24/04/21: Ythryn; the Tower of Conjuration

24/04/21: Ythryn; the Tower of Conjuration


Five towers explored, three to go.

Score 1287


12th of Mirtul1490 DR; 

prayer of healing for 29hp on 6 of them.

   hd  ex   -   ac hp  notes.
 Merida. 10/10 - -   56/74  4/4xlv1; 3/3lv2; 2/2xlv3; 50/50 loh; 4/4x bw; 
 Namel. 10/10 - .   65/83  3/4xlv1; 1/3lv2; 3/3xlv3; 3/3xlv4; 0/2xlv4; 1/3 wrath; 
 Teu.  10/10 - -   50/63  3/4xlv1; 3/3lv2; 3/3xlv3; 2/2xlv4; 2/2xpact-1st; 1/4x fey step
 Dayjumper. 10/10 - -   78/94  0/1x as; 0/1x indom; 4/4x se; 1/1x sw
 Hjolgram 10/10 - -   67/94  4/4xlv1; 3/3lv2; 2/2xlv3; 
 Rathmir. 10/10 - -   46/73  0/2-pact
 Vellynne. 9/9 1 .   17/67  4/4xlv1; 3/3lv2; 3/3xlv3; 2/3xlv4; 2/2xlv5; 3/7x wand
 Xerophon, 8/8 - .   25/52  


The party takes a short rest, all staying at the base of the tower, with Dayjumper sitting outside. Hjolgram takes guard at the top of tower. The rest is without further incident. At the end of the rest, Dayjumper is 19' tall, another 6 inches.

The party makes their way to the next place that seems worthy of their exploration.


This enormous, boot-shaped structure is capped with three pipes that resemble the arteries of a large heart. Talls doors open to the structure's interior.

Old posters are plastered to the outer walls of this music hall. Written in netherese, in draconic script, closest to the entrance: "Experience the netherese esoteric orchestra's masterwork, The Dark Between the Stars!

This grand music hall is aglitter with ice, and the floor underfoot is strewn with the crystal shards of fallen chandeliers. The frozen corpses of the audience lie strewn among the tiered seats, their expressions frozen in rapturous adulation. On the stage, cadaverous musicians slump over their shattered instruments


The party is able to collect 10x diamonds from the jewelry of audience members.

They then head back towards the entrance. It appears to be some sort of arena, with an athletic field and three trident like spires, 75' tall within a field that is 120' x 50'.

The air around this amphitheater is charged with static. Cracked steps descend to the stadium floor, where a tiny glittering object rests on a pedestal of black stone. Three metal masts rise from the arena like gigantic tridents, each one emitting a low hum. The branches of each trident are twenty-five feet off the ground and extend fifty feet into the air.


The party is fearful about the humming and the fact that Professor Skant called the game played here to be "chain lightning". The backtrack and go around.


  An arching strut of dark stone rises from this ruined district to a junction high up on the central spire. A gate engraved with arcane sigils is set into the base of the strut


Magic is detected and, with a little investigation, appears to be a wall of force stopping entry. A very industrialized door is there with symbols of the 8 schools of magic.

  • Merida (6) 
  • Namel (12) wines and booze. Armload crystal carafes from a variety of homes.
  • Rathmir (13)
  • Teu (20) magic light, 
  • Dayjumper (5) 
  • Hjolgram (6) pointy things.
  • Vellynne (12)
  • Xerophon (4) 

The party spends two hours and finds magical stuff like lights, clothing, pots, a couple brooms, some jewelry. 

Their day 3/4 spent, the party approaches the nearest tower.


  This tower is engraved with interlocking circles of stone. Yellow light spills from its topmost window, and the faint sound of brooms brushing on stonework drifts through its broken doors.

Rathmir's detect magic spell cast here reveals an aura of conjuration magic. The tower's interior is ruined but surprisingly clean, thanks to the continuously sweeping the floors.

Rathmir's detect magic, and a little logical deduction, and arcana, he comes to the conclusion that the sweeping brooms are not magical and in fact are unseen servants. The party climbs to the uppermost floor of the tower.


Glowing orbs are set into the walls of this thirty-foot-diameter circular chamber. Four giant hands made of shimmering force hover in the center of the room, guarding a tiny ornamental tower perched on a pedestal .

round #1.

  • Rathmir steps onto the level and is attacked by one of the hands. His return strike misses.
  • Vellynne fires magic missiles from the wand; move with paladin.
  • Teu telekinetically pushes Namel, readies eldritch blast.
  • Namel moves beside Rathmir, shield of faith, then attacks with axe; missing.
  • Merida moves to the top of the stairs and begins throwing her hammer; missing twice.
  • The first hand grapples Rathmir (will do 15pt)
  • Rathmir escapes and blindly moves away, getting punched.
  • The second hand tries, and fails, to grapple Rathmir.
  • Hjolgram draws both short swords, stabbing, hitting once on the first hand.
  • The third hand grapples Namel.
  • The fourth hand grapples Rathmir.
  • Xerophon moves up, but has no weapon.

round #2.

