Earning Badges
Badges are earned for certain achievements as a user on Scabard. Most badges require having at least one campaign as a GM. But some badges can be earned by players too.

Some badges I must manually assign to people who've earned them. Others are detected automatically by Badge Runner, which runs every morning. Please leave a message on the badge page if you've earned it but didn't get it.

The users with the most badges and other honors show up in the Top 10 List.

List of Badges

Adsecula Signa BadgePosted a Scabard flier in a game store
Factorem Chartis BadgeHas a campaign map with 5+ pins
Plures Mundos BadgeHas two or more campaigns of 2000 points each
Imitator Multas BadgeFollows at least five campaigns
Multis Ludere BadgeHas a campaign with 3 or more players
Noble Benefactor BadgeBestowed two or more Scabard gift subscriptions
Annum Unum BadgeCelebrating your 1 year anniversary at Scabard
Et Duobus Annis BadgeCelebrating your 2nd year anniversary at Scabard
Tribus Annis BadgeCelebrating your 3rd year anniversary at Scabard
Quattuor Annos BadgeCelebrating your 4th year anniversary at Scabard
Quinquennium BadgeCelebrating your 5th year anniversary at Scabard

Advanced Badges

Factorem Chartis Aurum BadgeHas 3+ maps with 7+ pins each
Plures Mundos Aurum BadgeHas 3 or more campaigns of 4000 points or more each
Imitator Multas Aurum BadgeFollower of 15+ campaigns of other GMs

Other Honors

Four Digit ClubMembers with a campaign with a score of 1000 or more
Five Digit ClubMembers with a campaign with a score of 10,000+
Advisor's GuildInsider's guild that can vote on features and get early access
Royal Association of Stage Performers Exclusive guild for Scabard users who've reached 5th level or above

In addition to earning badges, you can also earn experience and raise levels!