How to Weave Mythology into Your World

How to Weave Mythology into Your World


Creating a few myths for your game setting adds another layer of color and reality to your world setting.

Most importantly, myths easily become adventures!  Locating a mythical city or going in search of a mythological creature are good starting points for any adventure series.
This type of quest works well for exploring a location in depth.  Or a journey quest through many regions of your world.  And a core motivation for a variety of side quests and adventures.  The journey is as rewarding as the destination!
Myths can be a great historical backstory too.  The mythical hero who will return in the time of need is common to many societies and works in all time settings.  Maybe the party needs to seek this hero's aid.
The less altruistic may use such myths to further their own aims.  Calling out a false mythical hero can be a tough proposition!
Myths offer substantial rewards, but are less specific than historical accounts.  But there is usually a grain of truth within myths, even if merely metaphorical.  Myths are a natural product of an oral tradition and so may well have morphed over time (though some oral stories were memorized word-for-word by each generation).

Hence, tracking down a mythical  object may lead to a story arc with a few mis-steps and false trails. You can plan it like a dungeon/labyrinth mission, just with many more settings and encounter types along the way.

Myths are culture-specific, and you can add depth to your PC backstories if you create (or allow your players to create), some mythical content.  You can use this when designing settings or plots in their home locations to add detail.
Within Scabard, you can add such content to a location, group or player using a note, allowing the other players to learn more about each other's culture and reference it quickly when needed.
Happy Gaming!
-Stolph (Ed)
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