Court Magistrate can order the execution of a convicted criminal, but the baron is free to extend pardons or lessen sentences if he/she sees fit. 

   Most Roesonean towns include small gaols or lockups for minor criminals. Criminals serving long sentences are kept in Blacktowers' dungeon or the Royal Prison in Proudglaive.


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