23/12/16: More Towers


The party is seeking all the towers of magic.

Score 1028


11th of Mirtul, 1490 DR.


 character    hd        ac     hp  spells
 Teu. 5/9 15  50/57   lv1=4/4; lv2=0/3; lv3=2/3; lv4=1/1; lv1-pact=2/2;
 2/3 fey steps; bi-ins=4/4
 Namel. 8/9  18  75/75  lv1=0/4; lv2=3/3; lv3=2/3; lv4=2/3; lv5=0/1; wot: 2/3; cd: 2/2 
 Hjolgram. 5/9 14 71/85  lv1=4/4; lv2=3/3; lv3=2/2; hm: 4/4
 Dayjumper. 7/9 18 82/85  7/7 missiles; sw=1/1; as=1/1; se=4/4; indom=1/1 
 Rathmir. 8/9 14 64/66  lv5-pact=2/2; inspiration=1; staff=8/10; rad=1/1;
 mask=3/3; hl=10/10
 Merida. 9/9 17 67/67  lv1=4/4; lv2=2/3; lv3=2/2 bw=1/1; cd=1/1;
 loh=45/45; ds = 5/5; inspiration=1
 Sam Axebeak. 0/0 11 19/19  
 Vellynne. 9/9   67/67  lv1=4/4; lv2=3/3; lv3=3/3; lv4=2/2

spells in effect.

  • Namel. death ward. 3hr. 30min remain.
  • Rathmir. detect magic. continually re-cast, at will.
  • Dayjumper is now 13' tall. Her gear has also grown.

As the marches continues towards the next tower, third them, they dome within a district and detour. Four basalt columns support a huge mirrored dome on which are reflected Ythryn's tallest spires and the cavern's vast stalactites. The four supporting columns have doors in their bases. The columns are about 60' high.

The doors open into shafts that ascend to the dome. The shafts are lit from above by the shifting auroral light of the dome's interior. A character who steps inside a column levitates up to the dome in 2 rounds.

The interior of the dome is illuminated by a swirling miasma of colors. Frozen human figures float in the air, cross-legged and serene. Creatures in the dome gain a flying speed of 30 feet and can hover. The corpses of a dozen Netherese apprentices hover around this area, with their hands on their knees and their eyes closed. Characters who adopt this position can meditate by succeeding on a DC 12 Wisdom check. While meditating, a character can cast the project image spell. The spell lasts for 1 hour, and a character can perform the meditation once per day. To leave the dome, a character must stand at the top of one of the four shafts, to be transported down in a manner similar to how they arrived.

The party then searches for half an hour to search through the rest of the quadrant. The following things are found:

  • Rathmir. remains of a book, the jist of which is: Every wizard in the enclave was obliged to carve their own wand from the Nether Oak at the heart of the arboretum.
  • Vellynne. remains of a book, the jist of which is:  Meditation in the Hall of Weightless Wonder was an invaluable pursuit for the city's elite.
  • Dayjumper. found a Driftglobe. Rathmir notes it is magical and Teu casts identify and learns the command word(s).
  • Teu finds what appears to be a magic potion, frosty blue. Potion of Frost Giant Strength.

Dayjumper appear another 6" taller.

  • Namel. death ward. 2hr. 20min remain.
  • Rathmir. detect magic. continually re-cast, at will.
  • Dayjumper is now 13' 6" tall. Her gear has also grown.

The party continues on to the next tower: An obsidian tower shrouded in gossamer mist soars before you. Eyes carved into the stonework appear to fixate on you as you approach the entrance. The spire's highest window emits a purple light.

Teu casts mage hand to test the tower and finds it solid.  He then uses the mage hand to open the door. From within, they hear haunting sounds fill the air: heartbeats, sobbing, and ragged, gasping breaths.  The party continue forward, the mists seeming to roll forward from the walls of the tower. As the mist swell around the party, each see thing from their nightmares.

  • Teu. sees a goliath and a dragonborn tag teaming him from the mists.
  • Hjolgram. sees giants attacking him.
  • Dayjumper. dragons attacking.
  • Rathmir. giant bear.
  • Merida. a chardalyn dragon.
  • Namel.
  • Vellynne.
  • Xerophon.