  • Vellynne casts ray of sickness, missing.
  • Teu hits the first hand with an eldritch blast, but the second blast fizzles and calls inspiration to Rathmir
  • Namel is being crushed. He responds with a wrath of the storm and fails to break the grapple.
  • Merida begins throwing the hammer missing once, hitting once on the first one: ending it.
  • Rathmir is continuing to be crushed. He misty steps away, then eldritch blasts it.
  • Hjolgram attacks the hand crushing Namel.
  • The third hand grapples Rathmir.
  • The fourth hand grapples Merida.
  • Xerophon shrugs

round #3.

  • Vellynne casts chill touch on the second... and its pinky finger disappeared.
  • Teu drops a rapier in front of Xerophon, again , calling inspiration to Rathmir. He notes that there is a tiny ornamental on a pedastal in the center of the room. He touches the tower, causing a glowing doorway is 8 feet tall, 4 feet wide to appear. He finds the tower is attached to the pedestal. The doorway is shimmering and cannot be seen beyond. After removing his hand and stepping back, the doorway is still there.
  • The hand continues to crush Namel. He breaks free and calls a healing word to Rathmir. He continues to hold his concentration.
  • Merda is being crushed, casting a spirit shroud and attacks with her hammer, smiting the hand out of existence. Then throws her hammer at the one holding.
  • Rathmir is being crushed, but is able to wiggle out. He attacks with his flail... missing. The hand missing grabbing the frantically fleeing warlock.
  • Hjolgram makes on off balance attack, almost throwing his weapon. He is in shock as the off hand attack finishes it.
  • The final hand almost swoops up Teu, but slippery bard slides out of its fingers.
  • Xerophon picks up the rapier and falls in behind Merida. "I'll follow you in"

round #4.

  • Vellynne steps out and casts chill touch again - missing.
  • Teu telekinetically pushes the hand away, steps back, throws eldritch blasts at it,  then runs across the room to safety; missing the hand cleanly.
  • Namel runs towards the remining hand throwing a guiding bolt; hitting.
  • Merida steps towards the hand, not quite to melee, but close enough for the shroud. She hits once with her thrown hammer.
  • Rathmir steps to the corner by the stairs, hitting it once with an eldritch blast.
  • Hjolgram throws his off-hand sword, which clatters to the floor short of the hand.
  • The remaining hand punches Merida
  • Xerophon steps up beside Merida and finishes it.

Vellynne goes down to get her zombie, then Dayjumper squeezes into and wiggles her ass in sideways to the top of the tower.

Namel says a prayer of healing. Teu casts cure wounds on Merida and Rathmir. Rathmir using healing light on himself and Merida. Merida uses lay on hands on herself.

Vellynne has the zombie walk in turn in a circle and walks out.

Teu then walks in. He finds a trio of hags, the first identifies herself as Auntie Pinch. Teu calls himself Zephyr. In the end he trades a random memory (his 14th birthday) to leave and another memory (his warlock pact; not his patron, nor fact he made a pact, just the details of the pact). He is given a magic potion for the second memory.

When Teu exits with a magic potion, Rathmir goes in. He quickly agrees to a random memory to leave unmolested. He will later learn he lost the memory of why he came to the north.

Finally, Teu and Rathmir noted the clue they were looking for on the wall, but neither could read it.

Vallynne is convinced to go in and read it. She trades a memory... and has now forgotten Avarice.


  " second, summon a flame in the palm of your hand."


Namel closes the portal and is convinced not to small the mini-tower.

The party votes and takes a long rest.

- end of session -

     hd     ex    -    ac      hp      notes.
 Merida. 8/10 - -   74/74  4/4xlv1; 3/3lv2; 0/2xlv3; 44/50 loh; 3/4x bw; 0/1xhealing w/bw
 Namel. 8/10 - .   83/83  3/4xlv1; 0/3lv2; 1/3xlv3; 3/3xlv4; 0/2xlv4; 1/3 wrath; 2/2xdiv
 Teu.  9/10 - -   63/63  3/4xlv1; 2/3lv2; 2/3xlv3; 2/2xlv4; 2/2xpact-1st; 1/4x fey step; 3/5xbi
 Dayjumper. 9/10 - -   94/94  1/1x as; 0/1x indom; 4/4x se; 1/1x sw
 Hjolgram 6/10 - -   94/94  4/4xlv1; 3/3lv2; 2/2xlv3; 
 Rathmir. 7/10 - -   73/73  2/2-pact; 2/11x healing light
 Vellynne. 2/9 1 .   67/67  4/4xlv1; 3/3lv2; 3/3xlv3; 2/3xlv4; 2/2xlv5; 2/7x wand
 Xerophon, 2/8 - .   52/52  




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