Burgleman's Regret


An entire village is victim to one man's revenge

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Adventure Outline for 5 2nd-Level Characters

1. Entrance and Guardian

Setting Description: "As you travel along the narrow, winding road to Tanners Glen, a thick fog rolls in, obscuring your path. The gnarled trees on either side stretch their twisted branches like skeletal fingers. An unnatural chill fills the air, and the eerie silence is broken only by the occasional rustling of unseen creatures."


  •  The creature attacking the party is a Bonestalker  - Tactics: The stalker targets Toldi Mickle first, showing off its stealth by decapitating him quickly. It then shifts focus to the party.   - Mechanics: The party will have to rely on perception checks to locate the stalker. They might use flour, dust, or other creative means to reveal its location.   - Aftermath: The body of Toldi Mickle is found without his head, intensifying the mystery.

2. Role-Playing Challenge

Village Setting Description: "Tanners Glen is a small, somber village cloaked in an oppressive fog. The thatched-roof cottages and cobblestone streets are eerily quiet, with villagers peeking out from behind closed curtains. The air is heavy with fear and exhaustion, and the whispers of those who dare to speak carry tales of dread and despair."

Key NPCs:

  • Old Marta: "Old Marta is a frail, hunched woman with wispy white hair and eyes clouded with the weight of too many sorrows."   - Clue: "It started with Mr. Burgleman. I remember him muttering about revenge before he disappeared."
  • Bram, the Blacksmith: "Bram is a burly, middle-aged man with soot-stained hands and a perpetually furrowed brow, masking a deep, hidden fear."   - Clue: "They say Burgleman’s farm is cursed. His daughter disappeared, and soldiers were found dead in his fields."
  • Lina, the Innkeeper: "Lina is a stout woman with a kind face etched with worry lines, her eyes darting nervously as she speaks of the farm."   - Clue: "I saw strange lights at the farm at night, and the sounds, like whispers in the wind. Something terrible happened there."

3. Trick or Setback

Farm Setting Description: "The once-thriving Burgleman Farm now lies in disrepair. Overgrown weeds choke the pathways, and the wooden structures are weathered and decaying. The main house, barn, shed, and cellar each exude an aura of neglect and foreboding. An unsettling quiet pervades the air, as if the farm itself holds its breath in anticipation."



  • Barn: Large and foreboding, with old farming equipment scattered about.
  • Main House: Decrepit but intact, filled with dust-covered furniture.
  • Shed: Filled with rusted tools and supplies.
  • Cellar: Hidden beneath the house, accessible through a trapdoor.


  • Exhaustion: For each hour spent searching, the party must make a wisdom saving throw or gain a level of exhaustion due to the oppressive atmosphere.
  • Hidden Room in Main House:   - Discovery: Behind a bookcase in the study, they find a hidden room with old papers and journals.   - Journal Entry: The journal details how Burgleman summoned the creature with an ancient relic, a lantern. It describes the soldiers' deaths and how the creature has now escaped.

Journal Entries:

Journal Entry 1: Date: 25 years ago

"While digging the foundation for the barn’s cellar, I unearthed an ancient cavern. Its maw, dark and foreboding, led me to an altar upon which sat an archaic lamp, casting eerie, flickering shadows upon the walls. Surrounding this ominous centerpiece were the writings of long-forgotten druids, recounting tales of their brethren—an entire order, who met their doom through sheer terror. Among the texts, I discovered incantations to open and close a portal to an unspeakable realm. The air, thick with an ancient dread, whispered warnings to my soul."

Journal Entry 2: Date: 23 years ago

"I endeavored to translate the dread-filled writings. The incantations, though clear, struck fear deep within my heart. How could one wield such power without succumbing to madness? The druids’ fate haunted my thoughts, their final moments etched in terror. Though my curiosity urged me forward, I dared not utter the words. To summon that which lay beyond was to invite my own demise."

