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13th of Mirtul, 1490 DR

The group spent a long rest in the tower of conjuration.

Namel casts greator restoration and Dayjumper, and her gear, return to normal size. The spear remains. When asked if she will retake it, she says "no".... then Teu grabs it and nothing happens. Then Rathmir touches it and, again, no tattoo.

A large patches of Namel's hair and beard have fallen out and Vellynne had lost large clumps of hair in the night, worse than the day before. Both note clammy skin and nearsightedness; all seeing distances are halved. Hjolgram also has begun to lose some hair and notes a little of both the other, but not to the extreme that Namel and Vellynne have.

 name hd ex  -  ac hp  notes.
 Merida. 8/10 - -   74/74  4/4xlv1; 3/3lv2; 2/2xlv3; 50/50 loh; 4/4x bw; 1/1xhealing w/bw
 Namel. 8/10 - ..   83/83  4/4xlv1; 3/3lv2; 3/3xlv3; 3/3xlv4; 2/2xlv4; 3/3 wrath; 2/2xdiv
 Teu.  9/10 - -   63/63  4/4xlv1; 3/3lv2; 3/3xlv3; 2/2xlv4; 2/2xpact-1st; 4/4x fey step; 5/5xbi      
 Dayjumper. 9/10 - -   94/94  1/1x as; 1/1x indom; 4/4x se; 1/1x sw
 Hjolgram 6/10 - .   94/94  4/4xlv1; 3/3lv2; 2/2xlv3; 
 Rathmir. 7/10 - -   73/73  2/2-pact; 11/11x healing light; 10/10x staff
 Vellynne. 2/9 - ..   67/67  4/4xlv1; 3/3lv2; 3/3xlv3; 3/3xlv4; 2/2xlv5; 7/7x wand
 Xerophon, 2/8 - .   52/52  

The party gathers up and proceed towards the next building.

Eight tusk-like towers are embedded in the walls of this monumental building, their spires arching over its shattered roof. 

Proceeding inside...

Eight stained glass windows overlook a ruined auditorium. Benches glistening with frost are arrayed in broken rows, facing a raised lectern. A bejeweled goblet rests on the lectern. Steam rises from the goblet's contents and dissipates in the cold air. 

As Rathmir casts detect magic and moves towards the goblet, Teu looks around and notes the each stained glass window is a mage casting a spell: a whirling of blades encircling the mage, two different spectral hands, an array of lights, a swirling cube, and other spells more ambigious. The wizards appear to be the wizards who have been previously seen. Rathmir detects divination magic from the goblet, but as he gets close enough to see inside it, he notes that inside the cup is all eight schools of magic and it is a liquid.

Teu approaches the goblet and ritually casts identify. This is a Magic Goblet of Charms. Someone who drinks from goblet gains a charm from one of the schools of magic.

Just before they are going to leave, Teu drinks from the goblet and now knows the blade words cantrip. Rathmir feels the prestidigitation cantrip. Rathmir takes the cup. Hjolgram drinks and gets mage hand. Namel can cast true strike. Rathmir learns the cup will not refill if taken out of the hall.

The move on to the next tower. 

The remains of a toppled tower lie scattered around you. Its fractured base, protruding from the ground like a broken tooth, is teeming with crawling gray hands. 

Rathmir detects magic from the rubble pile and hands crawling through the pile. Teu senses with detect thoughts and finds no sentient beings. Merida uses divine sense and notes a ghost, in wizardly robes, looking down at the party. Teu attempts to contact the ghost, using telepathy. The ghost does not reply in words so much as a sense of remorse, loss, and sadness. Confirming with the professor that the wizard here was Cadavix, Teu says its name to invoke a response.  The ghost looks at Teu and commutes, "allow me to rest" the looks back to the pile.

The party discusses it, then decides that the meaning is to place the body at rest and they begin to dig. The eight party member and the zombie begin to dig, settings bricks aside. Five and a half hours later, they find the corpse and it wears a necklace with eight clear stones, in the center of each is a little sparkle of fire. Teu casts identify and detects a Necklace of Fireballs. Rathmir finds a slab of stone, in draconic, written in netherese "seventh, trace a circle with the ashes of the dead". Merida casts a final rights on the body and the ghost disappears. The hands are noticed to stop moving blocks around and scuttle off.

The group then move to the next interesting looking building. 

Silken drapes hang from the walls of this storefront, their surfaces swirling with illusory images of dragon's fire and twinkling star fields. A group of emotionless figures stand guard outside, looking for all the world like frozen statues. 

Teu attempts to telepathically communicate with them. They do not reply.

