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Dobry'den: The Drow Deity of Knowledge, Order, and Death

Symbol of Dobry'den:

The Scythe and Quill

Dobry'den's holy symbol is an intricate and profound emblem that embodies the balance between knowledge and death. This symbol consists of a scythe crossed with a quill, each element rich with meaning and meticulously detailed.

The Scythe:

  • Blade: The blade of the scythe is forged from a material that appears both dark and luminous, reminiscent of polished obsidian. Its edge is inscribed with ancient runes and glyphs representing the cycles of life and death, a testament to the inevitable end that awaits all beings.
  • Handle: The handle of the scythe is crafted from an otherworldly wood, appearing almost skeletal with a faint, eerie glow. Carvings along the handle depict scenes of transition from life to death, emphasizing the role of Dobry'den as a guide through this journey.
  • Decorative Elements: At the junction where the blade meets the handle, there is a small, intricately designed hourglass filled with black sand, symbolizing the passage of time and the finite nature of existence.

The Quill:

  • Feather: The feather of the quill is long and elegant, appearing almost ethereal with an iridescent sheen that changes color depending on the light. This feather is said to be from a mystical bird, known for its wisdom and longevity.
  • Shaft: The shaft of the quill is made from a refined, silvery metal, engraved with tiny, precise symbols of knowledge—books, scrolls, and arcane sigils. The craftsmanship is so fine that it almost seems magical, as if the quill could write on its own.
  • Nib: The nib of the quill is sharp and precise, made of a material that looks like crystallized starlight. It represents the clarity and precision required in the pursuit of knowledge.

Arrangement and Background:

  • Crossing Point: The scythe and quill cross at a central point, where a radiant gem is set. This gem, often depicted as a multifaceted crystal, glows with an inner light, symbolizing the enlightenment that comes from understanding both life and death.
  • Backdrop: The entire symbol is often set against a backdrop of an open book, its pages filled with ancient, undecipherable texts. The book represents the vast, unending quest for knowledge and the wisdom that Dobry'den's followers strive to attain.

Colors and Materials:

  • Primary Colors: The symbol primarily uses deep purples, blacks, and silvers, reflecting Dobry'den's connection to the drow heritage and the mysteries of death and knowledge.
  • Materials: The symbol is often made from precious metals and gemstones, with enchanted inks used for the inscriptions, making each representation of the symbol a work of art and devotion.

Tenets of Faith:

  1. Pursuit of Knowledge: Seek out and preserve knowledge, especially that which is ancient and forgotten.
  2. Order and Discipline: Maintain order in both life and death, ensuring that chaos does not disrupt the natural cycle.
  3. Balance of Life and Death: Respect the balance between life and death, understanding that both are essential to the universe.

Temples and Shrines:

Temples dedicated to Dobry'den are often grand libraries or hidden sanctuaries filled with ancient texts and artifacts. These places are typically serene, well-ordered, and guarded by her devout followers. Shrines to Dobry'den might be found in places of learning or in graveyards, symbolizing the transition between knowledge and the afterlife.

Worship Practices:

  • Rituals: Followers conduct rituals during the new moon, a time they believe is most potent for communing with Dobry'den. These rituals often involve the recitation of ancient texts and the offering of knowledge (in the form of books or scrolls) to the deity.
  • Meditation and Study: Regular meditation and study sessions are essential for Dobry'den's followers, who believe that through knowledge, they can understand the deeper truths of existence.
  • Ceremonial Burial Rites: Dobry'den's followers conduct elaborate burial rites, ensuring that the deceased are honored and their knowledge preserved for future generations.

Relationships with Other Deities:

Dobry'den is often seen as a neutral figure, respected by other deities for her wisdom and impartial judgement. She has a cordial relationship with deities of magic and knowledge, and a respectful, albeit distant, relationship with deities of life and creation.

Notable Followers:

  • Archivist Thelyndra: A high priestess of Dobry'den, known for her vast knowledge and dedication to preserving ancient texts.
  • Morrigan Shadowscribe: A renowned scribe who travels the world to uncover lost knowledge and bring it back to Dobry'den's temples.
  • Eldrin Deathweaver: A drow necromancer who seeks to understand the mysteries of life and death under Dobry'den's guidance.


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