The Council of Four

The Council of Four


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The Council of Four was created many eons ago when Syf-Tor Kez was but a single continent that held much power and much responsibility. Through the years, time and again the cities waged war upon each other and couldn't seem to get along. 

It was due to this that the Dragon Goddess, Zas'fira had put 4 unique dragons into power and then split the region into 4 smaller islands. 1 for each dragon, with a no-man's-land in the middle of it all.

Peace was kept, and maintained, by the Guild named Heroes’ Homestead. With a large group of heroes under the flag of The Promise of the Fallen Wolves (see also, Hero's Homestead, Battle of the Promise, Breath of Life's Spark), every year the group not only travelled Syf-Tor Kez, but the world itself.

Over the years, tensions grew far higher than what most wanted and the Dragons seemed to be threatening a War… one that could, and likely would, end many thousands of lives. It was a war that the world couldn't handle. 

The Goddess took her 4 Orbs that she created and managed to align each of the Council to her will for the moment, to avoid the coming war. There was peace, tentative as it was, between each of the 4 regions.

At least, there had been until the Battle of the Promise (see Battle of the Promise), when Zas'Fira had been banished to the Far Realms. It left the Council to their own devices, as her Orbs had become shattered during the Battle, which has been making those same tensions strong once more. Without access to the Material Realm, the Goddess cannot stop the coming war…. And we fear it will happen any day now.

Solstice: The Island of Summer

Solstice is a radiant island basking in eternal summer. The landscape is lush with verdant jungles, golden beaches, and vibrant flora. The air is filled with the sweet fragrance of exotic flowers and the melodic calls of colorful birds. The sun perpetually hangs high in the sky, casting a warm, golden glow over the land.

Ororedrian, the mighty Red Dragon, rules this island with an iron claw. His scales shimmer like molten lava, and his eyes burn with a fierce intensity. Ororedrian is renowned for his ruthless demeanor, commanding both fear and admiration. Women from all corners of the island vie for his attention, eager to bear his powerful offspring and bring honor to their families. His lair, a grand volcanic fortress, stands as a testament to his dominion over Solstice.

Aurora: The Island of Winter

Aurora is a stark, icy realm blanketed in perpetual winter. Towering mountains of ice and snow dominate the landscape, their peaks piercing the frigid sky. Glacial rivers wind through frosty valleys, and the air is crisp and biting. The northern lights dance across the heavens, casting an ethereal glow over the island.

Serin, the white dragoness, rules Aurora with a heart as cold as the island itself. Her scales are as white as freshly fallen snow, and her gaze is as piercing as the icy winds. Serin demands tributes from her subjects, and without them, she offers no aid. Her cruelty is infamous, yet her power is unmatched. Her lair, a magnificent ice palace, is a marvel of frozen beauty and unyielding strength.

Marrygold: The Island of Spring

Marrygold is a paradise of perpetual spring, where the land is a tapestry of blossoming flowers, verdant meadows, and babbling brooks. The air is filled with the scent of fresh blooms, and gentle breezes carry the songs of birds and the hum of bees. The island is a haven of life and renewal.

Malkin, the Bronze Dragon, is the guardian of Marrygold. She is known as the Clutch Mother, a protector who watches over her people with genuine care and devotion. Her scales glisten like polished bronze, and her eyes radiate warmth and kindness. Over the years, Malkin has gathered countless ships to create her sprawling nesting grounds, a sanctuary of safety and nurturing. Her presence ensures the island remains a place of peace and prosperity.

Joyceland: The Island of Autumn

Joyceland is an island where autumn reigns eternal. The landscape is a symphony of red, orange, and gold, with trees shedding their leaves in a never-ending dance. The air is crisp and carries the earthy scent of fallen leaves and ripening harvests. The island exudes a sense of comfort and contentment.

Hecaten, the Copper Dragon, is the beloved protector of Joyceland. His scales gleam like burnished copper, and his eyes sparkle with mischief and wisdom. Hecaten is known for his jovial nature and his penchant for bad dad jokes, which have become a cherished tradition on the island. Despite his humor, he is a vigilant guardian, ensuring the safety and happiness of his people. His lair, a cozy and inviting cave, is adorned with autumnal treasures and the laughter of his subjects.


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