Practical Jokes and Gnome Village

Here's a link to my gnome village with tips on injecting pranks into your campaign.

Pranks are so common in this village, it can support two joke shops. The downloadable PDF includes ideas on what you can buy there.

And there are plenty of examples of pranks the gnomes play on each other, such as a gnome waking up with half his beard shaven off, or finding himself strapped to the minute hand of the village’s clock tower.

Gnome Mayor Waking Up in Tree
Artwork Credit: My daughter, Erin
Or the mayor sleeping in a tree in the town square. Bed, nightstand and all having been hoisted in the middle of the night with the mayor fast asleep on the bed.

It even includes descriptions of two annual events: Prank Your Neighbor Week and Wizenclimer’s Winter Treasure Hunt.

Without further delay, here it is. It's free:

Happy Gaming!