Hero Subscription

Create better adventure ideas and be even more prepared with a Hero Subscription!

A wise man once said, "The organization of information actually creates new information." And how right he was!

With extra visualizations and new ways of organizing your world, these Hero features do just that. They create new information. New ways of looking at your campaign and coming up with even more adventure ideas!

A Hero Subscription comes with 16 premium features, ranging from those that improve adventure ideation and preparation, to better organization, better visualization, and better collaboration.

And it unlocks the 2 campaign and 50 page limit with Basic, giving you unlimited of each. Not only that, but you get larger image uploads and advanced editing too.

And of course you'll also be contributing to Scabard's future development, features, and performance.

Better adventure ideation and preparation

There's no substitute for a great adventure idea, but sometimes it's a struggle to come up with one. Sure, we can dig through core rule books and find monsters and NPC's, but what's the story that ties it all together?

The Hero features below not only help you prepare better, but for coming up with the ideas in the first place.

Better organization

Upload multiple maps on a single Place or multiple PDF character sheet pages for your PC's with Flex Tabs.

Or quickly find pages that need love with the Campaign Audit tool.

Got a page you want to write, like "Smuggling" or "Democracy", that doesn't fit nicely into the 5 standard types (Character, Event, Group, Item, Event)? Want to organize your campaign in folders? Notes and Folders is there for you!

And add your own homebrew Races, Classes, Place Categories, etc with Add/Edit Categories!

Better Visualizations

They say "a picture is worth a 1000 words". What more a map with pins!

Besides uploading maps, you can also upload org charts, family trees, and diagrams. And you can add pins to those too!

You can also upload PDF character sheets.

There's even a timeline that's generated automatically from the campaign dates you enter into Scabard, showing a chronology of your entire campaign!

Better Collaboration

It's true: when people bounce ideas off of each other, you often get back better ideas than what anyone could have come up with by themselves.

It's no different with GM'ing...

The Assistant GM feature lets you collaborate on a campaign with others in your group. And if you have a lot of information to enter, the extra help will get you there faster!

And with Private Campaigns you can create a private area for you and your players, without worrying about what others might think.

Best RPG investment I've ever made. It's a fantastic tool for organizing your campaign notes. I highly recommend the Hero subscription. All in all the best site I've ever found for any tabletop roleplaying game out there. ~Anthony B
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Hero subscription
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