Shhh Its a Secret

How to draw players in with mysteries

My PC’s once met the master spy who worked for their uncle, a baron. His office was secluded, far underground the castle.

The room was musty, poorly lit and he wore a hooded cloak. However hard they tried, the PC’s never got a good look at his face. And he refused to give them his true name.

And of course they were dying to know who he was. So their burning curiosity kept them engaged each session.

Small mysteries, big mysteries. Any mystery at all livens up your campaign and draws your players in.

As a GM, you’re probably eager to tell your players all the gritty details about your world, since you’ve worked so hard on it. But details can bore many players.

Luckily, there’s a way to make your players appreciate your creativity! Giving them mysteries entices them to actually seek out the details of your world.

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Keep secrets of your world hidden

Say your players know a friendly priestess, but don’t know she’s actually a spy for their archnemesis. Put it in the Secret Section, a free feature for all users! Hide your secrets on pages for characters, places, items, and events.

But what if you want to plan your next adventure without your players finding out? Well, Secret Pages allow you to keep the entire page hidden from your players: name, brief summary, description, its very existence! Basic Subscribers get 3 secret pages.

Hide clues in plain sight!

Whether it be the holy symbol of a minor religion, or a description of something they may have forgotten in last week’s log. Sprinkle enough clues in visible sections… images, connections, brief summaries, descriptions.

Curious players will try to piece them together. Motivation to stay up to date with your world as it unfolds!

So… who was that master spy? Click here to find out!

The master spy ended up being their grandfather, a person of ill repute they had heard of before in their adventures.

They had even explored his secret base from long ago, which he had filled with traps. And of course, treasure!

They thought he had died before they were born. But he had faked his death long ago!

BTW, you clicking on this mystery sort of proves my point, no? You just had to know!

Your players will do likewise.