Battle of the Promise

Battle of the Promise


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It was some 200 years ago that a guild that the world now calls the Promise of the Fallen Wolves had exiled a Dragon so fierce that even to this day has left marks upon the land. However, their journey and the tale of this guild begins 100 years prior to the deity that the world is Zas’Fir-Qex’meka (see Zas’fira). The starting days of the Hero’s Homestead were modest as is most guilds beginnings. The Heros that started this guild were only known by their titles. Ie: The Brave, The Sly, The Ruthless, and so on.  

Within a few short years, the Homestead began to gain renown for its various missions and deeds with their deed, slowly gaining them followers and more members of the guild. Each of the followers soon was given their own unique titles and as legend has it, many within the Hero’s Homestead had different magical items. For most adventuring parties this isn't too out of the ordinary but these items were special. They were known for not only being able to be Sentient but also being able to give the members a better quality of life.

Furthermore, it is said that the tale of the Fallen Wolves tells of magic that has been seldom spoken of but questioned through the eras - The Breath of Life’s Spark. This magic is rumoured to be when a person takes their dying breath with the Spark of their life’s goals upon their soul. It is stated that this type of Will in Magic can allow the soul to do fearsome but grandiose feats. 

Zas’Fir-Qex’meka (see Zas’fira) has been described as a Dragoness who had once been a Legendary Dragon child of Arkanos and who had become the very cosmos itself. She had survived into her Ancient years but had become twisted by some other Entity which few know much about. Rumour has it that when she became twisted, her eyes and flame - which was once like the endless cosmos, became a most beautifully terrifying Eldritch Purple.

Why the purple overtook such a dragoness is anyone’s guess, though it became the Fallen Wolves' problem to solve, for they made a Promise to the world of Syf-Tor Kez: 

“Evil will not Forsake the lands of Syf-Tor Kez so long as we live. Should our bodies die, our 
Breath of Life’s Spark. Shall protect these lands until it can no longer retain its power and goes out. So long as one of the Sparks of Life is left ignited inside of the Relic of the Fallen, Syf-Tor Kez will be safe from harm.” 

It was the sacrifice of the Fallen Wolves made during the Battle of the Promise that had Exiled Zas’Fir-Qex’meka (see Zas’fira) to the Far Realms, where she cannot gain access to the Material Realm. The island has since been renamed to be the Island of the Eternal Promise. 

This guild always went by their titles for many years, but when dead they were known as:

Ansel the Caring, Crystal the Sly, Tyl'ver of the Silence, Yelfer the Knowledgable, Tensol the Charismatic, Tar'sk the Ruthless, Tilanya the Brave, Kysanic the Fierce, Ein'tora the Desirable, Zen'la the Poetic, Bluejay's Song the Wise, Solris Silverrest the True, Ha'talc the Battle Hardened, Samantha the Terror, Akita Jinto the Fearless, Ali'Tan'ka Hen'tra the Sharp-Eyed, Aer'ip the Wall of Trust as well as many more.

Each known for what they could do, they were also known for their magical items that they gave up as well as something else in the Final Wars that had brought the 5 continents together in trying to survive from a force that wished to eradicate them all. 

Legends tell of a Dragon that was so  Fearsome it took the entire Fallen Wolves Guild to Exile the beast from the Realm to protect it. No one knows how long this sacrifice will keep the beast away but the last recorded known date of the sacrifice was some 200 years ago

Legends also say that this "Sacrifice" has many different names and rumours about what it actually was or might be in the future but the sections you could cross reference agree on one thing. The Fallen Wolves gave up the  Breath of Life's Spark to keep the Dragon where it currently is. 

Ansel the Caring

Ansel the Caring is a bard whose gentle demeanor and compassionate nature are evident in every aspect of his being. With a heart as pure as his intentions, Ansel is always willing to lend a helping hand and offer words of comfort to those in need. His presence is like a soothing balm, calming even the most troubled souls.

Physically, Ansel is of average height, with a slender build that belies his inner strength. His features are soft and kind, with warm, expressive eyes that seem to sparkle with kindness and understanding. His long, flowing hair, the color of spun gold, frames his face in a halo of light, adding to his ethereal appearance.

Ansel's attire is simple yet elegant, reflecting his humble nature. He is often seen wearing loose-fitting tunics and trousers, made from the finest fabrics and adorned with intricate embroidery. His most prized possession is his lute, which he carries with him wherever he goes, using its melodic tones to bring joy to those around him.

Despite his gentle nature, Ansel is not without his own inner strength. When faced with adversity, he stands firm, drawing upon his inner reserves of courage and determination. He is a steadfast friend and a loyal companion, always ready to stand by those he cares about, no matter the cost.