Rathmir steps to the door. He sees more of the magic silk hangs in long drapes throughout the interior, and four phase spiders lurk in the hall's rafters. Dayjumper followed him in. In the center of the interior, crystal mannequins draped in finery encircle an empty pedestal. Rathmir steps up on the pedastal as  Merida is the the doorway. A magnificently dressed human flickers to life before them and introduces and begins speaking the netherese. 

Teu comes in and casts  comprehend languages on Rathmir. The illusion introduces himself as Silksmith Mixyll and explains the robe-making process. As he speaks, the phase spiders descend silently and use their legs to take the creature's measurements before spinning the creature a tailor-made robe. As the robe is being fashioned, Mixyll urges its guest to "imagine any image your heart desires."

  • After ten minutes, Rathmir has magnificent yellow and blue robes.
  • Teu thinks of red and black wizards robes. Identify reveals illusion magic.
  • Merida thinks of platinum robes with the image of Behomat both as dragon and man with canaries; they are animated.
  • Rathmir steps up and has twinkling stars added to his robe.
  • Namel gets priestly robes, befitting a priest of Clangdin.
  • Hjolgram gets white robes, gently shifting like snow camouflage.
  • Vellynne gets dark robes with arcane symbols.
  • Dayjumper gets a green robe with a mountain scene, with white snow caps.
  • Teu has his robes modified with the symbol of Corellon Larethian.
  • Xerophon also gets regal robes like the city leader.

Teu finds out only one per customer. The party takes nothing else. Dayjumper leads the party... and is not attacked. They all move on safety. 

The roofofthis domed building is wrecked and open to the elements. Inside is a theater with a large stage, seating for more than one hundred, and a backstage area. Icicles hang from its sagging balconies, and rime-frosted masks leer and grin from its fractured walls. 

The back stage area of is mostly wooden writing desk sits in a backstage room, wrapped in chains and padlocked. Teu picks the locks. He finds a number of, what appear to be, scripts in netherese. Using mage hand he places them into Rathmir's bag.

Teu looks at the five scripts. Each script has a different cover showing a humanoid figure

  • one with a noose around its neck
  • one with a knife held behind its back
  • one with a fairy whispering in its ear
  • one with a demonic shadow terrorizing it
  • a fool performing a handstand.  

He had considered casting identify, but instead selects to return them, wraps the chains back around, and locks it up. They go back to the cup was. Teu sees a gargoyle in the distance.

Hjolgram casts pass without trace and the party heads back to the hall. They again see a gargoyle fly overhead. It does not appear to notice them. Merida checks in on Samaxe beak.

14th of Mirtul, 1490 DR

 name hd ex      -      ac hp  notes.
 Merida. 10/10 - 1/-1   74/74  -1xlv3 
 Namel. 10/10 - 1/-4   83/83  -2xlv5
 Teu.  10/10 - -   63/63  -1xlv3
 Dayjumper. 10/10 - -   94/94  
 Hjolgram 10/10 - -   94/94  
 Rathmir. 10/10 - 1/-6   73/73  -1x-spell
 Vellynne. 9/9 - nothic   67/67  
 Xerophon 8/8 - 2/-6   52/52  
 Sam     1/-5                                                                               
 axebeak #2     2/-11      
 dragon egg     1/-6      

Merida wakes in a sweat. Rathmir wakes sweaty, with clumps of hair fallen out. A nothic is wearing Vellyenne's robe. Sam Axebeak reports to Merida having lost some feathers and had to kill one of the axebeaks, that became a one eyed thing. 

Teu questions the nothic, "Vellyenne?" garbled words and phrases, lacking concrete structure are the reply, but mixed that is something like, "was her no more

Merida casts dispel magic on Vellyenne; no effect.

The professor tells the party that if they could discover the lost skill of creating nothics, that would a great discovery.

They talk with Namel, who is more paranoid of the group. Teu convinces Namel to cast greater restoration on himself. He does and says that his head has cleared and that he simply didn't trust them. 

They discover that Xerophon is gone. Hjolgram saw him leave.

As they sit and try to figure out what they are going to do, first Teu loses the new cantrip, then Rathmir becomes a bat, then Hjolgram gets a flying sword he can control with his mind. Namel also loses his cantrip.

Teu collects the Wand of Magic Missiles that Vellyenne had and gives it to Merida.

Rathmir tries remove curse on himself, to no effect.

Namel attempt greater restoration on Vellyenne... to no effect.

The party discusses Xerophon and decides to ignore him and let him go. Merida contacts Sam to contact her about the dragon egg starting to look kinda dull.

The party realizes that they know very little of dragon eggs... and ponder if this is good or bad.

They also know that the towers of evocation and divination remain.

Teu drinks from the goblet and gains the ability to cast true strike.

 - end of session -


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