Ogrillon Jeweler; Last Passenger of Verdun 1313

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Born: 6/30/4947

Monreaux is an ogrillon (a half-ogre with an orc parent) jeweler who came to live in Metrol before the Mourning. On the Day of Mourning, Monreaux became the Last Passenger of Verdun 1313, causing a critical and lethal delay to the train's departure from Metrol.

Monreaux was careful to cover, erase, or otherwise obscure any information about his true identity. Much of his early life was uncovered by Amadea Veks following the Day of Mourning.

Early Life

Born to from a union between an unknown orc father and equally-unknown ogre mother, "Munro" was abandoned as an infant due to his undesirably small size (by ogre standards), Munro was found alone by some rangers near the Faded Forest, who brought the baby to a local church in Mistmarsh. There, Munro was raised among the other displaced orphans, and from a young age displayed incredibly high intelligence, despite his racial handicaps.

Unfortunately, this did nothing to prevent the other children from making fun of him for his hulking frame and perceived dimwittedness. When he was around eight years-old, a halfling child pushed him too far and Munro snapped, pummeling the child's head with his oversized fists. Although the halfling lived, he was left with irreparable brain damage, and Munro was moved to a different institution for troubled and unruly youths.

This began a pattern which would persist through the rest of Munro's childhood - Munro would be transferred to a new institution, and would avoid his peers and keep to himself. This would cause other children to perceive him as an antisocial, unsophisticated brute. Eventually conflict would arise when someone started trouble with Munro, only for the ogrillon to swiftly and immediately end it, causing him to be transferred again.

Military Career and Desertion

Before he was even a legal adult, Munro was sent to fight in the Last War. His lineage once again determined his future, and he was sent to the front lines as infantry. Although his size proved to be an asset in the field of battle, Munro struggled with finding equipment to fit his frame. He quickly grew to hate serving under those he perceived to be "superiors burdened with inferior intellect", often coming into conflict with his commanding officers.

Munro's military career came to an end when his platoon was assigned to a reconnaissance mission that required them to traverse the Thornwood, which at the time was rumored to have lycanthropes hiding within it. When Munro's commanding officer ordered that the ogrillon stand watch during the night of a full moon, Munro had finally had enough, and decided to abandon the army, effectively going AWOL.

Before he got too far, however, the ogrillon discovered that he was being tracked by a group of feral wereboars. Munro led them back to his camp, whereupon the wereboars were able to surprise the sleeping soldiers, killing them before they had the chance to rally and fight back. The wereboars attacked Munro as well, but his size allowed him to fend them off. Despite being gored, the Giant blood in his veins meant that Munro could not contract lycanthropy.

After the wereboars left, Munro doffed his military uniform and any identifying belongings, desecrating the corpses of his fellow soldiers and staging the camp in such a way that it looked like he had been mauled along with the rest of them. Taking whatever supplies he could carry, the ogrillon disappeared into the Thornwood, finally free of expectations for the first time in his life.

Roadside Encounter

As he traversed the Thornwood, Munro came upon a gang of goblin bandits attacking an eladrin who was defending herself on top of an overturned cart. When the goblins saw Munro, they attacked, but the ogrillon made quick work of them, quite literally hurling them through (and into) trees until they were forced to retreat.

The eladrin thanked Munro, and explained that she had been on her way to Vathirond when the goblins had attacked. In the ensuring skirmish, the tongue of her cart was damaged, allowing her horse to escape and leaving her and her cargo stranded. She told Munro that if he could pull her cart as far as Vathirond, she would compensate him for his assistance. With not even a copper to his name, Munro agreed, and began pulling the wagon.

Over the next several days, Munro learned that the eladrin was a jeweler from the Feywild, who was looking to take the lightning rail from Vathirond to Metrol so that she could establish herself as a jeweler and gem appraiser. She spoke of how she believed gems and jewelry were far more valuable than gold, and most adventurers only saw gems as a means to an end to acquire more gold, often selling them at the earliest opportunity. But gems were far more than simple loot—they were components of powerful spells, necessary for crafting magic items, and a while gold could be melted, shaped, and reformed, a gem's inherent value remained constant.

Although Munro said little during the journey, he paid close attention, absorbing all he could about the gem and jewelry trade. The eladrin asked Munro what type of jewelry she could offer him in exchange for his help. The ogrillon thought for a moment, and replied that what he needed more than riches was "something that could help him fit in" with the rest of society.

The eladrin excitedly told him that she had just the thing, and from her bag of holding she produced a magical Ring of Reduce, forged during the Third Age (note: when the ring was created, Enlarge and Reduce were two distinct and separate spells). While wearing the ring, Munro would be a medium creature, looking like nothing more than an atypical half-orc (which, technically, he was).

As they approached the edge of the woods, Munro and the eladrin heard the sound of worgs, and realized that they were being pursued by the goblins. The eladrin told Munro to hurry, but in their haste, Munro tripped, causing the cart to topple. Although Munro was able to lift it off of himself without issue, the eladrin's leg was badly broken. She begged Munro to carry her to safety, but the ogrillon instead decided to relieve her of her Bag of Holding before pinning her leg back under the cart and leaving her as bait for the worgs while he made his escape.

The eladrin did not survive.

Metrol's Jeweler

Having learned much from the eladrin, Munro decided to follow through with her plans himself, and establish his new life in Metrol. He arrived in Vathirond appearing as a half-orc, and used the eladrin's ticket to take the lightning rail to Metrol. Knowing that a pedestrian name like "Munro" would never carry the respect and gravitas that one associated with jewelry, he changed the spelling of his name to the more gentrified and refined "Monreaux".


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