Ansel the Caring, a compassionate and gentle bard with a slender build, warm expressive eyes, long flowing hair, playing his lute near a waterfall, surrounded by magical symbols


Crystal the Sly

Crystal the Sly was a halfling renowned for her quick wit, cunning nature, and unmatched agility. Whether navigating the tallest towers or the smallest hidden rooms, nothing ever stopped Crystal from achieving her goals. Her ability to seamlessly blend into any environment made her a formidable figure in her trade.

Crystal wielded a dagger of notable repute, etched with a phrase she often repeated: "Two Seagulls Fly to the Wind." Among those in her line of work, this phrase carried a deeper meaning: "Trust only Thyself." This motto encapsulated her independent spirit and her reliance on her own skills and instincts.

With her sly charm and relentless determination, Crystal the Sly became a legendary figure, known for her ability to outsmart and outmaneuver any obstacle in her path.

Crystal the Sly, a halfling with quick wit and agility, wielding her dagger etched with 'Two Seagulls Fly to the Wind', blending into her environment

Tyl'ver of the Silence

Tyl'ver of the Silence was a man shrouded in mystery, seldom spoken of and even less often seen. Whispers among those who dared to mention him likened him to the Grim Reaper, though no one ever managed to substantiate such dangerous claims. His enigmatic presence and elusive nature only fueled the legends surrounding him.

Tyl'ver's weapon of choice was a bow known as Death's Kiss. Crafted from Black Locust wood, it was both flexible and highly durable. The bow's varnish gave it the appearance of onyx, deceiving many into believing it was made of stone. This illusion provided Tyl'ver with a crucial element of surprise, as foes were baffled by the seemingly impossible nature of his weapon.

With his silent and deadly precision, Tyl'ver of the Silence became a figure of both fear and fascination, a shadowy specter whose true nature remained an enigma to all.

Tyl'ver of the Silence, an elf with his bow Death's Kiss, alive and not skeletal, shrouded in mystery

Yelfer the Knowledgeable

Yelfer, a handsome Furbolg, was known for his wisdom and kindness. As an elder member of his guild, he was beloved for his habit of handing out teas and keeping spirits high. With a warm smile and a wealth of stories, Yelfer always brought comfort and joy to those around him. At the end of each day, he returned home to his wife and family, a pillar of stability and love.

When the time came for him to embark on his final journey, Yelfer gathered his loved ones and explained that one day they would understand why he had to leave. For now, it was simply something he had to do. He carried with him the Quarterstaff of the Ancients, a staff inscribed with his life story. This staff detailed the sacrifices he had made and the lives he had saved, serving as a testament to his bravery and dedication.

Yelfer's departure was filled with a sense of mystery and purpose, leaving behind a legacy of wisdom, love, and heroism that would be remembered for generations.Yelfer the Furbolg, depicted as a handsome fawn firbolg male, with greyish fur and green eyes, known for his wisdom and kindness, handing out teas with a warm smile, surrounded by his guild members and magical items, with the Quarterstaff of the Ancients inscribed with his life story. Make his ears smaller.

Tensol the Charismatic

This man was known for his wariness of those around him, despite his ability to charm everyone with his spells. A true crowd-pleaser, he possessed many enchanted items and dedicated himself to protecting his guild and family with all his might. He was both wise and caring, though he never sought to make a name for himself solely on those qualities. Instead, he was renowned for his charismatic nature.

With eyes of green and sun-kissed skin reminiscent of his elven ancestors, he captivated even the smallest of children with his engaging shows. Hidden in the hem of his cloak, he had sewn a secret phrase known only to a select few: "Take what you find, but always be aware of what you do and where." This served as a discreet signature, marking his presence and reminding him to remain vigilant.

His ability to entertain and his dedication to those he cared for made him a cherished and memorable figure, beloved by many and trusted by those who knew him best.

Tilanya the Brave 

Tilanya the Brave, an Aasimar, had many adventures over time, becoming one with the Promise of the Fallen Wolves Guild and always a devoted follower of Ay'tac. Known for her bravery and skill, she once defended an encampment of Song Dragons in a cave rich with moonstone. Beyond her martial prowess, she was also a healer, offering aid to those in need.

Her most infamous item was a shield adorned with Ay'tac's symbol, a nod to her slightly prankish nature. It was said that this symbol was not always visible on the shield, leaving most unaware of its true significance and even fewer ever discovering its secret.

Her dual role as a fierce protector and a compassionate healer, combined with the mysterious nature of her enchanted shield, made her a memorable and revered member of the guild.

