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Fighting the Hags

Score 767


24th of Eleint, 1491 DR, dusk

battle map

effects and stats.

  • [c] Morgan. -1xlv2. -11 hp.
    • beast of air. ac: 13. hp: 20. fly 60ft. 
      • does not provoke
      • maul. +4; 1d8 + 6  piercing . 
  • Yo. -3xlv1; -1xlv2. hp -48
  • Exlixer. -2xlv3. -6 hp. 1x-ex, -sw
  • [c] Mingen. -1xlv1; -1xlv2; -2xlv3. -12 hp
    • bless on Morgan, Atreyu and Torrin.
    • lantern of revealing; hooded.
  • Atreyu. -fire arrow, shadow. -as
  • Torrin. -4xlv1. -2xlv2. -13 hp
  • [c] Aseir. -2xspell. -12 hp
    • armor of agethus.
    • summon fey.
    • shadow in play
  • Bo. -39 hp. -temp. -2xlv2. -1xlucky.
  • shadow -20 (of 25)

round 2.

  • the hag on the right starts casting at Elixer and he counter spells it. 
  • Morgan steps towards clear and shoots the undead ogre, but blinds himself until the end of the next turn. order spirit to attack the ghoul doorway.
  • the spirit of air takes out the ghoul in the doorway.
  • Yo attempts, and fails to push over the cauldron, and fails.... then transforms into an 8' green version of himself.
  • hag in the center casts lightning bolt at Yo, Torinn, and Ehlixer. Yo uses his reaction to cast absorb elements. Ehlixer goes down.
  • Ehlixer fails two death saving throws.
  • hag on the left casts hold person on Yo, succeeding.
  • Mingen casts uses preserve life on Ehlixer, restoring 14 pts
  • balgura comes out of the swamp, fails to grapple Morgan, succeed in biting.
  • the ogre misses Torrin.
  • the ghoul attacks Yo only slashing him
  • ghast crawls out of the swap, and dodges.
  • Nyx flies to Aseir and gets the wand.
  • vrock flies onto the map.
  • Atreyu doubles down on the hag on the left, hits her and Yo. action surges and stumbles.
  • Torinn uses his second channel divinity and attempts to turn the faithless and casts shield of faith on Morgan.
  • Aesir edritch blasts the ghoul... and the spell does not pass into the hut. He then blasts the ghast. command Nyx to shoot ghast with the wand then dodge
  • fey attacks the bharlgura
  • shadow goes through the wall and attacks the hag on the left and the hag's concentration breaks.
  • Bo attempts shatter a second time.

round 3.

  • hag on right goes to door and closes it, then turns invisible.
  • Morgan disengages, stumbling blindly towards Mingen and yells, "attack the hags" to the spirit of air.
  • spirit moves in and attacks the hag on the right. missing.
  • Yo again attempts to tip the cauldron, failing again, but gaining powerful build. he moves back, opens the door, and moves back to the cauldron.
  • center hag. phantasmal killer on Bo, success. Then moves up, closes the door, and says, "I don't think so little green man."
  • Ehlixer second winds, then tolls the dead on the ghast, who is resistant to necrotic. He attempts to open the door and finds resistance and moves away from the door.
  • the hag on the left drinks from the cauldron, recovering 16xhp.
  • Mingen casts spiritual weapon inside the hut, failing. then ray of frost on the balgura, who is cold resistant.
  • balgura grapples Morgan pulls him into the water, fails to bite due to the magic shield.
  • seconds ogre is turned.
  • ghast attacks Bo, missing.
  • Nyx is dodging.
  • vrock flies down. Aesir, Nyx, spirit, Ehlixer, and ghast are stunned.
  • Atreyu moves from the vrock and fires at the balgura, hits once.
  • Torinn moves to the balgura; sliding in, missing the first. hits and smite and ensnaring strike.
  • Aesir and everyone except shadow is stunned.
  • shadow gets a critical hit, nearly killing the hag. 
  • Bo pounds the ghast..

round 4.

  • Hag on the right. hold spell on Yo. fails.
  • Morgan does not break the grapple, pulls short sword and stabs the balgura. 
  • spirit misses the hag.
  • Yo half pushes the cauldron over. All three hags scream in unison, "no".
  • center Hag magic missiles the shadow.
  • Ehlixer is stunned.
  • hag on the left drinks from the pot
  • Mingen casts bless. Bo, Morgan, Torinn, Ehlixer and Aesir.
  • balgura attempts to drag Morgan away, but is divine smites away from the plane by Torinn.
  • the second orge zombie disappears into the swamp, turned.
  • Nyx is stunned.
  • vrock belches on Aesir, fey, Nyx, and Mingen. Mingen is coated in spores.
  • Atreyu. shoot the vrock twice.
  • Torinn charges the vrock hits and smites, twice.
  • Aesir, right next to the vrock, resummons fey. orders Nyx to use the wand, fly, and dodge.
  • fey teleports and calls darkness.
  • Nyx magic missiles.
  • shadow attacks and hits 3rd hag.
  • Bo Campo's luck saves him from the phantasmal killer. He then magic missiles the vrock, then runs to Ehlixer, near the hut.

round 5.

  • Hag on the right casts viscous mockery and takes out the shadow.
  • Morgan sheaths his sword and fires two shots at the vrock, hitting once.
  • the spirit of air attacks the hag on left, missing.
  • Yo notices the shrunken goat's head on the amulet. He tips the caldran to 90 degrees and notices the aging of the walls.
  • hag from the center strides forward to Yo, saying "know ye little man, I know thee now, and from today forward you will rue this day."
  • Ehlixer turns and magic missiles the vrock... ending it.
  • hag on the left. lightning bolts Yo who casts absorb elements.
  • Mingen moves and watches and dodges.
  • ghoul misses Yo.
  • Nyx dodges.
  • Atreyu moves to the door, kicks it open and fires at the hag target. killing the hag on the left.
  • the hag calls out, "don't kill me"
  • Torinn dashes into the hut.
  • Aesir marks the last hag, and says, "now you bargain for your life".  command Nyx flies to Aesir
  • spirit moves in, teleports and attacks the hag. killing her and the ghoul falls.
  • Bo magic missiles the hag. 

round 6.

  • hag attempts to invisible; Ehlixer counterspell. and says, "stop the nasty fey and spare me"
  • Morgan closes range.
  • Yo finishes the third hag and Aesir catches her spirit.

The party collects the goat head from the hag body.

Dump the pot.

Collect the head of the hag and Yo begins to harvest from the fiends. Harvest checks (12 = vrock; 20 = balgura). 

Sir Phenious Bog of Algeron. The Sword of Truth confirms the story as the truth.

Morgan identifies the shrunken goat skull as a holy symbol of Orcus.

the cauldron is made hell fired iron. the coven being broken, the magical protections are fading. Torinn coats it in holy water.

Items from the chest.

  • 542gp.
  • 692sp.
  • Periapt of Proof Against Poison.
  • Magic Short Sword +2.
  • figure of wonderous power: Ebony Fly.
  • Boots of Levitation.
  • Bracers of Defense.
  • Chime of Opening. 7 charges.
  • Ioun Stone of Insight.
  • diamond (1,000gp) with continual light on it.
  • spell book: feather fall, shield. witch bolt, thunderwave, alarm, hold person, knock, rope trick, gaseous form, phantom steed, evard's black tentacles, leomund's secret chest.



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