Groups, Guilds and Societies

Groups, Guilds and Societies

It's good to have friends. Most RP worlds include organisations, societies, religions and guilds. Scabard has the Groups connection to cover all of these.   Groups offer useful points of contact, allies, information and even accommodation.  

It can be helpful to link a group to the profession of your player characters.  This might be a Guild or religious order. 

Membership can assist with career progression, provide skill-specific quests or for obtaining career-specific items.  Group leaders might demand loyalty and obedience; they can set quests or character goals.

Groups can offer employment opportunities leading to quests.  When acting for a group, the players take on whatever friendships and rivalries go with their employer.  These dynamics add extra complications to any mission.

The Branch connection in Scabard allows you to create the network for each of your groups.  Your game location may contain a branch of the group or a sub-group of that group. 

Your location might also have a branch of a rival group or faction.  This can add a layer of subterfuge to the players' actions as they try to avoid unwanted attention.

If joining a group, guild or society is the players' aim you can create the entrance criteria and any associated rituals.  Further ideas and tips around groups are available on the Scabard Idea Prompt feature (available with Hero/Legend subscription).

Happy Gaming!
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