A Crazy Random Happenstance!

A Crazy Random Happenstance!

Life is capable of throwing the unexpected our way at times.  The use of dice for skill and combat in game systems adds the same chance for the occasional unexpected twist of fate.  Some systems embrace this in the form of "criticals"; sometimes success, sometimes failure.  Whichever way it goes, a popular GM will make these rare events memorable and worthy of anecdotes.

Success against the odds, or a highly fluky display of skill and agility, bring a sense of success to a party's game session.  Be creative if the dice falls favorably and give your players a reason to celebrate - though without totally sacrificing believability.

Failure - the inevitable lapse of fine motor skills or intellect - can really be the stuff of legend.  The time the normally sure-footed elf fell headlong into an open sewer, the time the Chief Engineer forgot to isolate the power before accessing the conduit.

These experiences bring life, humor and joy to your gaming sessions.  On the occasions when these rolls come your way, have fun!

An added bonus of such random events is the plot opportunities they can throw up such as a new ally or foe, a piece of valuable equipment or new information.  The failure to complete one task may require your party to improvise and come up with a "Plan B". This can lay the groundwork for future sessions with a ready-made back story.

Had a spectacular random success or failure roll in one of your sessions?  Reply to this email and let me know how it turned out!

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