23/11/25: A Schools of Magic

23/11/25: A Schools of Magic


Mysteries to be revealed.

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11th of Mirtul, 1490 DR.

the party levels up to lv10.

spells in effect.

  • Namel. death ward. 7hr. 15min remain.
  • Rathmir. detect magic. continually re-cast, at will.
  • Dayjumper is now 11' tall. Her gear has also grown.

The part proceeds to the closest known tower, nearest to where they entered the city.


This tower reaches upwards like a a talon, its stonework studded in chiseled runes. A blue light shines from its highest window. Runes cover every inch of this tower's exterior and detect magic spell cast here reveals an aura of abjuration magic. There is an open doorway.


As Teu crosses the threshold, a single glyph mixed into the plenthora of runes glow brightly, bathing out 60'. Teu +, Rathmir -, Xerophon +, Merida +, Hjolgram -, Namel +, Vellynne +, Dayjumper -.

Several things happen. Rathmir, who was following Teu, turns walks the wall and begins smashing his head into the wall, Dayjumper raises her arm and spear to the sky and howls. Hjolgrin stealthily slips away and hides in a pile of snow.

Merida immediately moves to Rathmir, casting lesser restoration as she reaches him. Dayjumper begins yelling that they will not eat her. Vellynne recognizes the glyph as a symbol of insanity and says, "insanity". Teu pulls back and begins to play his thelarr.

Namel, having heard Merida's prayer, steps towards Dayjumper to do the same and gets stabbed. Rathmir uses the staff for the command "surrender", but it does not stop the rampaging giant-goliath.

Namel again tries to touch Dayjumper. Again fails and again is stabbed. Rathmir again uses the staff for the command "surrender" this time, the giant-goliath drops to a knee, placing her spear on the ground, but holding it. Merida steps up asking Dayjumper to release the spear.

Namel casts lesser restoration from his prayer bead on Dayjumper as Rathmir asks, "where is Hjolgram?". Vellynne points to a moving snow bank. Namel casts curing wounds on himself. Namel steps up, casts dispel magic on Hjolgram and removes the affliction.

The first level is effectively an entry area with a ceiling about 10' high and stairs leading up. Proceeding to the second level, a huge anvil chiseled with vivid blue runes rests in the center of a thirty-foot-diameter, thirty-foot high circular chamber. Resting atop it is a hammer adorned with matching runes.

Six armored figures stand guard around the anvil. At the rear of the chamber, the frozen corpse of a wizard lies in a pile of rubble. Blue flames flicker from braziers spaced around the room, illuminating a carved inscription on the ceiling.

As the party moves in, Rathmir approaches the anvil and the six individuals begin moving offensively. Namel throws out destructive wave, killing one of the beings and badly wounding the others with thunder and radiant damage. The battle goes quickly, with Dayjumper squeezing in as the last of them are being defeated.

  • Teu moves to the frozen wizard to visually inspect him.
    • the wizard was bludgeoned to death by something very large.
  • Rathmir inspects the anvil.
    • the anvil, and the hammer on it, are both powerfully magical. The anvil has several irregular piles of ash on it.
  • Dayjumper is vigilant is readying to repel invaders. None are here.
  • Merida studies the room and walls for visible, or secret, entrances. The stairs and windows at the top of the tower are the only ways in or out. The windows look like solid pieces of glass of crystal. 
    The inscription on the ceiling is in draconic and reads:
    " First, shield thy heart with a wand from the nether oak"
  • Namel begin a prayer of healing.
    • Namel, Rathmir, and Hjolgram are all greatly, though not fully, healed.
  • Hjolgram inspects the bodies of the defenders. The defenders seem more construct than living creature.

When asked about the anvil and a nether oak, Professor Skant is familiar with neither, but as an expert on Netherese history and knowing that the tower is part of a ritual to get to the inner city, he surmises that the quote and/or the anvil are part of that bigger puzzle. He notices further that there are no tomes, nor books, in this tower of wizardry. That further supports the quote and/or anvil being part of a solution to get there.

Namel picks up the hammer and a voice inside his head, seeming to come from the anvil, says, "Bring me your items of power, and together we shall destroy them." He sets the hammer down and Rathmir does the same, repeating the experience.

