A frosty haven for Wood Elves and Eladrin, known for its icy landscapes, ancient forests, and rich culture, with 20,000 residents.

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Aerlon, located in the northeast corner of Tessix, is a frosty haven for Wood Elves and Eladrin, characterized by its icy landscapes, ancient forests, and snow-capped mountains. With a population of around 20,000, the region thrives on cold-resistant craftsmanship and a rich cultural heritage of artistry and music. Governed by the Elder Council, Aerlon maintains a balance between preserving its natural beauty and defending against external threats, such as the Snow giants of the Lofty Peaks. Notable landmarks include the frozen Bolmond Lake, the capital city Elandrial, and the historic towns of LoranthelValoriaSylfeana, and Fereldir.

Geography, Natural Resources & Wildlife

Aerlon's terrain is diverse, featuring snow-laden forests, frosty hills, and towering icy mountains. The climate is perpetually cold, with long, harsh winters and brief, cool summers. Natural landmarks like the frozen Bolmond Lake and ancient snow-covered oaks add to the region's enchanting atmosphere. The land is rich in cold-resistant minerals and unique magical flora, which support the local economy and culture.

Aerlon's wildlife is equally diverse, ranging from majestic creatures like the Aurora Elk to formidable predators such as the Winter Wolf. The region's flora includes luminescent mosses, frost-resistant flowers, and magical herbs, all contributing to the elves' daily lives and magical practices. The presence of ancient arcane ruins and rich mineral deposits further enhance Aerlon's significance as a hub of magical and natural resources.

  • Crystal Moss: Luminescent moss growing in icy caves, emitting a soft glow. Used for lighting and enhancing ice spells in magical rituals, also in decorative terrariums.
  • Wintermint: An herb with icy blue leaves and a strong minty aroma. Used in teas, as a breath freshener, and has minor healing properties. Common in cooking and desserts.
  • Starblossom: A tiny flower with star-like petals found in high mountain meadows. Enhances magical abilities when brewed into tea, favored by elven mages.
  • Whispering Willow: A tree with leaves that murmur in the wind, imparting wisdom. Its bark is used in scrolls and books for recording powerful spells.
  • Ice Lilac: A delicate flower with pale blue petals that blooms in the coldest months. Known for its soothing scent and medicinal properties, often used in perfumes.
  • Glimmergrass: Tall, grass-like plant emitting a faint, magical light. Found in meadows touched by ancient magic, used in crafting enchanted items and clothing.
  • Arctic Sage: Perennial herb with blue-grey leaves, found in high-altitude alpine forests. Used in teas and medicinal concoctions for respiratory issues, also a common seasoning for meats.
  • Ethereal Vine: Ghostly, semi-transparent vine winding through ancient ruins. Its sap is used in elixirs to phase through solid objects temporarily.
  • Moonshadow Fern: Rare fern with shimmering leaves under moonlight, found in deep enchanted forests. Used in potions for night vision and stealth.
  • Verdant Ember: Bush with leaves glowing with inner heat, even in cold climates. Berries used in potions granting resistance to fire and cold.
  • Frostglow Orchid: Radiant orchid with glowing petals, blooming in winter. Prized for beauty and use in high-level ice magic.
  • Windchill Hawk: Birds of prey with silver-tipped feathers and piercing eyes. Renowned for swift, silent flight, they hunt small mammals and fish.
  • Yeti: Large, ape-like creatures with thick white fur. Known for immense strength and elusive behavior, feared and respected by locals.
  • Winter Wolf: Large wolves with thick, white fur and icy breath. Hunt in packs, known for intelligence and tactical skills, formidable predators.
  • Banshee: Ghostly apparitions with chilling wails, haunting ancient ruins. Guard hidden treasures and secrets, feared for their terrifying presence.
  • Frostveil Stalker: Mystical predator with silvery fur and shimmering patterns. Creates illusions to confuse prey, believed to guard sacred groves.
  • Frost Salamander: Large, amphibious creatures with icy blue scales, living in glacial caves. Exude a freezing aura, formidable defenders of icy domains.
  • Skyhunter Hawk: Birds of prey with blue-tinted feathers and sharp talons. Known for speed and precision in hunting, common in Aerlon skies.
  • Whispering Owl: Large, white-feathered owls with keen eyesight and silent flight. Predators of small mammals, known for eerie, haunting calls.
  • Aurora Elk: Majestic mammals with shimmering coats reflecting northern lights. Intelligent and revered, navigate the tundra with ease.
  • Frostclaw Lynx: Medium-sized cats with thick, tufted fur and piercing blue eyes. Stealthy hunters, preying on smaller animals, known for silent prowess.
  • Arctic Griffon: Majestic creatures with lion bodies and eagle heads and wings. Adapted to cold, with white plumage, noble guardians of high-altitude realms.
  • Iceshard Bear: Massive bears with thick white coats and crystal-like claws. Hunted for fur and meat, respected for strength and resilience.
  • Glacier Stag: Ethereal deer with antlers of ice, believed to be Elenari Court messengers. Rare and highly revered, often seen near Bolmond Lake.
  • Snowdrift Basilisk: Serpentine creatures blending into snowy landscapes. Gaze temporarily petrifies, turning creatures into ice statues. Solitary and territorial.
  • Icetouched Prowler: Large feline predator with glistening fur and glowing blue eyes. Silent hunter using freezing claws, preys on smaller animals and travelers.
  • Cold-resistant Minerals: Rich deposits of cold-resistant minerals like froststone and ice quartz, crucial for crafting and enchanting.
  • Frosty Jewelry: Delicate jewelry made from froststone and ice quartz, prized for its beauty and magical properties.
  • Warm Fabrics: High-quality fabrics woven from cold-resistant fibers, essential for clothing and trade.
  • Ice-inspired Art: Unique art pieces inspired by Aerlon's frosty landscape, highly sought after for their beauty and craftsmanship.

