24/06/14: TPK or Bust


Time to put up or go home.

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24th of Eleint, 1491 DR, dusk

The waits for dusk and then moves the boats towards the island. 

  • Yo coats 5x darts with Oil of Sharpness.
  • Aseir casts armor of agathos, then recovers his spell with the pearl of power.
  • Aseir had earlier casts aid on himself, Nyx, Mingen.
  • Aseir used a soulfire token to separate his shadow and have it ready.
  • Ehlixer is still in bat form.
  • Torrin is disguised as a human using the Hat of Disguise.

Ehlixer flies to the roof the hut. The boats close in and beach. Mingen mights the lantern. Upon arriving the skeletal hops out and heads to the hut, followed by Nyx in natural form. The rest of the party disembarks.

From within, he hear a disadaining, "they've the sisterr.s"

"don't be so angry. come in little morsal."

Nyx enters and bag. One of the hags

Hail dark sisters. Truly you have great reach. With your bounty hunters you have summoned. us.


I want the dragonborn's marrow. His disguise is cute.

Sister patience. You serve the shadow queen.

The bounty is for the dragonborn. The seems much for the dragon meat. Is this for gain or amusement.

The hag on the right says, oh our motives run deeper. The dragon was jsut too easy to idenfty Not many dragonlings unning around with leaves on their shields. 

You all three are involved in something. (they giggle). Sharius Vouth and noting his quick demise.

The one rights answer. The Lord of Specters decreed the blood sucker to pass into shadows. I simply facilitated his will.

This vampire seemed more a pawn. We know he was raised and sent by another. I see you have many schemes. Surely we play little part. Have we offended you? Or is there another purpose. How can we be of service. (all three hackling laughter)

The one on the right says,  I only want one of you. Lady of Wilted Twight says you little half-elf-ling. The Lord of Specters demands your service. 

What can we do that would perhaps call off your part in this. Rather thean the errand the Lord of Spectres sends you on.

Come. Pact with the lord and you shall be allowed to leave

... but I want the dragonborn,


There is another servant of the Lord of Specters in the Lord of Eltabar. Is he the one? Perhaps we can remove him and you might find advantage in that?

You wish to go to Eltabar?

I hear of a winged Tiefling that raise Sharius Vouth.

And what of him?

Is he a minion of your.

On the rights. Another of the my lord's.

Atreyu moves to get a position to fire through the crack. Ehlixer, the bat, moves to hang from the door sill.

3rd: let me sweeten the pot and she drops the bird into the pot and mumbles. Ehlixer notes magic use. 

Nyx head cocks sideways. Is bargain-

Yo yells there is some sort of anti-magic.

3rd: I'm sorry sisters I tried.

Torrin raises his holy symbol and in Silvanus name. Be gone and one ogre begins to move.

Atreyu let's fly a shadow arrow and despite only a sliver of door it hits! The had screams and combat ensues. (-11)

round 1.

  • Morgan. summon beast of air that attacks the ogre; miss.
  • hag on the right turns three of the undead to ghouls.
  • Yo runs to the door, pushing it open, and throws handfuls of darts (4), taking out a ghoul and messing the second up.
  • center hag casts lightning bolt. 
    • Yo casts absorb elements and save (-6)
    • Torrin saves and resists (-6)
    • Mingen saves (-12)
  • Mingen casts bless on Margon, Atrya and Torrin.
  • hag on left. casts polymorph on Yo. "We'll have to slow you down"
  • Exlixer uses blessing of the raven queen and fails to teleport in. Then tolls dead at the hag and it is successful (-22).
  • One ogre reaches the hut, the other attacking Torrin, barley missing. One ghoul grabbed Yo, the other attacked and missed Exlixer.
  • Nyx tumbles out of the room and disengages.
  • Torrin hits the ogre, smiting twice. 
  • Atreyu shoots his fire arrow... hitting the doorsill. The shadow arrow hits the back wall.
  • Aseir commands his shadow to dash to the north side, then calls Nyx to himself to get the wand, and summons his spirit, and casts magic stone. The spirit attacks the ghoul, missing, then runs towards Aseir, teleport, covering him in darkness.
  • Bo summons armor and attempts to blow past the orge, but its hit (-6 temp, -9 dmg). Cast shatter. Because he is lucky... it succeeds. (hags -8, -4, -4; ghoul -4; turtle -2) Yo (-6)... and absorb elements still in place.

 - end of session -


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