Who Needs Enemies?

Who Needs Enemies?

Enemies and Rivals are connections well worth populating in Scabard. Whether enemies are casual or  persistent, they provide challenge to your party. Here are a few GM tips around enemies and rivals.

Make it personal I  There is no greater motivation than a personal grudge. Creating personal animosity will add vibrancy to any encounter.  Victories will be sweeter, defeats more bitter!

Build a back story. Significant rivalries deserve a back story. Do the roots lie in the character's recent past or is this an intergenerational thing? Is there a family dynamic? Is there an element of fate or tragedy involved?  How could this rivalry be resolved ?

Make it personal II Genuine revenge is always personal in execution as well as origin.  Consider any vulnerabilities your players have (emotional, financial, personal) and how best to have your antagonist exploit them.

Delayed Resolution. Avoid resolving this type of plot line too quickly.  Resolution can be delayed by misdirection (not revealing the nature/identity of the antagonist).

An inconclusive encounter will delay final resolution for another session and strengthen the resolve of your players.

Crossfire. Your party doesn't need to be directly involved in a rivalry to become caught up in it. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can make other people's rivalries their problem.  This can make for a good one-session plot or something created quickly for an unexpected session.

Additional plot ideas on these and other connections can be provided from the Idea Prompt feature on Scabard (available with Hero/Legend subscription packages).

Happy Gaming!

P.S.: Check out our Villains You Love  video  for more tips.
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