23/10/14: Ythryn


Into the Netherese City

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10th of Mirtul, 1490 DR.

The party fights the pair of drow, taking them down. The drow wizard casts cloudkill. As the cloud kill drives most of the party away, Vellynne is left. She hit the wizard with a chill touch, ruining his concentration.  He runs towards her, attempts to misty step past her, but Teu counterspells it. He drops to the ground and a shadow following him attacks Vellynne.  The warlocks blast the shadow, then the drow mage misty steps away.

Teu, Namel, and Vellynne chase him down and Vellynne casts blight. Killing him.

Meanwhile, Merida is attacked by a remorhaz and swallowed. Dayjumper hammers on the remorhaz and it spits up Merida. The remorhaz retreats from the beating and the party pulls back.

In the room the drow used, the find a Thermal Cube. The drow wizard wears a Ring of Protection. Vellynne raises him as a zombie.

The party takes a rest, does some healing, and then retreats to the grove. There they rest.

11th of Mirtul, 1490 DR.

the party levels up to lv9

 character    hd        ac     hp  spells
 Teu 5/9 15  57/57   lv1=4/4; lv2=1/3; lv3=2/3; lv4=1/1; lv1-pact=2/2;
 3/3 fey steps; bi-ins=4/4
 Namel 9/9  18  75/75  lv1=4/4; lv2=3/3; lv3=3/3; lv4=2/3; lv5=1/1.
 Hjolgram 9/9 14 85/85  lv1=4/4; lv2=3/3; lv3=2/2; hm4/4
 Dayjumper 8/9 18 85/85  7/7 missiles; sw=1/1; as=1/1; se=4/4; indom=1/1 
 Rathmir 8/9 14 66/66  lv5-pact=2/2; inspiration=1; staff=10/10; rad=1/1;
 mask=3/3; hl=10/10
 Merida 9/9 17 67/67  lv1=4/4; lv2=3/3; lv3=2/2 bw=1/1; cd=1/1;
 loh=45/45; ds = 5/5; inspiration=1
 Sam Axebeak 0/0 11 19/19  
 Vellynne 9/9   67/67  lv1=4/4; lv2=3/3; lv3=3/3; lv4=2/2


When the party is ready to head out, Namel death wards himself. hand crossbow to Teu; He has both special bolt cases with 8x bolts each and drow poison.

The party treks through the tunnel from the druid's grove. Eventually it opens up and they see the crashed city.


Green and purple lights cast an otherworldly glow upon the frost draping the silent city. Clawing spires, broken domes, and steeples leaning at odd angles surround a huge citadel. At the foot of the causeway, a giant statue lies prone and motionless, its surfaces gleaming with rime.


Teau moves up to check the stone statue. He sees a number of perfectly sculpted wounds on the stone statue.

Teu asks Professor Skant about the statue.


The Netherese arcanists who created these creatures called them "thaluud," which means "faceless." wrought from the fusion of magic and elemental earth, each of these sexless, hairless warriors stands 1 5 to 2 1 feet tall and possesses a lust for magic, an inherited memory (composed of recollections from the souls sacrificed

in their creation), and an insane hatred for nonhuman spellcasting creatures. Tomb tappers can dig through earth and rock with their claws or use their metal sledge hammers to shatter rock when needed. They absorb water through their skin and crush rock with their jaws to extract mineral sustenance. They can also digest iron from blood and marrow, if mineral-rich rock is unavailable.


The party decides to head towards, what looks like, portcullis sits askew in the 40-foot-wide, 30-foot-tall archway that serves as the only entrance to this square building. Beyond the portcullis are a maze of cell-lined corridors fills this area.

All the cell doors, detect of abjuration magic, are made of iron, with small, barred windows set into them at eye level. Many of the cells contain the frozen bodies of prisoners, in various distress, and Namel is sure they all died of exposure and froze to dead.

Eventually, while peering through the gap in a collapsed wall, you see a fifteen-foot-square room in disarray, with a table in the middle of the room. Leather straps extend from one side of the table, into the air above its surface, and fasten to the other side. The shape suggests that something or someone invisible is lashed to the table. Rathmir detects illusion and transmutation magic.

Teu casts dispel magic failing. They expand the crack and Namel approaches. He finds a shape that resembles a man, that is not breathing, but the man is not necessarily dead; Namel is confused by what he sees. Teu comes up and ritually casts identify. He learns that the spell is sequester. Once he realizes the details of the spell, he slaps the man, breaking the spell.

On the table, a  thin, middle-aged man with a sallow complexion, one blue eye and one green eye, and a streak of silver in his long, jet-black hair. He begins speaking in loross. Namel then speaks in common, "what?"

The man says his name is  Xerophon. Xerophon alludes to horrible magical experiments performed on prisoners by the wizard who ran the prison, saying, "I was afraid I might be next." He tells that he was low-born Netherese manservant who was sent to the prison by his master, Iriolarthas, for disobedience. Namel states he's been asleep for 4,000 years. Once he realizes the fate that has befallen Ythryn, Xerophon offers to help the characters search the rest of the city. 

  • many of the city's residents owned strange chimeric  pets, with winged hares and venomous baboons being particularly popular.
  • by law, every mage was taught the prestidigitation  cantrip and was obliged to use it to keep the city clean.
  • Ythryn was held aloft by the magic of an arcane sphere known as a mythallar. The mythal had the power to recharge magic items and control the weather.
  • there is strong magic protecting the Spire of Iriolarthas. To get in, one must perform the eight steps of the Rite of the Arcane Octad outside the spire.
  • he assumes that the ritual could be found in any of the eight schools of magic.
  • The steps of the ritual are hidden inside towers dedicated to the eight arcane schools of magic.

The party finds some clothing for Xerophon. Rathmir moves to the central of the group, with the Thermal Cube. When the party exits the prison, Xerophon points out one of the schools of magic. A tower back from whence they came.

- end of session -



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