Encampment Encounter

Encampment Encounter


In a forest with a trading road, local merchants have set up encampments to prevent attacks on travelers camping overnight.

This has resolved the issue of night attacks. But mobile ambushes are still a problem.


A wide space or clearing with a large central fire pit.  Tents are arranged around this area facing inward with a generous space behind this circle of tents. Unobserved approach is very difficult. 

On a typical evening there will be twelve tents ranging from a few high quality through basic to squalid.  The area is tidy and maintained by a resident Camp Steward, employed by the merchants.

The atmosphere is generally friendly and cooperative.  Greetings are readily exchanged, there is much laughter and always a game of cards or dice on the go somewhere. Strangers are made welcome.

Visitors may cater for themselves or purchase some rough fare, prepared on site.  One part of the large campfire area has flat stones for baking/cooking.  There are three tripods for cooking pots which are shared by the visitors.

The steward will take a modest payment for use of the facilities (one copper per person or equivalent).


One older gentleman in a fine tent stands out. He is irascible, loud and unpleasant to his young servant.  He firmly rebuffs any attempt at conversation however polite or innocuous.  Other people have to 'mind their own business'.

He is one of the first to retire for the night; allowing the mood and atmosphere of the camp to improve greatly!

At 2am he staggers from his tent shouting 'It's gone! They've taken it!' He collapses, delirious with a nasty head injury, outside of the player's tents. 

There is a tear in the rear of the man's tent.  The contents are scattered.  There is no sign of the serving lad.

Something of value to the man has been stolen but he is no state to tell the players what. You can create a camp full of suspects/sources of information - and of course there's the missing servant!

Happy Gaming!

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