23/07/29: Into the Caves of Hunger

23/07/29: Into the Caves of Hunger


Looking for Netherese magic.

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10th of Mirtul, 1490 DR

The Caves of Hunger are open before the party. Teu wants to find a place for a short rest.

The party abandands the sleds, strapping the silver dragon egg on Sam Axebeak

Party move in through a room with the remains of a netherese skycoach. At the corridor to the next room is a 20' drop. Hjolgram jams in a piton, which echoes. Then a flaming skull appears, then another.

Before it is done, the party fights four flaming skulls, is fire balled twice, and the lead two sled dogs are killed. Vellyene is familiar with flaming skulls and knows that without holy water on them, they will return. Namel, Rathmir, Teu, and Merida each pour a flask of holy water on a destroyed skull.

In the next cavern, the party finds 

 Sparkling icicles as long as longswords cling to the fortyfoot-high roof of this cavern, the floor of which is strewn with frost-covered blocks of stone and a toppled pillar. Embedded in the east wall is a glittering stone tower that appears to have crashed through the ceiling long ago. The exposed wall is cracked and has a few small holes in it but is otherwise i ntact.

If Professor Skant is allowed to view the tower, the professor orb offers the following commentary: "That tower appears to be of Netherese construction. Were it not for the cracks and holes, the stone would be smooth as glass, shaped by wizardly magic!

 Little remains ofthis tower besides its outer shell. The interior walls are decorated with shifting geometric patterns. A human skeleton in a white robe lies on the uneven floor.

If Professor Skant is allowed to view the interior, the professor orb offers the following commentary: " N etherese spellcasters would come to towers like this one to regain their spent magic more quickly. Despite the extensive damage, I would venture to guess that the tower still works!"

On the skeleton are white robes and a silver holy symbol shaped like a four pointed star (25 gp), the holy symbol of Mystryl. The history and fate of the god Mystryl are tied up in the story of Netheril's fall. Mystryl was the original god of magic. She is said to have created the Weave, which enables spellcasting. A Netherese mage named Karsus sought to steal Mystryl's godly power. To prevent certain doom from befalling the material world, Mystryl sacrificed herselfto keep Kars us from achieving his goal. After her sacrifice, Mystryl was reincarnated as Mystra and is now worshiped across Faerun.

If someone takes a rest in the tower, they can regain magic.

Vellyne raises dead on the skeleton and darkvision on herself and Merida.

A flat, slightly canted slab of stone rests in the center of this twenty-foot-high cave. One side is rough, as if the slab had been torn from a larger structure. The slab is eight feet long, four feet wide, four feet high, and covered with frost.

Loross, a language spoken by the Netherese, is a dead tongue. Very few creatures in the world today would recognize it, much less speak it. Loross used the Draconic alphabet in its written form, while the spoken language had many similarities with Elvish, due to the cultural influence the elves had on Netherese civilization. A character who speaks Elvish can understand what a creature speaking Loross is saying, and vice versa. A character who has the Cloistered Scholar or Sage background, or a warlock who knows the Eyes ofthe Rune Keeper invocation, can translate written Loross without an ability check.

The skeleton is told to clean the frost. Scraping off the frost on the slab reveals draconic script etched into its top, with an open eye carved above it. Close examination reveals that the pupil of the eye is a stone button that can be pressed. A detect magic spell reveals an aura of divination magic around the slab.

"Take free, self-guided tour of Ythryn. Press the eye to cast the spell."

Vellyne presses the button and an arcane eye 

Iron golem head. Teu communicates with it telepathically

  • can you communicate? yes.
  • do you know if anyone is alive? creatures had passed through this chamber.
  • recently? I don't know
  • are there other golem. I see no other golums.
  • what brought you here. the city fell.
  • what caused the city to fall. do not know.
  • what was your purpose. I was a protector of the city.
  • did it lose its body when the city fell. yes.
  • since losing your body, have you been stuck in the same spot. yes.

the party has a side bar

  • Vellyne notes that the golem has not sense of time.

attacked by 12 shadows. Rathmir figures out they went donner party.

Everyone feels hungry. Vellynne and Merida are famished.  Skeletons, missing skulls are found. There is another holy symbol

Next room is full of stalactites and sounds of yipping. Party retreats and checks another direction from the donner party room.

As the move down, a deep sigh issues forth from the darkness. A voice steeped in malevolence and hatred whispers in a language reminiscent of elven.

Professor Skant translates:

"Cursed be those who gaze upon the horror that Drakareth has become. Such promise wasted, lost in this cold sepulcher! Where were you centuries years ago when he was in the prime of life? Where were you when the frigid darkness consumed him? You are no good to Drakareth now! Nothing remains of him but frozen bones, ancient treasures..... and me."

Defeat the wraith with Namel throwing a huge guiding bolt that destroys him.

Casts identify twice. Once on the mantle (spell resistance) and staff (of charming). The latter seems to boister the confidence of the attuned bearer, though the word confidence dose not feel right.



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