Rudy Kelbalar, Lesser God of Moon and Healing

Rudy Kelbalar, Lesser God of Moon and Healing



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Rudy Kelbalar

Race: Half-Elf    Eye Color: Viridin Yellow   Hair Color: White  Skin Tone: Purple   Clothing: Brown and Black


Rudy Kelbalar, the half-elf god, stands as a striking figure of divine authority and mystique. His skin is a deep, rich purple, symbolizing his unique heritage and connection to both elven and human lineages. His eyes, a rare and mesmerizing shade of viridian yellow, glow with an inner light that speaks of ancient wisdom and celestial power. 

Rudy's hair is a flowing cascade of white, shimmering like moonlight against the night sky. It falls gracefully down his back, framing his noble features and adding an ethereal quality to his appearance. His features are a harmonious blend of elven elegance and human strength, with high cheekbones, a straight nose, and a strong jawline. His ears, slightly pointed, further hint at his mixed heritage.

He dons clothing in shades of brown and black, crafted from the finest materials and imbued with divine enchantments. His attire includes a long, dark brown robe that flows like a liquid shadow, with intricate black embroidery depicting celestial and natural motifs. Over this, he wears a sleek black vest that fits snugly, enhancing his imposing presence.

His accessories are equally impressive, including a belt with ornate silver buckles and a series of enchanted pouches and vials hanging from it. He also wears a pair of black, knee-high boots, crafted from supple leather and reinforced with mystical runes for protection and agility. Around his neck, he bears a pendant in the shape of a crescent moon, a symbol of his divine connection to the lunar cycles and his domains of power.

Domains and Abilities:

Rudy Kelbalar is a deity with a profound connection to the moon and healing, drawing power from the celestial bodies and using it to mend both physical wounds and spiritual afflictions. His divine presence exudes a calming, soothing aura, offering comfort and solace to those in need.

As a god, Rudy possesses unparalleled wisdom and insight, able to see beyond the mortal realm and into the very fabric of the cosmos. His abilities include the power to manipulate lunar energies, granting him control over tides, light, and the ebb and flow of magical forces. His healing abilities are unmatched, capable of curing even the most grievous injuries and ailments with a mere touch or whispered incantation.


Temples dedicated to Rudy are often located in serene, natural settings, where the light of the moon can illuminate the sacred spaces. His symbol is the crescent moon, often depicted alongside healing herbs and mystical runes, reflecting his dual domains of celestial power and restorative magic.

Legend and Myth:

In legends, Rudy Kelbalar is often depicted as a wanderer, traveling across the realms to bring healing and hope to those in need. His origin story speaks of a mortal half-elf who, through his profound acts of kindness and selflessness, was elevated to godhood by the celestial beings who saw his potential to bring balance and peace to the world.


Rudy Kelbalar's divine symbol prominently features a glowing crescent moon at its center, representing his profound connection to lunar energies and his celestial power. Encircling the moon are stylized representations of healing herbs, such as leaves and flowers, symbolizing his domain of restorative magic. Interwoven with these herbs are mystical runes, signifying his wisdom and control over magical forces. The crescent moon is depicted in a viridian yellow, echoing the colour of Rudy's eyes, while the surrounding elements are rendered in silver, highlighting their divine and mystical nature. Soft rays of light emanate from the crescent moon, creating a halo effect that represents the calming and soothing aura Rudy exudes. The overall design is elegant and intricate, blending elven elegance with a touch of human craftsmanship, reflecting Rudy’s dual heritage. This symbol adorns amulets, temple decorations, and sacred texts dedicated to Rudy Kelbalar, embodying his divine presence and the solace he brings to his followers.

Rudy Kelbalar’s Divine Symbol: A prominent crescent moon in viridian yellow at the center, surrounded by stylized healing herbs and mystical runes in silver, with soft rays of light emanating to create a halo effect, reflecting an elegant and intricate design that blends elven elegance with human craftsmanship.


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