Journal Entry 3: Date: 20 years ago

"My beloved daughter, my dear Eliza, has fallen victim to the cruelty of soldiers from Kelsendale. They assaulted her, leaving her lifeless body for me to find. My heart, once filled with sorrow, now burns with the fires of vengeance. I shall lure those fiends to my farm, ensnaring them within the cursed cavern. There, I shall unleash the creature of shadow and bone, the bonestalker, to exact my retribution. Let them know the fear that claimed the druids."

Journal Entry 4: Date: 2 months ago

"Twenty years have passed, and the bonestalker, once confined, has found its escape. Each night, its presence torments me, feeding on my fear. The shadows grow longer, and the whispers more insistent. Sleep eludes me, for in the darkness, it waits, ravenous. I cannot remain here. The village offers no sanctuary, but I must flee this place that has become my nightmare."

Journal Entry 5: Date: 1 month ago

"I am too afraid to leave my house. The creature's whispers grow louder, each murmur driving me further into madness. My hand trembles as I write, my mind fraying at the edges. The barn... the barn holds the key. The entrance to the cavern lies beneath its rotting timbers. The bonestalker, I now understand, draws its power from the fear it instills and the skulls of its victims. It grows stronger with each soul it terrifies. To whomever finds this, destroy the lamp. End this torment. End it before it consumes us all."

These entries should provide a chilling atmosphere for your players, reflecting the descent into madness and the dark events that transpired.

4. Climax and Big Battle

Cavern Setting Description: "A concealed trapdoor in the barn leads to a steep, spiraling staircase descending into darkness. At the bottom, a cavern stretches out before you, its walls glistening with moisture. The air is frigid and heavy with the scent of earth and decay. Shadows dance and flicker in the dim light, hinting at unseen horrors lurking within."


  • Bonestalker: A terrifying fey creature, described as a skeletal figure wrapped in shadows.   - Tactics: It uses the darkness to its advantage, striking from the shadows and retreating.  

5. Reward, Revelation, Plot Twist

Lantern Altar in the Cavern Description: "In the deepest part of the cavern, you find an ancient stone altar covered in strange, glowing runes. Atop the altar rests an old lantern, its flickering light casting eerie shadows on the walls. The air grows colder as you approach, and faint, whispering voices echo in your mind, hinting at the lantern's dark power."



  • Lantern's Secret: The lantern is a portal to the Feywild, specifically to a dark region ruled by malevolent fey.
  • Destruction: To destroy the lantern, the party must perform a ritual that involves using holy water and reciting an incantation found in Burgleman’s journal.
  • Incantation:


"Lux sancta, lumen purum, claude portam obscuram. Per vires antiquitatis, et potentiam lucis, expelle tenebras et malignitatem. Audi preces nostras, o dii antiquissimi, et claudite ianuam dimensionis infernae. Balor Ruinificator, Apuch Solis Fur, Ahrim Sanguineus Hasta, Mab Regina Fey, omne malum, omnis umbra, redeat ad vacuum aeternum. In nomine Lithlothein Flos Cineris, et pacis sempiternae, extinguere ignem infernum, et restituere tranquillitatem. Hic terminus sit, hic finis, pro animae innocentium. Fiat lux, et claustra ad infinitum. Maleficium dissipetur, et pax regnet."

Translation for reference:

"Holy light, pure illumination, close the dark portal. By the powers of antiquity and the strength of light, expel the shadows and malevolence. Hear our prayers, O ancient gods, and close the door to the infernal dimension. Balor the Ruiner, Apuch the Sun Thief, Ahrim the Blood Spear, Mab the Queen of Fey, all evil, every shadow, return to the eternal void. In the name of Lithlothein the Ash Flower, and everlasting peace, extinguish the infernal flame and restore tranquility. Let this be the end, the final boundary, for the souls of the innocent. Let there be light, and barriers to infinity. Let the curse be broken, and peace reign."



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