24/06/07: A Second Story Job


Literally and figuratively.

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2nd of Mirtul, 1491 DR.

Drew and Kithseria direct Mylar to keep watch outside while they make contact. The pair proceed to the bar, asking the dwarven bartender to get a drink for the woman in red. He  tells them she drinks cormyrian red. He pours the drink, then messages the serving wench. When she comes over, Drew tells her to tell Sella that they wish to speak to her.

As the drink is delivered, the barmaid also delivers the message. Sella appears to direct her companions to move to another table, then gestures for Drew and Kithseria to come over. The pair inquire about work. Sella is initially cautious that the pair might work for the city watch or the mage's order. When she is comfortable that they are not, she offers that she has a job, and in fact, it could be done tonight. A local merchant, Austin Derlance, will be here at dusk. She needs leverage. She needs a family heirloom: a medallion with a large green stone, set in a medallion of silver with gold inlay. Her henchman, Jesper, will escort them past the Derlance Residence. Her other henchman, Emerilla, will validate the medallion and pay them 100gp when it is delivered.

They accept and head out, collecting Mylar on the way.

After they pass the house, they head down to the dock to make a plan.

  • Drew and Kithseria will buy dockworker clothing and disguise themselves as such.
  • Mylar buys a jug of cheap alcohol to finish his disguise.
  • Mylar will cast unseen servant while Kithseria casts detect magic, both ritually.
  • Mylar will cast disguise self to appear as a drunk dwarf.
  • The group approaches from the rear. Mylar continues to the front, quickly turning around as the merchant is just now leaving.
  • Several minutes later, they return to the residence. 
  • Mylar proceeds to the front door and begins to beat on it.
  • Meanwhile, Drew climbs up attempt to open a second story shutter: fails. Attempts to pick the back door lock: fails. Attempts jimmy a lower floor shutter: fails.
  • Mylar has finished his conversation with whoever is inside and found himself sitting against a wall, in sight of both the front door and the side.
  • Seeing them giving up, he gets up and works his way back.
  • After discussion, he has his unseen servant open a second story shutter and returns to his watch.
  • Drew climbs up, then pulls up Kithseria.
  • They are in a bedroom, large opulent bed; better than one either of them have slept in before. A quick search reveals nothing.
  • Next room has a halfling sized person sleeping in it.
  • Third room is an office. Kithseria detects magic on a painting.
  • Drew attempts to use her rapier to scratch off the arcane markings, but moves the painting... and a magical alarm sounds. Drew flips the painting off the wall, revealing a wall safe.
  • Drew sheathes her rapier and pulls out her lockpicks. Kithseria moves to the door and hears a child calling out and boots of someone running downstairs.
  • Drew starts picking the lock while Kithseria moves a chair to the door.
  • As Drew gets the safe open, there is a thud as the chair is easily moved back.
  • Drew fixates on a box, seeing a green stone on a medallion within grabs it and a handful of coins and drops them down her shirt, before racing to the window and yelling, "throw me the rope!"
  • Kithseria moves to the desk, throwing the rope, papers scattering as she jumps out the window. Drew kinda holds the rope, greatly diminishing Kitheria's fall, but not stopping it.
  • The female guard in the doorway charges across the room, slides on the papers, and rams her short sword into the wall next to Drew.
  • Drew grabs the lip of the window, swings out, reaches for the wall.... and misses, catapulting herself into the street, with a snap or two as she lands a little broken on the street.
  • Kithseria rushes forward, praying for healing as the warrior begins yelling for the watch.
  • Drew, jumps up, the divine healing magic flowing through her and picks up Kithseria in a fireman's carry.

The trio run away, opposite direction of the tavern. As they go, Mylar tells the to dump the disguises. As they fumble along dropping the extra clothes, Mylar shifts to that of a distinguished looking halfling man and they slow to a walk. They pass a quartet of watchman racing towards the yelling at the Derlance Residence.

They work themselves back around to the Sleeping Snake. Inside, Sella the Red is meeting with the noble Austin Derlance. Emerilla is waiting at the end of the bar on the other side of the room. Drew slips over, makes contact, and exchanges the medallion for a bag.

Drew works her way out of the tavern while Emerilla discreetly delivers the medallion. As Drew makes it to the door, Austin Derlance stands and slams his fists on the table.

Outside, the group decides to celebrate with a room in a good inn. They have heard of a place of legend: The Yawning Portal Inn.

  • -3sp, -5cp Kithseria. drinks.
  • -5cp Drew. drinks.
  • -4sp Kithseria dock worker clothes for her and Drew.
  • -5sp. Mylar. Jug of beer.
  • +114gp from the caper.

 - end of session -


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