Subregions of Aerlon

  • Frostwood Forest: This dense, ancient forest is home to many of Aerlon's magical flora and fauna. The towering trees are perpetually covered in frost, and the forest floor is often blanketed in snow, giving it a mystical appearance. Elandrial, the capital city, is located within this subregion, serving as both the political and spiritual heart of Aerlon. The forest is also home to numerous wildlife species such as the Aurora Elk and Windchill Hawk. The area's rich biodiversity includes rare plants like Starblossom and Moonshadow Fern, which are used in various magical practices and remedies.

  • Bolmond Basin: Surrounding the frozen Bolmond Lake, this subregion is known for its fishing communities and the mystical properties of the lake itself. The town of Loranthel thrives on the lake's bounty, providing fish and other aquatic resources that sustain the region. The lake is a site of numerous legends, including tales of the Glacier Stag and the Snowdrift Basilisk. The frozen surface of Bolmond Lake is a popular location for winter festivals and ice-skating, drawing visitors from across Aerlon.

  • Crystal Peaks: These snow-capped mountains are rich in cold-resistant minerals like froststone and ice-quartz. The mining town of Fereldir is nestled here, known for its mining operations and rugged beauty. The Crystal Peaks are also home to various dangerous creatures, such as the Frost Salamander and Iceshard Bear, making mining a perilous occupation. However, the abundance of precious minerals attracts adventurers and traders alike, contributing significantly to Aerlon's economy.

  • [[Whispering Glade]]: An enchanting area within the forest where the Whispering Willow trees grow, Whispering Glade is known for its serene and mystical atmosphere. The town of Sylfeana, a hub for scholarly pursuits and magical research, is located here. The trees in this glade are said to murmur ancient secrets, imparting wisdom to those who listen. This subregion is also rich in herbs like Wintermint and Arctic Sage, which are used in various potions and remedies.

  • Frostveil Plains: The Frostveil Plains are a vast expanse of snow-covered fields and rolling hills, characterized by their breathtaking, frosty vistas. The town of Valoria, renowned for its master blacksmiths crafting cold-resistant weaponry, is located here. The plains are also home to the elusive Frostveil Stalker and the majestic Arctic Griffon. The area's cold-resistant minerals and the unique flora, such as Verdant Ember, make it an essential part of Aerlon's economy and culture.

  • Northern Iceshelf: This remote and harsh subregion stretches to the northernmost parts of Aerlon, where the landscape is dominated by towering ice cliffs and frozen seas. The Northern Iceshelf is sparsely populated, with only a few hardy tribes and settlements. Notable for its severe weather and challenging conditions, this subregion is a place of great natural beauty and danger. The Skyhunter Hawk and Whispering Owl are among the notable wildlife here.

  • Silverglow Valley: A tranquil valley known for its luminescent plants and magical ambiance, Silverglow Valley is a hidden gem within Aerlon. The valley is dotted with small elven villages and is famous for its annual Silver Festival, where inhabitants celebrate the enchanting beauty of their homeland. The valley is also home to the rare Frostglow Orchid and Glimmergrass, which are highly prized for their magical properties.

