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Notes and Folders Feature Help Page


Welcome to the Notes and Folders feature! This powerful tool is designed to help you organize your content efficiently, ensuring easy access to your ideas, concepts, and campaign details. Whether you're creating standalone notes or organizing larger campaigns, Notes and Folders provide a flexible and intuitive structure for your creative endeavors.


Notes are ideal for capturing concepts and information that may not fit neatly into the five main types. Use them to explore and develop ideas that enrich your world-building. Here's how you can create notes:

  1. Navigate to Notes Section: Access the Notes section to create pages for concepts like "Democracy," "Smuggling," or "Coinage."
  2. Capture Concepts: Use individual notes to delve into specific concepts that enhance your storytelling.


Folders are the key to organizing larger campaigns and keeping your content neatly arranged. Whether you want to group related notes or structure an entire campaign, Folders offer the flexibility you need. Here's how you can use Folders:

  1. Create Campaign Structures: Use Folders to organize campaigns the way you want, making it easy to manage and navigate.
  2. Efficient Access: Quickly find the page you're looking for by utilizing the organization provided by Folders.

Adding Pages and Folders to Folders

Effortlessly expand your organizational structure by adding pages and other folders to existing folders. Follow these steps:

  1. Access Connections Editor: Navigate to the Connections Editor for either the folder or the page you want to include in another folder.
  2. Connect Folders: Look for "Subfolder of" and "Subfolder" options to connect folders, creating a hierarchical structure.
  3. Add Pages: Utilize the "Folder of" option to add individual pages and other items to a folder.

Get Started

Ready to enhance your world-building experience? Begin using the Notes and Folders feature to streamline your creative process, making it easy to manage and access your content. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Happy creating!