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Meetings, Mysteries, and Mugs of Ale!

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The following is an excerpt from the Eldritch Living Ledger, as dictated by Keepers; Elarion Silverquill and Seraphina Runehart.


A new Ledger my dear Seraphina! Yes yes of course where are my manners? I am Lorekeeper Elarion Silverquill and my trainee here is Seraphina Runehart. We have been tasked with a new living ledger on which to input entries for the vast world of Strezan! Our Job is to break down what we see and dictate it to the living ledger so that someone may read these histories in the future. You will primarily see my voice recorded in here - yes it does look like just mine, go ahead and say something Seraphina. Hmmm well perhaps it knows you are still training. There will be notes on many things that deserve their own entries I am sure that we will have it pick up your voice, don't worry lass.

Now! Where are we starting. In the Grand City of Mijorn, Oh! An investigators office! The legendary Kellen Thorne. Yes we have many entries on this fellow, Sera, please remind me to gather some of those and we can add notes in this new Ledger. Anyways our story begins with two companions entering said office looking for information. Good idea, Sera, let us introduce them below and the Ledger should be able to show our readers a picture!;


  • Skitrish Redfury - A large Tabaxi Barbarian fellow with orange and white fur and a headband across his face.Traveling from the Fey Wilds on a spirit quest perhaps? We will find out more soon. No I am not aware whether Tabaxi's like to be called cute Sera.


  • Twila Vespira - A fairy with vibrant hair and wings the color of a sunset,she has studied the ways of the druids -That's a common misconception actually Sera, not all fairy's are vibrant and beautiful like Ms.Twila here. She accompanies Skit and seeks answers on her own questions. 


As these two enter the office of the legendary investigator, they are met by an older man named Carl. He directs them to take a seat and Kellen would be with them shortly. As they do this two men walk through the door. More introductions!


  • Ting Ting - A Kenku Artificer with blue and purple feathers accenting the black. He carries a strange metallic bag and a weight that might not be from the bag. How interesting indeed. Sera, this is going to be a long winded entry if you swoon over every companion in this party.


  • Mr.Nice - A half elven paladin with a smile to light up the room. Yes I agree the name is odd but who are we but Lore Keepers my dear lass. Try to be objective when recording or else a bias may be formed.

These two overheard talk of an investigator in town and they decided to follow up as they both have pressing questions they too require answers for. After some back and forth with Carl they decide to wait to see the investigator when the window breaks! No Nothing so nefarious as a dragon Seraphine, Honestly! A small bird flew threw the window and landed in front of these 4 people as a young woman rushed in from the street. Another introduction!

  • Almara Lightcaster - A young Aasimar druid who left her home perhaps also in search of answers? Or maybe just a vacation. An odd group of people that fate has brought together. Well Aasimar are traditionally very beautiful yes, Listen here lass I better not see any hand drawn hearts in the entree pages in this magical book you hear me?

Now as Almara runs in from the street she feeds the poor bird a goodberry from her bag and it perks up right as rain. She then has a stern talking to with Carl about keeping shiny items out of the windows so this doesn't happen again. Carl nodded his head and returned to the desk and called over Ting Ting, who as it turns out has a 10,000 gold piece bounty on his head. I agree Seraphine that is quite a serious sum. Eventually enough time goes past that Ting Ting works out that they are not waiting for anyone else and that "Carl" is actually The Legendary Kellen Thorne himself!

A few brief introductions and Kellen gets to the meat and potatoes as it were, of why each of these people have stopped into his office. It turns out they are more important than even they had thought. Perhaps we should list out some of these Seraphine, good idea! 


  • Skit has traveled a long distance with a strange shard of ice that he had a vision with. It turns out he has been called by one of his ancestors to go on some sort of quest and the ice shard is actually a crystal with a world giants soul trapped inside it! Yes, I didn't see that coming either.
  • Twila is looking into the disappearance of other fairy's that have left the fey wilds and Kellen solemnly informs her that there is a group of hunters that has been tracking fairy's down and killing and harvesting them for their magic. Tragic indeed Sera.
  • Ting Ting is investigating a bandit lord that he presumed to be dead however, a cult of blood cursed vampires have shared their curse with him and now who knows what will happen. No that's not the reason for the 10,000 gold bounty. That is the business of an angered king but we will return to that I am sure.
  • Mr.Nice has heard strange rumors of necromancy cults and chaos magic afflicting people and animals which Kellen did confirm to be true.
  • Almara seemed to be cautious of all of the tales being told and scoffed at a few mentions of gods and spirit quests but intriguingly she stuck around saw that some of these people had enormous burdens that they might need help with. Yes Noble indeed Sera.

So Kellen offers to point them in a few directions as he is vehement on leaving town and setting up an office elsewhere. He tells them he has an old druid friend at the great tree of Nosgoth or that they could check the library on information on giants souls and perhaps a way to destroy such a thing. So the group thanks him and in saying their farewells, Skit gives Kellen a stone he carried from the fey wilds to Strezan and Kellen is truly touched. He offers his services for free should they meet again and makes the companions swear to keep Twila safe. Yes I would agree Sera, there seems to be more here that has got Kellen all in a stir. Perhaps we will find out why later on.

The companions set out for the Library. Well I don't know that they would necessarily have a name for their group so for now we will call them the companions.As they get to the Library they find some information on Giants and Almara finds a new fan in a smitten librarian who is not actually a librarian but a young lad who must in some way be related as he is asked to cover the library for the day. He takes them into the restricted section which is full of Eldritch Living Ledgers.

Excuse me! Did I watch that correctly? He just let them rifle about the ELLs? Seraphine make a note. We will send word to Mijorn immediately. Whoever set this man in charge is going to find my boot in an unfriendly place. The nerve of just letting whoever come and go - Yes I get that this might be important but its the principle of it!

Apologies my dear readers. They did treat the ELLs with respect and did not steal any so there is that. Finding some information that they deem helpful they all decide that maybe it would be a good idea to get a bed for the night. Skit had no idea what a bed was. The poor lad. Well Mr.Nice could not let that stand and when they arrived at the Tipsy Dragon, he haggled the innkeeper down so they could all partake int eh "Jester Suite". Yes I have heard the taste in Jester suites is very odd and the companions find this out as well after they have had a few rounds of ale and danced to some of the bards music. I believe the term "team building" was thrown around. Yes humorous indeed Sera. 

A good end to this entry apart from Skit hurling up the contents of his stomach after having a little too much. The party settles in as Ting Ting begins to tinker with some new inventions! We will have to see what he comes up with. Oh the bed yes, It turns out that Skit did find it quite comfortable, a new experience indeed!

Come Seraphine, let us make some dwarven coffee. We have many more entries to get to tonight.





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