Notable Sites
  • Elarian Conclave (Frostwood Forest): The political center of Aerlon, located in Elandrial. It houses the Elder Council and serves as the hub of governance.
  • Bolmond Lake (Bolmond Basin): A frozen lake with mystical properties, surrounded by the town of Loranthel. Known for its rich aquatic life and winter festivals.
  • Thalindor Hollows (Crystal Peaks): Rich in froststone and ice quartz, located near Fereldir. These caves are essential to Aerlon's economy and a source of precious minerals.
  • Whispering Woods (Whispering Glade): Home to the Whispering Willow trees, near Sylfeana. Known for its serene ambiance and scholarly pursuits.
  • Valorian Forge (Frostveil Plains): Located in Valoria, this forge produces some of the finest cold-resistant weaponry in Aerlon.
  • Galadriath Crest (Northern Iceshelf): Towering ice cliffs at the northern edge of Aerlon, known for their severe beauty and the challenging conditions they present.
  • Silverglow Springs (Silverglow Valley): Magical hot springs that are a popular retreat, known for their healing properties and luminous surroundings.


Aerlon's settlements are closely knit, each contributing uniquely to the region's culture and economy. The capital, Elandrial, serves as the political and spiritual heart, governed by the Elder Council. Loranthel is a fishing town near Bolmond Lake, essential for its aquatic resources. Valoria is renowned for its blacksmiths, crafting cold-resistant weaponry in the Frostveil PlainsSylfeana is a scholarly hub focused on magical research in the Whispering GladeFereldir is a mining town in the Crystal Peaks, known for its rich mineral deposits. These communities work together to maintain Aerlon's cultural heritage and economic stability, despite the harsh climate.

  • Elandrial (Frostwood Forest): The capital city, serving as Aerlon's political and spiritual center. Known for the Elarian Conclave and Vaelindor Conservatory.
  • Loranthel (Bolmond Basin): A fishing town near the frozen surface of Bolmond Lake. Renowned for its aquatic resources and vibrant winter festivals.
  • Valoria (Frostveil Plains): Known for its master blacksmiths crafting cold-resistant weaponry. Situated in the Frostveil Plains, it is a center of artisanal excellence.
  • Sylfeana (Whispering Glade): A scholarly hub focused on magical research, located in the serene Whispering Glade. Known for its academic institutions and magical flora.
  • Fereldir (Crystal Peaks): A mining town nestled in the Crystal Peaks, known for its rich deposits of cold-resistant minerals and dangerous mining operations.

Trade and Resources

The economic activities in Aerlon are deeply intertwined with its unique frosty landscape and natural resources. The region thrives on cold-resistant craftsmanship, with artisans creating delicate jewelry from froststone and ice quartz, which are highly valued for their beauty and magical properties. These minerals are extracted from the Crystal Peaks, particularly around the mining town of Fereldir. The dangerous mining operations in these peaks contribute significantly to Aerlon's economy, attracting traders and adventurers alike, despite the perilous conditions.

Fishing is another critical economic activity, centered around the frozen Bolmond Lake. The town of Loranthel is renowned for its fishing industry, providing a substantial portion of Aerlon's sustenance and trade goods. The lake is also a site of various legends and cultural significance, drawing visitors for its mystical properties and winter festivals.

Trade with other regions is limited but strategic. Aerlon primarily engages in trade with the Maldovarrian Colonies of the Verdant Steppes and Delphian Vale, exchanging its unique cold-resistant products for tropical and temperate goods. Trade with the tiefling nation of Var Maldur is challenging due to the Lofty Peaks mountains, which serve as a formidable natural barrier. Limited trade with the Dragonborn Empire of Tandekutaar occurs, though the elves' distaste for Tandekutaar's aggressive military policies restricts these interactions. The isolationist nation of Bast-Neferrah also engages in limited trade, primarily through carefully controlled channels.

Despite the risks posed by the Great Tower Worm Desert and the xenophobic Yuan-Ti of the Sss'vraelthian Tethys jungles, Aerlon maintains a robust trade relationship with the other elven territory of Atford Lake. The trade routes, though perilous, are crucial for the exchange of goods and cultural interactions, contributing to the economic and cultural resilience of both regions.

