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Encounter Builder - D&D 5e Encounters

Running a fantasy D&D 5e campaign?

Do your players prefer combat and loot over a detailed storyline?

Do you tend to prepare bottom-up? Starting with the meat and potatoes: combat encounters?

The creatures the PCs fight and the loot they'll earn if victorious.

In case your players may want to know more, do you then do a bit of world-building to explain it?

Such as "Why were the monsters there?" and "Where did this sword come from?"

[B1] Nice pretty simple.

[B2] I would love to give it as an award. It be nice if I could add my own items from my campaign into the loot reward.

[B2] Pretty easy to find and access. I like that.

[B3] I also like how I can have multiple encounters.

[B4] I mentioned before that I will mainly be using this for loot. I think for that it is going to be super helpful. In the past i've had to just put links in the non-secret part of the adventure and it feels odd. Now I can specify exactly which encounter it was a part of. I can post links so that my party can find them or I can find them easily.

[B5] I can see this being a super powerful tool, especially with the dndbeyond integration! we're about to make the jump to 5e and this will be PERFECT for setting up encounters

[B6] I love the filtering option on there as well! it lets me be sure i'm only using items and enemies that my players and i have access to on ddb

[B7] Just tested the Gems. I really like it.

Monsters & NPCs

Select and Filter monsters by Challenge Rating (CR) and Environment. Or roll randomly.

Deadliness Indicator, so you can challenge your players. But not too much.


Select and Filter magical and mundane loot. Plus gems and artwork. Or roll randomly.

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