A Love Story (Players and their Equipment)

A Love Story (Players and their Equipment)

Players love equipment.  There's no such thing as "too much loot" and the shinier the sword, scabbard, ring or gem, the better your adventurers will be pleased!

The Items tab on Scabard allows you to make items an integral part of your plot as well as pleasing your players.  For the better-than-average piece of equipment, it's worth investing some time in the description, abilities/powers and background. For one thing, "The Jewelled Sword of Ferroth" sounds a lot better than "a +3 sword of maiming". More importantly, a named item with provenance quickly becomes integral to the identity of the character who owns it.  It can define their identity and, to some extent, guide their actions. 

The investment in time that background planning takes will offer ten-fold rewards to the GM when running sessions.  Having allowed your players to become attached to their "precious", you have the opportunity for Fate or some external party to relieve them of it.  Trust me - there is no better motivation than recovering a prized possession! Similarly, if an item holds power it may be balanced by certain duties or responsibilities.  These can provide excellent plot hooks, either as side quests or an overarching campaign arc.

One note of caution, however.  Very powerful items can destabilize your game. They can unbalance your party by placing too much power in one pair of hands.  If you are considering granting your party a very powerful item, it is a good idea to place limits upon it: alignment, times it can be used or side-effects of use (a balancing downside) are just a few options.  This aside, player items are for both the GM and players to have fun with and enjoy.

Happy Gaming!

PS: Have you created or owned a particularly cool piece of equipment?  Share your "love story" by replying to this email.
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