Local Customs, Festivals, and Cultures

The cultural tapestry of Aerlon is rich and vibrant, with a deep appreciation for artistry, music, and the natural beauty of their icy homeland. Local customs often revolve around the themes of winter, resilience, and reverence for nature. Festivals and events are significant cultural touchstones, reflecting the community's values and traditions.

Festivals and Events

  • Frostveil Festival: Celebrated annually in Elandrial, this festival marks the first snowfall of winter with music, dance, and artistic displays. It is a time of communal joy and artistic expression.
  • Winter's Embrace: Held in Loranthel, this festival celebrates the frozen bounty of Bolmond Lake with ice fishing competitions, culinary fairs, and storytelling sessions about the lake's legends.
  • Aurora Nights: A magical event in Sylfeana, where the Aurora Elk migration is celebrated with light shows, magical displays, and scholarly symposia on the aurora's significance.
  • Starblossom Gathering: A springtime event in Fereldir where the Starblossom flowers are harvested. It involves communal feasts, herbal markets, and ceremonies honoring the flora's magical properties.
  • Frostwood Faire: Hosted in Valoria, this fair showcases the region's cold-resistant craftsmanship, including weaponry and jewelry, alongside performances by local musicians and artisans.

Local Legends and Mysteries

  • The Frozen Monarch: Legend speaks of an ancient elven king encased in ice beneath Bolmond Lake, awaiting a time of great need to rise and protect Aerlon once more.
  • The Whispering Grove: An enchanted part of Whispering Glade where the Whispering Willow trees are believed to murmur the voices of ancestors, offering wisdom to those who listen carefully.
  • Aurora's Gift: A myth about the Aurora Elk, whose tears, when collected under the northern lights, can heal any ailment and enhance magical abilities.
  • The Ice Serpent: A tale of a gigantic serpent, the Snowdrift Basilisk, that guards hidden treasures in the Lofty Peaks. Its gaze is said to turn intruders into ice statues.
  • The Frostwood Phantom: Stories tell of a ghostly figure wandering Frostwood Forest, seeking vengeance for a betrayal that happened centuries ago. It is said to protect the forest from harm.
  • The Enchanted Forge: Hidden within Valoria, this mystical forge is rumored to produce unparalleled cold-resistant weaponry, but only under the light of a rare winter moon.
  • The Starblossom Blessing: Legend says those who find and brew tea from a freshly bloomed Starblossom on the highest peak of Crystal Peaks will be granted a vision of their future.
  • The Glacial Portal: An ancient ruin in Fereldir is believed to be a gateway to another realm, activated by the light of the full moon and the alignment of stars.
  • The Banshee's Lament: The wails of Banshee in the Lofty Peaks]] are thought to be the cries of lost souls seeking redemption. Some believe they guard hidden knowledge of the ancient elven civilization.
  • The Guardian of Silverglow: A mythical Frostclaw Lynx is said to protect Silverglow Valley, leading lost travelers to safety and warding off malevolent spirits.
  • The Eternal Flame: A mysterious flame burning in a hidden cave within Northern Iceshelf is said to grant eternal warmth to those who find it, protecting them from the harshest winters.
  • The Iceshard Prophecy: Ancient scripts discovered in Sylfeana predict a time when Aerlon will face a great calamity, and only the united clans can prevent the disaster.
  • The Snowdrift Sage: A hermit living in the Lofty Peaks is rumored to possess vast knowledge of ice magic and the history of Aerlon, sharing secrets with those deemed worthy.
  • The Phantom Stalker: The elusive Frostveil Stalker is said to be a guardian spirit of the forest, appearing only to those who seek to harm the sacred groves.
  • The Moonlit Enclave: A secret society in Sylfeana is believed to conduct rituals under the moonlight, drawing power from the Moonshadow Fern to protect Aerlon from dark forces.

Factions, Influences, and Regional Conflict

Aerlon is home to several influential factions, each with distinct goals and a significant impact on regional politics and society. The Elder Council governs with a focus on preserving tradition and maintaining balance with nature. However, various groups vie for power and influence, often leading to internal and external conflicts.

