Planned Encounters and Adventures

Planned Encounters and Adventures

The Beast of Haverton

A mini-adventure for low-level adventurers.

Centuries ago, the peaceful Village of Haverton was plagued by a terrifying beast. It brought chaos and destruction for two years before finally being destroyed.

But recently, maulings of livestock were discovered. And now a whole family was found dead!

Can the PC's discover who (or what) is to blame before anyone else dies?

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Wizard's Tower

A mini-adventure for low-level adventurers.

Wizard's Isle is a jungle island near the village of Felicity. It is home to an Evil Wizard.

The wizard lives in a tower in the middle of a lake at the center of the island. A river from the lake heads south to a small bay.

Mini-Adventure: Takarr

A tutorial Scabard campaign

The Magocracy of Zelder is without leadership with the disappearance one year ago of the great wizard Zelder. The small council has hired you to locate Zelder and bring him back home.

Each page has a brief description of how it fits in with the adventure, followed by some tutorial steps to help you learn Scabard.

Claim the Highground

Make encounters more challenging and memorable. Includes bandit encounter.

It's easy to forget that NPC's can take the same actions as PC’s! Yes, your NPC’s can take advantage of their surroundings: cover and the like. What we can call high ground elements.

This will not only make your encounters more challenging. But it will make them more memorable too!