Teu ritually casts identity on Dayjumper and the only information her gets is that it is Vlagomir's Spark.

The party moves the dragon egg, the dogs, and the axe beak into the base of the tower before moving on. 

The party then heads towards a large building that Xerophon can identify as a museum. He is also able to identify a tower to the south as where the sky ships dock. They head to the museum.


A palatial hexagonal building rises before you, crowned with a glittering domed roof.
A double door on one side stands slightly ajar.

Venturing inside the museum find that statues and other objects of art have fallen from their plinths and lie in broken shards across the floor, and centuries of exposure have ruined most of the paintings that hang on the walls in elaborate frames.

As the party moves in, 6 emaciated nothic attack the party.

The party takes a rest with Teu singing a song as they rest, snack and bandage. Rathmir finds stairs to the next floor, but returns to the party. At the end of the rest, Dayjumper is 12' 6".

The party proceeds to the next level.


Suspended from the ceiling of a spacious fifty-foot square ante chamber is the glittering, frost-covered corpse of a thirty-foot-long aberration shaped like a funnel, resembling an anemone. A tooth-filled maw at the wider end is surrounded by rubbery cilia, and around it dangles four limp, spindly appendages, each one ending in a clawed hand. At the opposite end of the body is a tail with a stinger.

A frost-covered plaque is bolted to a pedestal nearby, and the entire display is framed by four stone pillars that are, oddly, frost-free.


Teu steps up, touching one of the pillars. His hand not only gets stuck, but a giant mouth opens... and Teu fey steps away. Everyone pauses, holding a breath... and the mouth closes.

Namel then steps forward wiping on the plaque. Before Vellyne and Professor Skant can make it, Merida reads the plaque written in draconic.


adult phaerimm - do not touch!!
dwellers of the underdark, phaerimm are malevolent aberrations that are master spellcasters and highly resistant to magic. They use their telepathy to control the weak-minded. They strive to erase all other beings from existence and are known to have caused the collapse of the sarrukh empire of lsstosseffifil. They use their tail
stingers to inject their eggs into alien hosts.



Farther into the upper floor one can see the museum's domed ceiling, which is still intact and a sight to behold. There is a depiction a powerful mage standing on a balcony of the enclave's central spire, addressing a sea of Netherese citizens below, who stare up at the figure, cheering. This is an image of Iriolarthas at the height of his power, magically preserved in stained glass that glows with its own arcane light.

Eight large portraits adorn the walls beneath the dome along the balcony, depicting lriolarthas's eight apprentices, known as the Wizards of the Ebon Star. The portraits hang 20 feet above the ground, and a frost-covered plaque is fixed to the wall just beneath each one. The faces in the portraits are depicted as looking up toward their master, lriolarthas, with expressions of respect. Once one clears the ice from the plaques can learn their names.

  • High Abjurer Taruth. Rathmir recognizes this as the dead wizard in the tower of abjuration.
  • High Conjurer Damorith.
  • High Diviner Apius.
  • High Necromancer Cadavix.
  • High Evoker Zadulus.
  • High Illusionist Ajamar.
  • High Enchanter lvira.
  • High Transmuter Metaltra.

The party reaches the next tower.



A tower rises before you, straight as an arrow. A faint light shines from in the spire's highest window, and hairline cracks creep up its walls like ivy.

Rathmir, with detect magic, determines that the tower is really not magical anymore. Teu opens the double doors from the farthest distance. When nothing happens, the party proceeds in.


The tower's interior walls are sculpted with impressions of humanoid forms pressing out from within - clawing hands and howling faces, caught in stone forever.

There are stairs climbing up the tower to the upper floors.

Reaching the highest room of the tower, the room is filled with rubbish, thousands of years old. Rathmir's detect magic draws his attention to a statue against the wall and something in one of the rubbish piles.

The statue is a very high quality statue of High Transmuter Metaltra. She appears to be mid-spell casting. Namel hypothesizes that is actually the apprentice herself.


In the room, there is also a 
" Eighth, stand firm in thy circle of death and consume --."


While the party is stymied trying to figure out the missing word, or words, Teu ritually casts identify on the bag and it is a Bag of Beans with 7 beans.

- end of session -




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