  • Aelináran Elders: The ruling body of Aerlon, responsible for governance, preserving traditions, and defending the territory. They are based in Elandrial and work to maintain peace and balance within the region.
  • [[Vardaithar Sentinels: A militant faction dedicated to protecting Aerlon from external threats, especially the Snow giants of the Lofty Peaks. They are based in Elandrial and often patrol the borders.
  • Sylfean Lorekeepers: A group of academics and mages focused on the study and preservation of Aerlon's magical flora and fauna. They are based in Sylfeana and often explore Whispering Glade and Bolmond Basin for research.
  • Lindirith Guild: A powerful organization representing the master craftsmen of Aerlon, particularly those skilled in cold-resistant craftsmanship. They are based in Valoria and play a significant role in the economy.
  • Hrivestar Order: A secretive group of elite warriors and mages who guard the most ancient and powerful secrets of Aerlon. They are rumored to operate from hidden bases in the Crystal Peaks.
  • Merchants of Loranthel: A coalition of traders who facilitate internal and external trade, ensuring the flow of goods throughout Aerlon. They are based in Loranthel and often travel to the Maldovarrian Colonies and Atford Lake.
  • House Silverclaw: A prominent elven family known for their influence and wealth, derived from mining operations in the Crystal Peaks. They are based in Fereldir and control significant mineral resources.
  • Frostveil Wanderers: A nomadic group dedicated to preserving the natural beauty and balance of Aerlon's wilderness. They are based in Valoria and frequently travel through the Frostveil Plains.

Adventures and Quests

  • The Starblossom Hunt: Adventurers are tasked with gathering Starblossom flowers from the high mountain meadows of the Crystal Peaks. The flowers are needed for an important elven ceremony in Sylfeana. The challenge lies in navigating the treacherous terrain and avoiding the Frost Salamanders that guard the area. Successfully completing this quest rewards the adventurers with a minor magical item and the gratitude of the Sylfean Lorekeepers.

  • The Banshee's Wail: A haunting wail has been heard from the ancient ruins in Bolmond Basin, disturbing the peace and scaring the local populace. The adventurers must investigate and confront the Banshee responsible. This encounter is dangerous, requiring the heroes to use both combat skills and wisdom to lay the spirit to rest. The successful resolution of this quest brings material wealth, a powerful magical amulet, and recognition from the Aelináran Elders.

  • The Frozen Monarch's Return: Legends speak of an ancient elven king encased in ice beneath Bolmond Lake. Recently, signs have emerged suggesting the ice is melting, and the king may awaken. This high-stakes quest requires the adventurers to venture beneath the lake, facing the Snowdrift Basilisk and other perils. They must either awaken the king to help protect Aerlon or ensure he remains in his icy slumber. Successfully completing this quest grants them legendary status, a powerful magical weapon, and lifelong boons from the Elenari Court.


Aerlon, in the northeast corner of Tessix, is a frosty haven for Wood Elves and Eladrin, known for its icy landscapes, ancient forests, and snow-capped mountains. With a population of around 20,000, Aerlon thrives on cold-resistant craftsmanship and a rich cultural heritage of artistry and music. Governed by the Aelináran Elders, the region maintains a balance between preserving its natural beauty and defending against external threats, such as the snow giants of the Lofty Peaks. Notable landmarks include the frozen Bolmond Lake, the capital city Elandrial, and the towns of Loranthel, Valoria, Sylfeana, and Fereldir. Aerlon's terrain features snow-laden forests, frosty hills, and icy mountains with a perpetually cold climate. The land is rich in cold-resistant minerals and unique magical flora, supporting the local economy and culture. The wildlife includes majestic creatures like the Aurora Elk and predators such as the Winter Wolf, while flora like Crystal Moss and Starblossom enhance the elves' daily lives and magical practices. Subregions like Frostwood Forest, Bolmond Basin, Crystal Peaks, Whispering Glade, Frostveil Plains, Northern Iceshelf, and Silverglow Valley add to the area's enchanting atmosphere. Key sites include the Elarian Conclave, Bolmond Lake, Thalindor Hollows, Whispering Woods, Valorian Forge, Galadriath Crest, and Silverglow Springs. Several factions influence Aerlon, each with distinct goals. The Aelináran Elders govern with a focus on tradition and balance, while the Vardaithar Sentinels protect against external threats. The Sylfean Lorekeepers study and preserve magical flora and fauna, and the Lindirith Guild represents master craftsmen. The Hrivestar Order guards powerful secrets, the Merchants of Loranthel facilitate trade, and House Silverclaw controls significant mineral resources. The Frostveil Wanderers are dedicated to preserving Aerlon's wilderness. Local customs revolve around winter, resilience, and nature reverence, with festivals like Frostveil Festival and Aurora Nights highlighting the community's values and traditions.


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