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LeaderMoshibaru Wa'ako
MemberHida Shura
MemberKageneko Shin
MemberMoshibaru Kieron
MemberMoshibaru Kurena
MemberMoshibaru Mako
MemberMoshibaru Ohaitsu
MemberTsi Aokiji
Participant of10: The Last March of the Crab
Participant of2: We Don't Wanna March No More Today
Participant of3: Clash of the Titans
Participant of4: The Village
Participant of5: Reinforcements
Participant of6: The Wall
Participant of7: Winter Court
Participant of8: The Home Front
Participant of9: The Battle for the Empire's Soul
Rescuer ofHiruma Botan
Subgroup ofMoshibaru family

New samurai who joined the Crab from the 1158/1159 Twenty Goblin Winter

Mako, Ohaitsu, and Kurena have achieved their fealty to the Moshibaru family from this Twenty Goblin Winter, but Kurena was not sent with them to the eastern front, as her reason for leaving the Crane was her Asahina vow not to use violence except against Tainted creatures. Shura was denied his attempt to join the Moshibaru by Lady Kinashita, instead ordered to return to the Hida, resulting in his inclusion in their first deployment. Otaku Ranneko is continuing to serve with her comrades from the Shadowlands mission, and Hiruma Botan also stayed to repay the many times Ohaitsu and the others saved her life. They are under the oversight of Moshibaru Wa'ako, a r┼Źnin who joined the Crab during the 1156/1157 Twenty Goblin Winter.

After the death of Hida O-Ushi, the new Clan Champion, her son, Kuroda, declared that the Twenty Goblin Winter would not be closed this year due to the situation of the Crab Clan. After that, Botan was sent back to the Shadowlands, and the team was reinforced with another new clan member (Moshibaru Kieron) and another ally (Tsi Skaar/Aokiji).

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