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"Scabard has been so very useful for my campaign. Amazing place with plenty of resources." ~Lokistrom
"After a few minutes you start to discover its magic." ~Evilriot
"Perfect for organizing my notes into a single space, and the connections are ideal for quick navigation." ~Jherrick

"Love the site, great work!" ~OmnipotentLion
The thing I like about Scabard is that it helps me visualize my campaign in greater detail and helps my players keep track of everything. ~Dain
I really love the ability to categorize everything into neat folders, and then link everything together with connections; it's super smooth in that regard and I really appreciate the effort put in to continually improve the site. ~Sheldon W
It seems to farm more ideas out of my head as I enter material. I must say I thoroughly enjoy the program. ~TheRadiant
Before Scabard, it was very challenging to make a good campaign world. I did it, but things tended to be disorganized. Dungeons were drawn into graph paper pads. Notes were scribbled into note pads. ~Blackrook
Scabard has the ability to not only keep all of my game notes in one place, but the ability for the gamers in my campaign to also see what's going on. They're spread over a 75 mile radius, so we don't always see everyone at each gathering, but everyone can keep track of what happened and when. ~Denise W