Drakara, the Eternal Flame

Drakara, the Eternal Flame



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Drakara, the Eternal Flame

  • Domains:
    • Fire, Passion, Renewal
  • Description:
    • Drakara is a powerful draconic goddess who embodies the essence of fire and passion. She is often depicted as a majestic dragon wreathed in flames, with scales that shimmer like burning embers. Drakara is revered by those who seek renewal and transformation, as her fiery nature symbolizes the ability to burn away the old and make way for the new. She is a patron of artists, artisans, and those who forge new paths in life. Drakara's followers believe that through her guidance, they can find the strength to overcome challenges and emerge renewed, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.
  • Worship and Beliefs:
    • Followers of Drakara believe that fire represents the essence of life and transformation. They see her as a symbol of inner strength and the power to overcome adversity. Worshipers often light ceremonial fires in her honor, believing that the flames carry their prayers and intentions to her realm.
  • Symbols and Icons:
    • Drakara is often depicted in art and sculpture as a dragon enveloped in flames, with her wings outstretched as if to embrace her followers. Her symbol is a stylized flame, which is used in religious ceremonies and as a mark of devotion among her followers.
  • Clergy and Temples:
    • Priests and priestesses of Drakara are known as Flamekeepers and tend to her temples, which are often built near natural sources of fire such as volcanoes or hot springs. These temples serve as places of worship and meditation, where followers can commune with the Eternal Flame and seek guidance in their lives.
  • Offerings and Rituals:
    • Followers of Drakara often make offerings of incense, candles, or other items associated with fire to honor her. Rituals may include dancing around a bonfire, reciting prayers, or meditating in silence to connect with her divine presence.


1. Emberlight Festival

  • Date: 20th of Aloriia (Spring Equinox)
  • Description: The Emberlight Festival marks the beginning of spring and celebrates the renewal of life. Followers light bonfires and lanterns to honor Drakara, symbolizing the return of warmth and life to the land. It is a time for planting new seeds, both literally and metaphorically, as people make resolutions for personal growth and new beginnings.

2. Festival of Flames

  • Date: 20th of Galadrim (Summer Solstice)
  • Description: This festival celebrates the peak of summer with grand displays of fire. Fire dancers, pyrotechnics, and elaborate bonfire rituals are common. The Festival of Flames is a time for passion and creativity, where artists and artisans showcase their fiery creations, and communities come together to revel in the heat and energy of the season.

3. Phoenix Rising

  • Date: 19th of  Lunaris (Autumn Equinox)
  • Description: The Phoenix Rising festival is a celebration of renewal and transformation. Participants write down their fears and old habits on parchment, which are then burned in a ceremonial fire. This symbolizes the burning away of the old to make way for the new, akin to a phoenix rising from its ashes. It is a time for reflection and personal growth.

4. Flamekeeper's Vigil

  • Date: 21st of Pyrenar (Winter Solstice)
  • Description: On the longest night of the year, followers of Drakara hold a vigil, keeping fires burning throughout the night to honor the Eternal Flame. The Flamekeeper's Vigil is a solemn and introspective festival, where individuals meditate on their inner strength and resolve to overcome the darkness in their lives. It is a time for community bonding and support.

5. Forge of Destiny

  • Date: 16th of Nimbelis (High Summer)
  • Description: The Forge of Destiny is a festival where blacksmiths and craftsmen gather to create and showcase their finest works. It is believed that Drakara's blessing is strongest during this time, infusing their creations with her fiery essence. Competitions and demonstrations of skill are held, and the festival culminates in a grand forge ceremony, where a significant community project is undertaken.

6. Candlelight Reverence

  • Date: 26th of Gemshine (Late Winter)
  • Description: As winter draws to a close, followers of Drakara hold the Candlelight Reverence to honor the goddess and seek her guidance for the coming year. Temples and homes are adorned with candles, and rituals are performed to connect with Drakara's fiery spirit. It is a time for quiet reflection, prayer, and setting intentions for the future.


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