Dragon Name Generator
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Dragon Name Generator

Generate unique and creative dragons, including names, descriptions, lairs, treasure hoards, minions, and even their evil schemes and motivations. Perfect for use in your D&D, Pathfinder or other RPG games and fiction.

Whether you need a new BBEG for your campaign or just a new name for your lore, the Scabard Dragon name generator will provide you with loads of awesome dragons, all using the power of AI.

Custom and unique dragons

Each dragon is custom created with a name, moniker, and brief description. Perfect for dropping right into your campaign or providing enough information to spark some great campaign idea.

Lair details

Lair location, type, hazards, guardians and more. The Dragon generator will provide you with ideas to help build out a truly formidable fortress for your draconic overlord.

Minions and servants

Dragon minions, lieutenants, friends and toadies are detailed for each Dragon, allowing you to build out an entire ecosystem around each dragon. The generator will ensure your Dragon is surrounded by allies.

Treasure hoards

Get ideas for your Dragon’s treasure hoard including custom magic items and powerful weapons. Histories of kingdoms can be built around some of these artifacts.

Schemes and motivations

Find out your Dragon’s motivations and goals. Entire campaigns and sub-adventures lie in the schemes of Dragons and you can customize them to fit your campaign or let them drive your story.

And if you love the dragons you've created, you can save it to Scabard, the easiest RPG Worldbuilder and take advantage of Scabard’s many features that help you build and manage your campaigns and campaign worlds.

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