Island of the Eternal Promise

Island of the Eternal Promise


Historical Place

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The Taint

The Taint arrived on the Island 300 years ago when Y'chak, an eldritch entity of unimaginable power, forced its way through a portal that bridged the Far Realms and the Material Realm. This cataclysmic event is shrouded in mystery and forgotten by most, its memory surviving only in ancient texts and the whispered tales of immortals like Kry-lest'raka. 

Y'chak's influence spread like an insidious miasma, tainting the land and its denizens. The first signs were barely perceptible—a creeping darkness in the hearts of the island's inhabitants, a subtle shift in their loyalties. Zas'fira, the once benevolent dragoness deity, began making decisions that increasingly reflected her own desires rather than the well-being of her followers.

The Battle of the Promise

A century later, the corruption had transformed Zas'fira into Zas'Fir-Qex'meka, a twisted parody of her former self. Her once-luminous scales, which had shimmered with the colours of the cosmos, had darkened to a sinister violet. Her Generals of Faith—Lizon, Terrna, Terelak, Tes'iya, Latory, Theslodian, and Kith'ori—recognized the danger she posed to the world.

The Battle of the Promise was waged to exile Zas'Fir-Qex'meka from the Material Realm. The Generals, each a paragon of their own element and virtue, stood as the last line of defence against her corruption. They forged a plan to banish her rather than destroy her, hoping that one day she might be redeemed. In a climactic battle, they succeeded, but at a great cost. Many fell, their life forces intertwined with the fabric of the island itself, creating powerful sentient artifacts that could one day be used to combat the taint.

According to Lizon's writings, the true architect of the corruption was Vhorzun, the Whispering Abyss. His visit to their lands from the Far Realms created the breach Y'chak exploited to infect Zas'fira.

The Fight Within

During Zas'fira's initial struggle against Y'chak, her loyal followers noticed subtle changes. Her choices began to affect broader swathes of her domain, and her once serene blue and purple flames started to flicker with an unsettling intensity. 

Her transformation was gradual but relentless. The celestial blue of her flames, which symbolized wisdom and tranquillity, faded first. The majestic purple, symbolizing her protective and nurturing nature, darkened to a harsh, destructive violet. Despite her internal battle, she fought valiantly against the Promise of the Fallen Wolves guild, determined to shield her followers from harm.

Even in her corrupted state, Zas'fira’s words during the battle were recorded by the few surviving witnesses: "I won't let those with corrupt hearts harm my lands and people." These words became a rallying cry for those who still believed in her purity.

The Island Now

Today, the Island of the Eternal Promise is known as the Island of the Lost Promise, a place where the echoes of past battles and lingering taint permeate the land. Kry-lest'raka, a dragoness entrusted with protecting the land from Vhorzun's influence, strives to keep his malevolent power at bay. She dreams of passing this duty to her offspring within the next 50-100 years, but the island's pervasive taint makes survival difficult.

The island is a paradoxical place of haunting beauty and lurking danger. The flora and fauna, once vibrant and teeming with life, now bear the scars of corruption. Trees with twisted branches, plants with venomous thorns, and creatures mutated by the taint are common sights.

Raka and the Island

Kry-lest'raka has been a guardian of the Island for 100-150 years. Desperate to ensure the island's future, she has given birth to several Wyrmlings, hoping to raise a generation capable of withstanding Y'chak's corruption. Tragically, each Wyrmling succumbs to the taint by age 5 or 6, their young bodies unable to endure the insidious influence.

The dragoness has tried various methods to protect her offspring—magical wards, ancient rituals, and even alliances with powerful mages—but nothing has succeeded. The loss of each Wyrmling deepens her resolve and desperation. She tirelessly searches for a solution, knowing that the future of the Island of the Lost Promise depends on her success.

Kry-lest'raka's Knowledge

Kry-lest'raka's father, Xiazukrem, was a wise and formidable dragon who had once counted Zas'fira as a friend. He lived on the island with his own Wyrmlings, witnessing firsthand the events that led to the island's current state. He recounted how the Fallen Wolves, a guild of formidable warriors and mystics, accused Zas'fira of attacking the dragons of Syf-Tor Kez.

Despite her protestations of innocence, the guild launched a crusade against her. Xiazukrem told tales of battles fought in the skies and on the ground, of ancient pacts broken and alliances forged in desperation. He spoke of the sorrow of seeing friends and allies fall to the taint, and of the hope that one day, Zas'fira might be freed from Y'chak's grasp.

The Battle's Legacy

The Battle of the Promise was both a triumph and a tragedy. The Generals of Faith and the Fallen Wolves fought valiantly, and their sacrifice created the Sentient Artifacts—objects of immense power and consciousness that hold the potential to cleanse the island of its taint. These artifacts, however, are scattered and hidden, their locations known only to a few, if any.

Legends say that these artifacts resonate with the spirits of their creators, their Breath's of Life's Spark imbued within them. They wait for the day when they might be wielded by those pure of heart and strong of will, capable of restoring the island to its former glory.


The Island of the Lost Promise stands as a testament to the enduring struggle between light and darkness. Kry-lest'raka, burdened with the legacy of her ancestors and the hope of future generations, continues her vigilant watch. The taint of Y'chak remains a formidable foe, but the spirit of the island and its defenders burns bright, a beacon of hope in the encroaching darkness. The battle is far from over, and the tale of the Island of the Lost Promise is one of resilience, sacrifice, and the unyielding quest for redemption.


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