Teu begins playing to break charms, Namel blesses Vellynne, Dayjumper, and Hjolgram, and Rathmir heads up the stairs to break the spell. Merida casts heroism on Xerophon, Hjolgram, and Vellynne and the spell is broken. 

In the room Rathmir casts comprehend languages to read the inscription on the wall:

Sixth, show thy face to the sky

He also finds a book about the Ythryn's orchestra, known across Toril as masters of their art. He also find two pieces of Netherese art objects (250 gp each).

The party heals including a blue plume of dragon radiant healing and lay on hands to Xerophon from Merida and healing spells from Rathmir and Teu.

The party continues to the the next quarter to search for baubles. It takes 45 minutes and they find the following:

  • 20 = A plaque commemorating the Wizards of the Ebon Star, ruler of Ythryn. Their names and faces match those in the city's museum.
  • 15 = Magic Shortsword +1. to Hjolgram.
  • 6x Netherese jewelry (100gp) 

Take ten minutes to identify the sword.

  • Namel. death ward. 1hr. 20min remain.
  • Rathmir. detect magic. continually re-cast, at will.
  • Dayjumper is now 14' tall. Her gear has also grown.

They then head to a tower in the drifts of snow. Ice has engulfed the lower floors ofthis crumbling tower. Pink light pours out of the highest window-a single point of illumination in a dark and out-of-the-way region of the city.

A detect magic spell cast here reveals an aura of enchantment magic. The front door is open and snow has blown in. Teu passes his mage hand successfully into and out of the door. Rathmir heads in.

The interior walls are covered with the following sentence in draconic crudely written with pitch over and over. "All work and no play make Ivira a dull girl." The floor is strewn with pitch-covered buckets and mops frozen stiff by the cold.

As the party explores higher up in the tower, the recurring phrase changes to: "I am lvira. lvira is my name." These words are written in wine stains, and the floor is littered with empty wine bottles.

An elderly woman sits rigidly on a black throne, shrouded in ice. She wears a crown of entwined iron tentacles, and her forehead is bruised where the band fits tightly against her skull. An inscription decorates the wall behind her, in draconic


Fourth, coax a secret from another.


This chamber is lit by pink continual flame spells flickering in sconces. While he cannot detect thoughts from her, but he does notice that she does appear to be breathing very slowly.

  • Namel. death ward. 20min remain.
  • Rathmir. detect magic. continually re-cast, at will.
  • Dayjumper is now 14' 6" tall. Her gear has also grown.

The party moves the cube within range of the old woman and takes a rest. At the end, the snow right here has melted, but there is no other change. Dayjumper has ground another 6 inches. Rathmir, on a whim, not liking the crown and the bruising on her, casts remove curse. 

The old woman opens her eyes and removes the crown, dropping it to the floor. Teu reads her thoughts. "destroy the crown... release my memories... let me have peace." Teu lifts the crown with his mage hand, fearing to touch Ivira's Crown . He drops it in a backpack.

They head back to search one of the quarters between them and the anvil,

They are attacked by a floating skull.

  • Party was completely surprised.
  • It screamed, dropping Vellynne. Namel stands in fear, as well as surprise.
  • It moves forward, necrotic tendrals reaching out, draining from Namel.
  • Teu hit it with an eldritch blast.
  • Namel called forth a lightning storm, but was unable to hit it.
  • It screamed again, dropping Rathmir and Xerophon, and flies towards Namel to get cover.
  • Hjolgram draws his crossbow, giving chase, stumbling.
  • the demilich drains life from those around it, killing Vellynne
  • Merida move into the middle of the scene, casting beacon of hope, affecting everyone but Namel.
  • Teu reaches Vellynne attempting cure wounds and failing.
  • Combat continues, the demilich draining more life from Namel.
  • Merida hits it with her warhammer, smashing it.
  • Teu raises Vellynne from the dead.
  • Teu uses his Symbiotic Hysian Slug to probe the doppleganger and learns he is a doppleganger. They come to an uneasy truce. Xerophon knows he cannot survive without the party. Teu threatens him if he turns on them.

The party finds a sport for Teu to create a tiny hut. They set the cube out and Dayjumper stays there, the rest go in the hut. 

When they awaken, Dayjumper is eighteen and a half feet tall.

  • Rathmir casts remove curse on Dayjumper. No change.
  • Merida casts dispel magic on Dayjumper. No change.

- end of session - 


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