24/03/10: The Rest of the Towers.

24/03/10: The Rest of the Towers.


The party is rested and mostly recovered from their battle.

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12th of Mirtul1490 DR;  the party levels up to lv10.

When they awaken, they have been in the city about 16 hours so far. Namel,  Xerophon, and Vellynne awake with clammy skin, some light hair loss, and a bit of nearsightedness. Dayjumper is eighteen and a half feet tall. She is also over 4000# and her skin is a deeper shade of blue.

  • The spear is just over 21' and its base damage is 2d8 + 1d4
  • Rathmir casts remove curse on Dayjumper. No change.
  • Merida casts dispel magic on Dayjumper. No change.

Sam Axebeak tells Merida that many humanoids slipped into the city while they slept. A number of the sled dogs were alerted by them and began barking and investigating. The group slew many of the sled dogs, scattering the rest in fear. The numbers were overwhelming, so Sam Axebeak kept the dragon egg safe and other axe beaks in the tower.

The party reviews what they know and what their goals.

  • many of the city's residents owned strange chimeric pets, with winged hares and venomous baboons being particularly popular.
  • by law, every mage was taught the prestidigitation cantrip and was obliged to use it to keep the city clean.
  • Ythryn was held aloft by the magic of an arcane sphere known as a mythallar. The mythal had the power to recharge magic items and control the weather.
  • there is strong magic protecting the Spire of Iriolarthas. To get in, one must perform the eight steps of the Rite of the Arcane Octad outside the spire.
  • he assumes that the ritual could be found in any of the eight schools of magic.
  • The steps of the ritual are hidden inside towers dedicated to the eight arcane schools of magic.
  • the party is making a concerted effort to explore the areas between the towers.
  • towers explored:
    • first tower (y4):
      • inscription on the ceiling is in draconic and reads: " First, shield thy heart with a wand from the nether oak"
      • an anvil with hammer on it, are both powerfully magical. The anvil says to Namiol.  "Bring me your items of power, and together we shall destroy them.
      • Body of the High Abjurer Taruth is there.
    • eighth tower (y26):
      • "Eighth, stand firm in thy circle of death and consume --.".
      • statue of the High Transmuter Metaltra is there. 
    • sixth tower (y22):
      • An obsidian tower shrouded in gossamer m ist soars before you. Eyes carved into the  stonework appear to fixate on you as you approach the entrance. The spire's highest window emits a purple light.
      • "Sixth, show thy face to the sky".
    • fourth tower (y24):
      • High Enchanter lvira is there with her crown.
      • "Fourth, coax a secret from another."
      • "destroy the crown... release my memories... let me have peace."

The party begins moving to make their way back to the dogs. They reach the museum, where they discover tracks of people and goats. They follow the tracks backwards toward a spire in district that they had not yet investigated.


A tower more than one hundred feet tall has a rotating glass-like chamber hovering above its ruined summit. Four pointed pillars clutch the chamber's walls, giving it the appearance of a colossal floating crown.
The spire stands 120 feet tall, and the glass chamber magically floats 30 feet above it. The chamber slowly rotates clockwise. By the rubble at the base, the tower and the chamber appear to be all that remain of a much larger facility.


As they get close, Teu sees a figure fly east, then notices a gargoyle hanging from chamber. Even closer, they see Knights of the Sword, who immediately begin to assault the party. As the party engages with nearly a dozen of the cult fanatics, fighting within the ruble. The cultists make use of command and inflect wounds. Then an  albino tiefling woman, whom Vellynne Harpell will later identify as Avarice, member of the Arcane Brotherhood will support the group with her gargoyles and spells like cloudkill and fireball. Avarice escapes via fly after a nearly dead Rathmir commands her to. Teu attempts to catch up, but Averice is a slippery.

When the combat is over, Namel casts a powerful prayer of healing. While the spell is cast, Hjolgram notes that there are ten bodies, but bedrolls for twice as many. There are also four goats and should be half a dozen more.

As the scene closes, Teu notices a skeleton and a wand. The wand is an arcane focus with a diamond tip. The diamond seems about the same size and quality as a 300gp diamond. 

- end of session -




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