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Initially settled some time after the Year of Crimson Magics, 1026 DR, Beregost began as a small farming village, in support of Ulcaster's School of Wizardry, just opposite the Coast Way Road, a short section of the Trade Way that ran from Baldur's Gate to Amn. Though it was, and still is, considered a coastal town, Beregost lies quite some distance from the shores of the Sea of Swords. 

Beregost's government heavily encouraged new forms of farming and the founding of new businesses and enterprises. Flocks of Sheep roamed wide pastures to the west of town, grazing freely. Large plantations of pipeweed were produced here as well, known for being especially pleasant. Another of Beregost's famous exports was an especially distinct type of cheese streaked with blue. The town is also home to a beautiful cluster of natural Hot Springs. 

A large temple to the deity, Lathander, called The Song of the Morning, was founded and brought in many travelers, seeking blessing from their God. The clergy maintained their own garden along the eastern side of the temple, where potatoes and flowering herbs were grown, in addition to stables for livestock and boarding houses for guests.

Ulcaster's School of Wizardry brought in many ambitious adventurers, seeking knowledge and power. In exchange for the steady stream of income, the town supplied the School with food and drink. For nearly 80 years, Beregost slowly expanded, eventually growing to surround Ulcaster's entirely.

To the West, along the Way of the Lion that splits off the Coast Way, stood the library fortress of Candlekeep, a vast citadel said to contain a wealth of knowledge collected over a millennia. Indeed, sources claim the citadel has stood sometime around the Year of Stonerising, -200 DR. 

In the Year of the Solemn Halfling, 1106 DR, Ulcaster's was destroyed by Calishite Mages, who grew to fear it's power and influence. The once grand academy now stands as a ruined shell of a great castle perched atop a lonely hill towards the Eastern end of town. Rumors quickly grew that phantoms and ghosts haunted these ruins causing the local populace to push away from it's ruins and expand further westward, relocating their homes and businesses and leaving the fields around the school open for roaming livestock.

In spite of the loss of the school and the travelers it brought, Beregost thrived, and eventually grew to become a large town and important trading center, serving as the only stop for trade in the several hundred miles between Baldur's Gate and Amn. 

Following the loss of Ulcaster's, The Song of the Morning assumed control of Beregost, it's highest ranking priest serving as governor. A five-person town council was established, recognized as Beregost's "official government" though the Selûnite had ultimate control. Beneath the clergy's watchful eye, the town expanded Westward, towards the coastline and away from the ruins of the former School of Magic. 

In the Year of the Saddle, 1345 DR, an epidemic of the Coast Plague, a highly fatal infectious disease, fell upon Beregost. The disease, initially brought by Caravans, would go on to kill thousands of people in Amn. 20% of Beregost's population would meet their end during this period, a time which would mark the beginning of Beregost's darkest years. 

In 1476 DR, The Song of the Morning was raided by Priests of Cyrus and burnt to the ground, it's entire Clergy slaughtered. 7 years later, in 1483 DR, a temple devoted to the Goddess Selûne was built atop the ruins, named The Star of Guidance.  Control of Beregost fell primarily to the City Council as the clergy of Selûne was more devoted to healing and community services. 

Today, Beregost is in it's worst state yet. Much of it's population has abandoned the town, leaving many of it's remaining structures in ruin. Only a handful of homes and establishments remain, clustered along the Coast Way road. The newest addition, a rather ornate inn called The Opulent Owlbear, offering soft beds, good food, and warm Hot Spring soaks, seeks to reestablish Beregost as a stop for weary travelers. The very air over the town is thick and foul, crops and livestock wither and rot in the fields where they stand, causing many to simply pass the town by, determined to push through the next 200 miles to Amn rather than weather one night in this grim town. 

Just outside of town, in The Wood of Sharp Teeth, a Hag has made her den. In a bargain with a Mage aligned with the Goddess of the Night, Shar, the Hag, Sally Pigtooth, has killed and assumed the identity of one of Beregost's inhabitants, a half-elf barkeep named Saydi Galanodel.

In exchange for being hidden by the Cult's dark magic and allowed to feast on it's inhabitants' suffering, Sally has placed a powerful curse on the town. The Cult's true machinations are unknown to Sally, but she is, ultimately, a pawn in their grand schemes.

The cult seeks to reestablish the Dark Justiciar order and bring power to Shar, in an effort to destroy the light of Selûne, and cast out the moon's glow for eternity, allowing Shar greater power and full domain over the Night. Shar and her cult ultimately seek to release the Primordial Eldritch Evil Dendar, the Night Serpent.

In exchange, Dendar will swallow the moon as she did the sun in ancient times. Dendar, desiring nothing more than to feed on the nightmares and fears of all who live, and Shar, her ultimate desire being an ultimate return to the void before existence, have formed an uneasy alliance to bring their goals to bear. 

The Cult is currently operating within the ruins of Ulcaster's School of Wizardry, unbeknownst to the populace of Beregost. 


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