 Kysanic the Fierce

Kysanic was known to be a warrior who would rush into battle and protect his team with his ability to dual-wield, a strange skill many many years ago, while seeming to take little harm from being on the front lines. his battle-hardened skin and roguishly good looks have anyone not used to him trying to flock to his tall, strong, and well-built body. It was through the battles and the saving of those around him that he gained the nickname and, through time, was known as The Fierce instead of his name.

Ein'tora the Desirable

Ein'tora the Desirable was a striking Tiefling whose beauty captivated all who laid eyes on her. With her amethyst-like gaze and alluring demeanor, she effortlessly charmed those around her. Despite her enchanting presence, Ein'tora remained enigmatic, her true intentions shrouded in mystery. 

Her dagger, known as Desire, mirrored her allure. It had a handle fashioned like a whip, crafted from supple leather and intricate bindings. In her hands, the dagger moved with unmatched speed and agility, a reflection of her own swift and graceful nature.

While many believed Ein'tora's actions were guided by devotion to her unknown goddess, she never disclosed the deity's identity. Her motives remained a subject of speculation, adding to her mystique and leaving others intrigued by the enigma she presented.

Ein'tora, a striking Tiefling with amethyst-like gaze and a dagger with a handle fashioned like a whip

Zen'la the Poetic

Zen'la the Poetic, a Half-Elf bard, is renowned for her enchanting songs and mesmerizing performances. Her rapier, known as the Melodious Blade, bears a unique enchantment that causes musical notes to shimmer along its blade when she sings during combat. Each note represents a verse of her favorite songs, serving as both a weapon and a tribute to her musical talents.

Zen'la is a master of poetry and storytelling, often weaving tales of heroism and love into her performances. Her voice is as melodious as her blade, captivating audiences and aiding her allies in battle with songs of inspiration and courage. Despite her charming and charismatic nature, Zen'la's true motives and desires remain a mystery, adding an air of intrigue to her already captivating presence.

Solris Silverrest the True

Solris Silverrest the True is a Dwarf of impressive stature, with a robust build that speaks to her strength and resilience. Her skin, weathered by years of battle and leadership, bears the marks of her experiences, yet it glows with an inner strength and determination. Her eyes, a deep and piercing blue, are often alight with the fiery passion that drives her.

Her hair, a lustrous silver that cascades down her back in intricate braids, is a testament to her Dwarven heritage and the pride she takes in her appearance. Despite her imposing presence, Solris carries herself with a grace and dignity befitting her status as a leader.

Adorned in her Adamantine armor of the Honour Stone, Solris cuts an impressive figure on the battlefield. The armor, crafted with unparalleled skill and craftsmanship, gleams in the light, its intricate designs and engravings telling the story of her victories and her honor.

In all aspects, Solris Silverrest the True embodies the ideals of Dwarven strength, honor, and resilience, a true exemplar of her people.

Solris Silverrest the True, a female Dwarf with a robust build, weathered skin, deep blue eyes, silver hair in intricate braids, adorned in Adamantine armor of the Honour Stone with intricate designs and engravings, embodying Dwarven strength, honor, and resilience.

Ha'talc the Battle Hardened

Ha'talc the Battle Hardened is a Tiefling of striking appearance, with jet-black skin that seems to shimmer with a faint hint of red in the right light. His eyes, a piercing shade of yellow, hold a steely determination that speaks of his years of experience on the battlefield. Despite his demonic heritage, there is a sense of nobility in his bearing, a testament to his status as a Warlord.

His most striking feature is his pair of large, curved horns that protrude from his forehead, gleaming with a faint magical aura in times of battle. These horns are a symbol of his power and authority, marking him as a formidable presence on the battlefield.

Ha'talc is often seen wearing the Warlord Cloak of Protection, a gift given to him by a fellow warrior to keep him safe. The cloak is made of fine, durable fabric, adorned with intricate runes and symbols of protection. When worn, it seems to shimmer with a faint magical aura, further enhancing Ha'talc's imposing presence.

In battle, Ha'talc is a sight to behold. His ability to fly gives him a tactical advantage, allowing him to survey the battlefield from above and strike at his enemies with unmatched precision. When the horns on his forehead begin to glow with power, his enemies know that they are facing a true master of combat, a Warlord whose skill and strength are unmatched.

Despite his fearsome appearance and prowess in battle, Ha'talc is known for his sense of honor and duty. He fights not for personal glory, but for the protection of his people and the defense of his homeland. His name is spoken with reverence and respect among his allies, and with fear and awe by his enemies, for Ha'talc the Battle Hardened is a warrior without equal.

Ha'talc the Battle Hardened, a male Tiefling with jet-black skin, yellow eyes, large curved horns, wearing the Warlord Cloak of Protection adorned with runes, able to fly, with a noble bearing, and glowing red filigree markings.


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