Manage Subscriptions

Note: Unfortunately, Paypal does not offer Upgrade or Cancel buttons to vendors for the types of "buy" buttons that Scabard uses.


  • To enable upgraded features immediately, just buy the new plan you want and then reach out to me to cancel or refund the old subscription
  • If you're willing to wait, reach out to me first and I will calculate the pro-rated amount to send for the upgrade and send you a special payment link


Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Annual Subscriptions

  • To cancel right away, login to your paypal account and cancel your subscription.
  • Otherwise, reach out to me at the contact info below.
  • If you registered within the past 30 days, I will issue the refund for your first payment.

One-Time Purchases*

  • For a full refund within 30 days of purchase, please reach out via the contact info below.


  • Monthly and Bi-monthly subscriptions are billed automatically. An email is not sent prior.
  • Annual Subscriptions are billed automatically. The next billing date is shown on your profile page. We will email you about a week prior to that.
  • One-year subscriptions do not renew automatically.

Contact Info

* Includes 1 year Hero