Dungeon Crawl Twists

Dungeon Crawl Twists

Where better to start than a dungeon crawl?

For early players and new GMs there is nothing wrong with cutting your teeth on a linear dungeon plot. Everyone can bed into their characters and get used to the rules.  When players have got a handle on things, mix things up!

No Map. Send them in blind!  The GM can trace their progress on a map but the party must find a way to keep their bearings. This increases caution and tactical thinking. Remembering what lies behind requires good communication and teamwork.

Path of No Return. Cutting off the escape route by some means adds tension (especially without a map). Particularly effective after progressing far into the dungeon, the adventurers may work back to a point on their previous route; but will they recognise it?

Just a Door? For the party with good route finding skills and sense of direction, doors are the GM's tool. It portals players to another section of dungeon completely. Creating a series of such doors adds a different challenge to navigation. Destination location might even change depending on the direction of travel through the door, preventing doubling back.

Past and Present. Consider the dungeon's past history and have sections that are stuck in the past. These sections are not abandoned and dusty but brightly lit and full of life. Similarly, the dungeon may have aged further and deteriorated. Consider how to return characters to their own time. How will items carried be affected by the time shifts? 

Navigation can be a significant and fun part of a dungeon quest. Don't be afraid for your party to get lost!

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