Festival of Shadows

Festival of Shadows



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Festival of Shadows

Date: During the darkest night of the year

Description: The Festival of Shadows is the most revered event in Markus' church, celebrated when the night is at its longest and darkest. This night epitomizes the essence of Markus, where followers honour and demonstrate their mastery of stealth, secrecy, and the art of assassination. It is a time of reflection, training, and homage to their deity, the Whispering Blade.


The Shadow Walk

Description: The Shadow Walk is a silent parade through the city streets, where followers don dark cloaks and masks. The objective is to traverse from one end of the city to the other without being detected, showcasing their skills in blending into the shadows and moving silently. The participants must navigate through various checkpoints patrolled by guards who are aware of the event but do not know the identities of the participants.

  • Preparation: Prior to the walk, participants engage in rigorous training sessions to hone their stealth skills. They practice moving silently, using the cover of darkness, and avoiding detection.
  • Route: The route changes every year and is known only to the high priests. It often includes urban environments, forests, and underground passages to test the versatility of the followers.
  • End Goal: Successfully completing the Shadow Walk is a significant honour and a rite of passage for initiates. Those who succeed are given a shadowy mark on their cloak, symbolizing their proficiency in the art of stealth.

Night's Kiss Ceremony

Description: This ceremony is a display of skill and devotion, where the most skilled assassins demonstrate their abilities through choreographed duels using the sacred daggers "Night's Kiss" and "Silent Requiem." These performances are both a celebration of their lethal precision and an act of worship to Markus.

  • Performance: The duels are meticulously planned and executed, with participants performing complex sequences of attacks, parries, and evasions. Each movement is graceful and precise, embodying the deadly beauty of assassination.
  • Audience: The ceremony is attended by all followers, from initiates to high-ranking priests. It serves as an inspiration and a reminder of the high standards expected by Markus.
  • Sacred Blades: The daggers used in the ceremony are blessed by the high priests and believed to carry the essence of Markus. They are handled with the utmost reverence and are returned to their sacred altar after the ceremony.

Whispers in the Dark

Description: Whispers in the Dark is a ritual where followers gather in a dimly lit chamber, shrouded in shadows, to share secrets, strategies, and confessions. These whispers are offerings to Markus, symbolizing their trust in his guidance and their commitment to his teachings.

  • Ritual Setting: The chamber is adorned with shadowy symbols and lit by flickering candles, creating an atmosphere of secrecy and reverence. Incense is burned to enhance the sense of mystique.
  • Sharing: Each follower takes turns whispering their secrets into the darkness. These can be personal confessions, tactical insights, or information about their missions. The whispers are believed to be carried to Markus, who rewards those who offer valuable knowledge.
  • Bonding: This ritual strengthens the bond between followers, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. It also reinforces the importance of secrecy and trust within the church.

Additional Elements:

The Midnight Feast

After the main events, followers gather for a Midnight Feast in the hidden halls of their temples. The feast consists of dark, rich foods and drinks, symbolizing the nourishment of their dark arts. The feast is also a time for followers to relax and socialize, sharing stories of their exploits and missions.

The Veil of Silence

Throughout the festival, a vow of silence is observed by all followers except during the Whispers in the Dark ritual. This vow symbolizes their dedication to secrecy and their ability to operate without drawing attention to themselves. Breaking the silence is considered a grave offence and is met with severe repercussions.

The Marking of the Shadow

At the end of the festival, initiates who have proven their worth are marked with a shadowy tattoo, often on their wrists or necks. This mark signifies their acceptance into the deeper circles of Markus' followers and their commitment to his path.

The Festival of Shadows is not only a celebration of Markus but also a rigorous test of his followers' skills, loyalty, and dedication to the art of assassination and the mastery of the shadows.


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