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RPG Terrain Considerations

The Arctic presents a harsh challenge to PCs, with bitter temperatures and dangerous winds that can easily deplete resources and energy. However, its frozen terrain offers protection and concealment from opponents.

The Coastal terrain puts PCs in a precarious position of traversing treacherous water while avoiding enemies. With its multiple access points, PCs can employ guerrilla tactics to gain the upper hand in combat.

Deserts are unforgiving wastelands that can quickly drain PCs of resources as they battle the oppressive heat and possible flash floods. On the flip side, deserts present ample opportunities for cover and taking refuge from pursuers.

Forests provide a challenge as PCs attempt to navigate their way through foliage and potential ambushes. Its dense vegetation allows for surprise attacks, while the trees can also be used for confounding foes.

Grasslands can easily mislead PCs, with fields of tall grass that can conceal enemies, as well as secret paths that can provide a tactical advantage.

Hill terrains are full of surprises with winding pathways, hidden crevices, and sheer cliffs that provide extraordinary views of the land. PCs should be wary of any enemies taking advantage of such high grounds.

The Mountains offer a plethora of dangers to PCs, ranging from exposure to extreme weather conditions to scaling vertical rock faces. Moreover, the winding pathways can make travel difficult but allow for skilled climbers to move undetected.

Swamps create a hostile atmosphere, filled with mysterious creatures and hazardous terrain. Those traversing such hazardous regions should watch out for quicksand, murky waters, and carnivorous plants.

The Underdark is a network of underground tunnels filled with all manner of unpredictable creatures and situations. PCs will need to watch out for unexpected hazards while taking advantage of its secret passages and dark corners.

The Underwater world presents an alien atmosphere to the unwary and brave, with its deep waters and light-shy inhabitants. PCs should be extra vigilant in their search for lost treasures and making sure they don't get dragged too deep to ever resurface. Most PCs will need a way to breathe underwater to explore such environments.

Urban terrains are hotbeds of political turmoil, rival gangs, and even hidden secrets. PCs will have to be quick on their feet as they stake out these areas.

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