Proper Noun Detector

Proper Noun Detector

Quickly Build Your Campaign

Want to pull ideas right out of your head and into your RPG Campaign?

After editing a page on Scabard, the Proper Noun Detector scans what you've entered for Proper Nouns and makes suggestions for creating new pages you don't have yet.

This helps you build out your world quickly with any page as a starting point. One GM said it was like farming his brain for ideas.

It seems to farm more ideas out of my head as I enter material. I must say I thoroughly enjoy the program. ~TheRadiant

Here's how:

  1. Edit any page in your campaign
  2. The Proper Noun Detector will scan and popup if it flags any Proper Nouns. Or press the "Scan" button.
  3. For each suggestion, either 'x' it out or enter a brief summary and the page type.
  4. Click "Create" and then indicate how the new page is connected to the page it scanned.

Expand Your World with the Proper Noun Detector: