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World-Building Subscriptions

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Demo Campaigns

The Beast of Haverton

The village of Haverton is plagued by a mysterious beast. Can the PCs solve the mystery before innocent villagers are blamed?

Great with Eight

Stolph's Traveller Campaign, where the PCs are trying to exonerate an innocent woman of murder charges.

The Curse of Sycharia

The continent of Sycharia is home to a myriad of campaigns - but there is a driving force threatening to end it all.

World-Building Tips

Fantasy World-Building Tips for RPGs - Think of yourself as a master weaver of a wall-sized tapestry.

Groups, Guilds and Societies - It's good to have friends.

Who Needs Enemies? - Enemies and Rivals are connections well worth establishing.

How to Weave Mythology into Your World - Creating myths for your world adds color and reality to your world setting.

World-Building in Scabard

How Connections Work in Scabard - Set relationships between pages in your campaign, like "Father of", "Ally of", "Founder of" and dozens more.

World-Building with the Proper Noun Detector - Scans what you've entered for Proper Nouns and makes suggestions for further world-building.

More World-Building

Encounter Builder

  • Loot, Monsters, NPCs, Traps
  • Standalone or integrate with your world
  • D&D 5e Specific

Encounter Tips

Claim the Highground - Using high ground elements to make encounters more challenging - and memorable!

Nobody Expected That! - Keeping an experienced party on their toes can require extreme measures!

Encampment Encounters - Merchants have set up encampments on a trading road to reduce bandit attacks.

Encounter Tools

5 Room Dungeons Mini-App - Build dungeon ideas using a simple design method you can learn in just a few minutes.

D&D 5e Forest Encounter Cards - Ever tire of wandering monster rolls? Burned out from rolling on 4 different tables every game hour (weather, monsters, getting lost, etc)?

Buyer Encounters Deck - Use this deck to role-play when your PC's want to sell their loot.

Random Encounter Generators - Check out Scabard's full collection of encounter tools.

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