GM Tips

GM Tips

GM articles and tips for becoming a better GM

Give Out Bennies!

Keep your players engaged right from the start with the use of "Bennies" to award player knowledge of your world...

Practical Jokes and Gnome Village

Amping up the fun with practical jokes

How to inject humor into your campaign with practical jokes. And since gnome are well known as pranksters, a gnome village is included!

Learn to Say "Yes" to your Players

Saying "Yes" is a rule of Improv that is just as important when you are the Game Master...

Don't Kill Off Player Characters

Your players are heavily invested in your world because they are heavily invested in their characters -- don't kill them off!

Get Off That Railroad

Player Characters should feel that they, not you, are in control of their actions...

Only Fools Rush In

How to handle PC rashness without ruining your campaign

Your players will, at some point, decide to take a remarkably ill-judged course of action.

Spontaneous acts of foolhardiness can bypass huge sections of carefully crafted plotline or place characters in a situation you haven’t prepared for (or even considered!). Or worse, killed off!

Easy D20

Lightweight fantasy RPG rules by yours truly (Stolph).
  • Quick character creation and leveling
  • Great for introducing kids to role-playing
  • Moderately compatible with D&D and Pathfinder

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Invite Others to Scabard

Have a friend you want to refer to Scabard?

RPG Terms

Unfamiliar with some of the terminology RPG gamers use? Check out our thorough (and humorous) list

Playing RPG's with Kids

I've got 3 kids and have been playing RPG's with them since they were four years old. Check out what I've learned over the years.

The Man Behind the Curtain

Don’t break the illusions you conjure as GM by revealing too much out of character

You are a Servant, not the Master

Imagine yourself as an innkeeper at your typical inn in a D&D world. The players come in, so you jump out and make sure they get the best table.